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  1. Green Rose says

    why not we brought up our youth talent!? i really hope islam feruz will play with us

  2. Yasho says

    Kiessling is very overrated, if you watch him play he is very slow and lazy
    not the type of striker we should have

    1. brynknight says

      Kießling might be slow but he’s certainly not lazy, at least from what I’ve seen of him. Lukaku might have a better work-rate but there is nothing wrong with Kießling’s work ethic. The only real drawbacks of Kießling are age and possibly pace, but if you’re good enough, you’re young enough, and his lack of pace hasn’t stopped him having an excellent strike rate.

  3. Buy Soma Online Uk says

    What of facao? We need strong and fast playin pattern

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