Thoughts on Hazard's red card


The forward was sent off by referee Chris Foy after he lost patience during the closing stages of the Blues defeat when Morgan refused to hand over the ball after it had gone out for a goal kick. The ball boy writhed in agony on the floor after the incident and was tended to by his colleagues apparently in plenty of pain.

How the football world reacted : 

Michael Owen : I’m not saying Hazard isn’t in the wrong but I hate to see a person who instigates a situation then cry foul for next to nothing.

Gareth Bale : Unbelievable decision by the referee to send Hazard off but congrats to Swansea. Who’d have predicted this final?!

Lee Croft :  Oldham midfielder Lee Croft is the latest to offer his opinion on the Eden Hazard debate, and says that he feels some sympathy for the Chelsea man. He said – ‘I suppose the incident at Swansea is similar to what happened with me.’ ‘Ballboys all around the country are getting told to take their time if the home team are winning. It’s wrong in my opinion. ‘Hazard wanted the ball but what he did was dangerous.’

Harry Redknapp :  I don’t blame Hazard for kicking ‘disgusting, idiotic’ ball boy. ‘Hazard toe-poked the ball under the boy’s body. Why is the kid lying on the ball in the first place?’ he said.

Glenn Hoddle : ‘He’s very slow, he rolls the ball deliberately slowly back to goalkeeper, he’s bent, mark my words.  ‘He’s been told, the ball boy would been told to do that. The Chelsea players were aware of what was going on. ‘The ball goes off, the ball boy lets the ball go past, he’s taking his time. And the young lad falls on the ball.  ‘But you can’t condone what Hazard then does.’

Was it really a red? : 

Ball boy had this to say before the match – cuntHowever, this video angle might just show that Hazard is not at fault and wasn’t supposed to be sent off  –


My take : 

What Hazard did is acceptable in some eyes and unacceptable in others. For me, he could of taken it without having to kick the ball, but it certainly looks like he did, in fact, kick the ball not ball boy. The twitter world exploded with hate for either Hazard or Morgan. Given Morgan’s tweets we can assume that management had told him to take his time or that it was just him being foolish. Nevertheless, it’s not his job to time waste as a ball boy, but Hazard shouldn’t be making actions and decisions that have repercussions whether he hit the ball or not. Given what the referees saw, it’s easier to give a red than not. It was no easy decision for Chris Foy, but his angle as well as linesmen’s couldn’t give them the view that supported Hazard, rightfully. For me, it’s not a red. As a referee looking at that angle, it looks like a red.

What do you think?



  1. Slim says

    Dat boy was a devil in disguise,HAZARD kick d ball or boy bcos he was trying 2 get d ball of him ad didnt want 2 release it. D question is WHY i don’t blame hazard at all if i was mi i do d same. Ad if u guys watch d match very well like i did wen ever d ball goes over hazard was d 1 getting em ad de was a place were i really saw him don’t wanting 2 loose anoda trophy i feel 4 him do ad he was d only 1 wanting 2 win den y was all of em wanting just 2 play most especially Mata ad lampard we i don’t blame Roman 4 wanting 2 let him go cos he has no more hunger 4 trophy wat lamp wants now is 2 beat d high goal scorer in chelsea fc ad dats bad really bad. Ad he was d captain ad didnt do anytyn,wen d red card was given lamp just stand dere y Terry dat was on bench wanted 2 come in bt de didnt allow him ad dat also bad so

    sorry HAZARD bad LAMPARD up CHELSEA FC ad up d hunger boy(HAZARD OSCAR MOSES)MATA 4ck up Ivanovic is not more him self he started All dis( if he haven’t did does 2 mistake hazard name would hv been ok atleast 4 now)

  2. shakirat temitope says

    By now wat I tink I dnt tink it mata any more wat I no is dt is a gone issue and is a pass story so we shuld 4get it and move on dt is wat I tink

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