Torres, the Falcao rumours and our strikers situation

Luxaries or needs?
Luxuries or needs?

Ever since Fernando Torres has been back amongst the goals, the Falcao rumors have seemed to have dried out until now. The Daily Mail reports that our owner Roman Abramovich is prepared to make Radamel Falcao the club’s top earner by offering the striker a staggering £10million-a-year contract.

The Colombia forward is the club’s No 1 transfer target and the Russian billionaire is determined to ensure the prolific South American becomes the next global superstar to make his way to Stamford Bridge. And Sportsmail has learned the West London club will offer the 26-year-old a deal worth in the region of £200,000-per-week, to lure Falcao.

The Daily Mail

Many have already started to bring all the hype around Fernando Torres and his form back. I’ve got to admit that Torres’s form of 5 goals in 3 matches is pretty impressive but to be honest 1 goal was a major deflection, 1 could have easily been a penalty (hand ball), 1 was a simple tap in and 1 was a penalty. All 3 opposition teams have been very week and were nowhere near Chelsea’s class.

Its an encouraging and positive sign to see Torres on the score sheet but we all know the problems he has faced over the last season and a half. At times he just seems to be so out of the game; as if he has no passion for the team. He now has all the creativity in the world he needs behind him and has all the time he needs to integrate himself into the Chelsea line up with no big challenger like Drogba. He clearly need to show much more and prove that he can score against stronger oppositions like Manchester United, City, etc where Chelsea really need those goals and moments of brilliance from players like him that change the entire game. This is surely what we have been lacking this season.

With Torres, it always looks like he starts to score goals when the transfer market approaches. Last summer, Roman would surely have gone for another striker if Torres wouldn’t have started scoring. He bagged a hat trick against QPR and also won the Golden Boot of the Euros. Roman and all the fans including me started believing that Fernando was actually ready to lead Chelsea’s attack but he clearly failed to make a major impact this season despite scoring 12 goals. His form has been very patchy and inconsistent. Chelsea clearly need those big game goals from him; goals that make a difference. He need to show consistency in his play and prove week in and week out that he is the right man to spear head the Chelsea attack.

Now looking forward to the transfer market there are alot of interesting players that Chelsea could go for as always. Radamel Falcao, Schurrle, Edison Cavani, Loic Remy have all been linked with Chelsea in the recent weeks but one man’s links have been more special and interesting than all the others and that man is Falcao. He has already scored 16 goals in 14 games and recently scored 5 goals in a game. The striker surely is one of the best in the world at the moment but lets not forget that Torres and Shevchenko were also the best strikers when we bought them.

All I’m trying to say is that Chelsea should not forget that we need a new striker just because of the flashing form of Fernando Torres. We should look into the market and see what we have and evaluate our options matching them up with our other progresses like our next permanent manager. Remember, its very important that our next permanent boss gets to choose the kind of big name striker he wants upfront. It really won’t be sensible sticking a big name striker he is not comfortable with.

I’m really looking forward to know how you feel about this whole Falcao-Torres-Striker situation so do leave your thoughts and opinions below.

  1. I have never understood Chelsea’s belief in 1 main striker. Well I do, the answer is Didier Drogba. Chelsea revolved around Drogba for 8 years with the likes of Shevchenko and Torres falling in his shadow.

    I am of the idea of having two top strikers, similar to Real Madrid with Higuain and Benzema. Both managed to score 20 + goals each last season.

    Chelsea’s major rivals Manchester City has 4 Strikers [Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko, Balotelli] each with 15 + goals last season and now Manchester United with also four [Van Persie, Chicharito, though Rooney and Wellbeck have played out of position but Rooney is still scoring]

    Chelsea should aim for the same. Keep Torres. And get either Falcao or Cavani. Cavani my preference. A Chelsea Team with Torres and Falcao rotating between the 60+ games for the season should prove successful. There would be no ‘main’ striker but two strikers to play for the ‘team.’

    NB* My preference for Cavani is that he is more dynamic, faster. Think he would fit Chelsea’s system better than Falcao.

    1. YinXun Tan says

      yes. you are 100% right. relying on 1 striker alone is not going to help us at all. we’ve been extremely lucky that most of them had been fit and available for most of their time. what we need now is more strikers, not a replacement for Torres. keep Torres, and bring in 1/2 strikers, with at least 1 world class one. later, we can maybe recall Lukaku who’s been loaned to West Brom. he would be a brilliant addition. apart from all that, the article is well written 🙂 KTBFFH

    2. Shaurya CFC says

      I think Chelsea had a chance with Cavani this summer but because of our resistance to go for a new striker in order to keep Fernando focused. Cavani signed a new 5 year deal with the Naples side and wouldn’t be available anytime soon for cheap.

