Torres insists quitting Liverpool for Chelsea was right decision

The Road Ahead for Fernando TorresFernando Torres insists he has no regrets leaving Liverpool for Chelsea.

Torres has won the Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup in that time but is frustrated at the vilification he has received.

He said: “It’s the feeling that I have had from the first day. There has been the situation going on with the club, the way the team are going and then my own way.

“There has been an overreaction about everything. Overreact when I did that miss or if I have a red card or I hit the crossbar instead of scoring a goal. They never talk about the good things. More or less from the beginning to this day, it’s been the way I feel.

“It was a good season [last year], a good number of goals [22] that gave us a chance to fight for trophies but if you ask the people, they will say he can do better, should do better. It’s like I said, with me good things are looking so-so and bad things are looking really bad.

“For me, it’s [the price tag] never been a problem. When I joined Liverpool from Atletico Madrid, they paid 36m and it was the same situation and never affected me. It’s not something that’s affecting me [now]. Everyone is talking about that but it’s not true.”

  1. Jeff says

    he shouldn’t ever regret it cos a footballers life is spoken more of in terms of trophies which he has gotten and would continue to get @ chelsea as for the price tag and expectation, we are fans and alwayz want the best being patient is more of a short fuse tin

  2. Ola says

    My brother let them say do your best nd leaved rest

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