Torres Set For Return To Madrid?

Is he returning to Madrid?
Is he returning to Madrid?

Some will cheer. The fan girls will cry. Mixed reactions may occur from Chelsea fans because news was broken recently that Atletico Madrid (a.k.a. FC Falcao) are lining up a bid to bring Fernando Torres back to the capital of Spain. Despite having his best season in Blue, Torres still doesn’t look a happy guy and a large section of the Chelsea fans think it is time for him to go.

Before you start celebrating/crying about Torres’ departure there are a few things that need to be mentioned.

Atletico Madrid are struggling financially, really struggling. Their situation is similar to Valencia’s a few years back when they were forced to sell David Villa, David Silva, Jordi Alba and the exceptional Juan Mata. They don’t really have the financial ability to make a big money offer so the deal is said to initially be a loan whilst Atletico raise funds to buy their former captain.

Atletico also have a superior striker in Falcao so he may struggle for game time at Madrid and go back to his sulky and stomach-bugged ways, further decreasing his value and increasing the embarrassment.

The main issue with this ‘deal’ is that it was reported by the Metro – free English paper for those who don’t know – and I fail to see any sources they have for their story. It does seem that the only evidence they have is that at some point Blondie has said he’d like to return to Atletico.

Coupled with Guillem Balague’s news earlier on in the week about the Atletico Madrid president being in London and you might have a case for believing this story. Then again, his stories haven’t been the most reliable in the last few years.

All in all, for some of us, it seems a decent deal because we can get rid of a striker who has been a disappointment since his bizarre £50 million move from Liverpool. Many of us see a Torres-Falcao-£30million exchange deal a possibility in the summer and so this news will bring great joy to you, but whatever you do, do not take this story as fact. It may well turn out to be true and that is the whole fun of transfer windows but at the moment, a sourceless transfer report isn’t something to believe. Treat Torres rumours with caution.

How do you feel about this potential deal? Good news or bad? Is it time for Torres to leave? Share your opinions below or on Twitter @CFC360Official!

  1. Tony says

    For sure, Torres should go because it may be better for him. Good news for me. Blues for life!

  2. Apex temitope says

    Gud bye mr flop

  3. Izzullah says

    Let him go,he is useless….

  4. Swagat Das says

    he should stay.

  5. Josh says

    his attitude and the way he reacts at every single thing, badmouthing his partners, i would be glad if that flop go to his former team

  6. robben16 says

    Torres should go and get a new striker who can play in europa league.

  7. Anonymous says

    I doubt this story is true.

  8. Hembaor Desmond says

    Its beta 4 him 2 leave nw b4 his career ends shamefully..

  9. bless says

    torres must be a good guy…


    Elnino is a striker bt nt in chelsea nd i like him nd want his career 2 end gud, so i think is beta he go. 4damo dis is a chance 4 cfc 2get falcao is dey want him, coz dey can add lyk £25m=£30m to aletico nd get falcao nd if d deal is done dey shld go 4 hulk again coz we cannot rely on two strikers only. Cfc 4eva.

  11. usman says

    don’t forget that it was because of Torres we got to the final of the champions league and i don’t want him to leave i grow up as a fan of Torres and when he came to Chelsea i was so happy even through the bad times we didn’t leave terry so we cant leave in Torres

    1. drogba says

      seguro tienes 15 años y no sabes de eso , tal vez lo digas por el gol contra el barcelona , pero el gol de ramires fue el que dio el pase

  12. Musty says

    Well gud for both parties

  13. Beedem says

    Good news 4 me. up chelsea

  14. Endrance okechukwu says

    some how good…

  15. Louis ibekwe says

    Torres should stay,den if we can stil buy falcao or another attacker.unlike man city:they have more than three attackers so we should leave el nino alone with time,he ll pick form.

  16. Slim says

    Me i don’t want el Nino 2 go oo bt if him want 2 go den its up 2 him.he is a flop bt do help us in crucial moment like d champ final wen he cause d corner kick ad against Barce he scored d game over so he is still useful ad josh himself said so ad if he stays its will be, him ba ad (i wish 4 walcott) it will be ok ad probably loan a striker or anytyn. Bt i still believe in torres

  17. soyoung says

    I think TORRES is sensitive to the media.. Maybe he get daunted..
    He is a player in CHELSEA, just now to cheer up him is better than blame him

  18. Kennedy Ndangala says

    i think Torres shoud not leave he must remain at the bridge so that he may act as super substitute to Ba jst keep him.

  19. ChelseaFC says

    i think Torres is one of the best strikers in the world. He just needs someone to feed him constantly like at Liverpool with Gerrard. Chelsea does not play like Liverpool we need a striker that can keep the ball and won’t go to the ground. Torres is one of the best and I am a huge fan, but as a chelsea supporter I believe that both Chelsea and Torres would be better of if the move to Athletico does happen. It does not help keeping a talent like Torres on the bench.

  20. Radina says

    I think this is a lie because i ‘ve read a some news that Torres will stay in chelsea till 2016.

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