Third most Talked about Club in the world: Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC are the third most talked about club around the world last season.

The University of Navarra’s latest paper on the popularity of clubs in the world’s media shows Barca as No1 ahead of Real Madrid and Chelsea are third. Manchester United and Manchester City are the only other English teams in the top ten. United are on fifth rank and City are on seventh. Arsenal and City are no where near the top ten.

This is the seventh such report compiled by University of Navarra Professor of Economics Francesc Pujol and for the fourth consecutive year, Barça have come out on top of the study, something which the author explains makes the Club an excellent ambassador for city and nation.

Chelsea’s leading media position is an indication of its commercial power, with merchandising and sponsorship income growing alongside the creation of a global brand.

It is really very pleasing to see Chelsea take up a respectable rank of 3rd specially on a list where Man United are 5th and City are 7th and no other English Team is in the top ten. I really hope that in the next couple of years we could easily get the 2nd or 1st spot on this list. However, I would also like to thank Roman Abramovich’s shocks to the world football like massive spendings, Torres, Shevchenko, sacking and buying managers, winning trophies and a winning mentality have also made the people and fans talk so much about Chelsea.

The ten leading clubs in terms of media coverage:

1.- FC Barcelona, 103 points

2.- Real Madrid, 79,5 points

3.- Chelsea, 63 points

4.- AC Milan, 51,6 points

5.- Manchester United, 48,1

6.- Bayern Munich, 45,1

7.- Manchester City, 44

8.- Napoli, 39,5 points

9.- Inter Milan, 38,8 points

10.- Juventus, 31, 9 points


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  1. Nana Ageyman says

    Its really good to see Chelsea achieve such heights 🙂

    Thank you CFC360 🙂

  2. Luk says

    Real Mardid and Barca will always be the big fishes here..Chelsea its great for them that they are 3rd. SCREW OTHERS!!

  3. Kwaku says

    I LOVE CHELSEA!!!!!!!!

  4. Nitin Mann says


  5. Charles Blankson Hemans says

    F**k El Classicos.

    Hey but great look at Gaychester United.. haha lol and I cant find arsenal or man city or chicken heads spurds!!

  6. Anonymous says

    no other english team in the top ten besides chelsea and man u……. man city are 7th….

  7. Uwaigbe Abraham friday says

    Up blues.

  8. Anonymous says

    Chelsea ranked what last year? thank you to someone who could answer 😉

  9. Joshua says

    Good & great for Chelsea, honestly they really deserve it. BLUE IS THE COLOUR!

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