  2. Chris Ejimofor says

    I think and strongly believed that Torres can not lead the Chelsea striking force to the promise land, so something needs to be done. Thanks

  3. Okereke Chimazuru says

    Replacing torres makes no sence, chelsea still need more strickers to bring bck the winning grace we use 2 have

    1. Adam Fred says

      After the final lost, do you still think torres is a player??


    Rather going for such big budget strikers, why not buy a young promising striker and call back lukaku. With no ucl money this season, going all guns for Falcao will be a waste. What if he is another Chelsea top striker flop curse like Torres and Shevchenko?

  5. Ripper says

    thats not true………………….3 of his 5 goals were not deflections only one of them was a deflection

  6. Lewis says

    I’dove to see Chelsea sign falcao and play him and Torres up front

  7. Misheck chikwasa says

    Falcao is welcome at Chelsea. With Torres and the mid-filders we have we can play any team in the World!

  8. Cj says

    chelsea have no need for 5 midfielder’s on the pitch 4-4-2 would be fine don’t get why ever manager that comes to chelsea plays with one striker drogba is gone the long ball up the field won’t work. get another striker an let torres play like rooney does an pick up the ball in midfield an pass it to the main man up fornt then make his run to get to through ball or atleast get him self in a goal scoring chance

  9. Ibitoye dayo says

    Torres is trying is best 4 d team, but we need a better stricker like falcao or cavani, good luck to chelsea team.

  10. Anonymous says

    i think chelsea need 2 strikers, the one striker thing not working out. gettig Falcao to pair with torres would be very good, but the one striker not working. look at biggest rival man u; R.V.P pairing with Rooney. they are creating wonders. thats what the bules need double strike also..

  11. Ken says

    Going for a big money striker is not ideal..we could go for remi, ba or shurie, remember the financial fair play is looming.

  12. idowu emmanuel says

    Torres is not there yet but even aaat that, we shuld neva rely on a sole striker. Last season we had DD n torres but dis season its been jst torres n imaagine if he comes up with a major injury, how do we cope? We need like 3 to 4 strikers in d tem at any point in time bcos we wn’t play same formation all thru d season. Dat is one area I flur di matteo bcos u shuldn’t approaach all matches wit same formation. Wenger did it but din’t work but was dealt wit silly. 4-4-2 is a formation dat require two strikers so we shuld opt to swutch formations n not jst stick to one. all this are necessarry not toexhaaust a striker ot avoid injury or routine.

    1. Sinclair says

      True mate. Look at City: Tevez, Aguero, Dzeko, Ballotelli and look at others they have alot of options like Man U: RVP, Hernendez, Rooney, Wellback. One of their strikers getting injured or loosing form wont effectthem as much it would affect us. We need such deapth in our attacking line

  13. Sinclair says

    This is always the case. I hope Roman does not forget how badly we need a striker.

  14. Kobbyhans says

    We should just buy falcao in january and play torres behind him. 4-4-2 in such case and lets conquer the world. From>: Norway.

  15. Kobbyhans says

    A team like Chelseafc should have more than one striker.

  16. Kobbyhans says

    Only one name comes to mind Falcao.

  17. Anonymous says

    torres no lleva 5 goles en 4 partidos lleva 5 goles en 8 partidos con benitez , ya se les olvido que no marco en los primeros partdidos ,ademas los rivales no exigian mucho, cuando anote contra el united , city o liverpool me llaman

  18. Slim says

    Y re we sayin only 1 striker wen sturridge is Der ad y re going 4 falcao wen walcott is Der come on he has premiership experience ad champions league experience also so y go 4 falcao, cavani is better Dan falcao nobody rate him like falcao so falcao is going 2 be flop da we will regret. So torres, sturridge, cavani ad walcott wil be d best.

  19. Vaibhav Kumble says

    We are winning games now because we play as a team.. When Torres form went down.. So did the whole team’s performance.. Although i agree we need a striker(since Sturridge is most prob leaving) .. I dont think we need to spend 50mill on another player.. We definately overpayed for Torres and we should learn from that.. With Lukaku returning next season.. And Piazon will soon become a regular… All we need is a 20mill striker.. (Walcott seems a good option) .. And we should be fine..

  20. Thim says

    Robert Lewandoski should be considered as he’s an impressive striker too.

  21. Ashmiru Predicshon Josiah says

    Falcao will be great

  22. davis mokebo says

    its true we can not put our hopes in one striker men bring Falcao or Cavan YEA!

  23. Silas says

    Pls cavani is better but if falcao comes we can still go with that added with demba ba

  24. MPKlein's says

    Torres should be given more time but let chelseafc go for one more good striker like falcao, cavani. This will make him fill challenged and try to improve.

  25. MPKlein's says

    Torres should not be sold but given a chance, i believe when chelseafc buys another good striker like falcao and cavani, he will feel challenged and improved.

  26. 浴衣 帯 says


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