Transfer Latest: Hulk set to become Chelsea's first summer signing


According to football website Caught Offside Hulk will be the first summer signing in Jose Mourinho’s new Chelsea era. It looks like Chelsea want to add some spice and strength up front and they believe that Hulk is the perfect man.

Considering that Hulk hasn’t fulfilled the expectation of his hefty £32,000,000 price tag, the blues might be able to nip in and acquire him for a cheaper rate. The move will certainly attract Hulk considering that fellow Brazilian’s Oscar and David Luiz have both felt right at home at SW6.

Chelsea feel that although he hasn’t excelled with Zenit St Peterberg he would be more than able to repeat the glorious form that led him to net 78 goals over a period of seasons. Despite being 26 Hulk has bags of experience, and he certainly knows the jubilation of winning silverware. He has already won 3 Primeira Liga titles and a Europa League winners medal.

So what’s your thoughts about the blues renewing their interest in Hulk. Do let me know your thoughts KTBFFH

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  1. olalekan kazeem says

    i don’t want him.

  2. Paul says

    Only worth it if we can get him significantly cheaper than £32 million and on significantly lower wages.

    1. Anonymous says

      I agree, but we will be getting rid of a few players (Malouda, Benayoun, possibly Torres or Marin) who earn ridiculously high wages in the summer. That should help our wage bill a bit.

  3. dragunar says

    Why not if you can not get rid Torres and send it to Zenit for him!

  4. Jag-T says

    personally the closest thing i’ve seen to drogba is indeed HULK. He brings power experience and that brazilian swagger that makes european clubs all around the world seeking atleast one brazilian within there ranks. wat he brings to the team is versatility…
    i’ve personally admired his talent for over two seasons now…and i know with everything within me that he is the player to move this team into a dangerous unit for nex season. am a chelsea fan by birth but i know talent wen i c it,
    Hulk is the man for the premier league!!
    Hulk is the man for my club chelsea!!
    Hulk is the man for goals!!
    goals win matches, always remember that!

  5. ShawnS'tha says

    if chelsea brings in shurle and hulk it would be foolish to buy another striker like falcao worth 50 mil. hulk can play as cf as well as winger so that will add versatility. bring shurle and hulk. call lukaku back.

    1. Anonymous says

      Schurrle is going to be even worse than Marin. The vast majority of his goals come from long shots outside the 18, and his skills are average at best. He is not a great player. I would much rather buy Hulk and Falcao, selling Malouda, Benayoun, Marin, and Torres to free our wage bill.

  6. Jag-T says

    agreed. u sound like a really smart chelsea fan. i respect the sudden change in torres (somewhat), but he’s not a chelsea fan wit a die heart mentality and love for the club, hulk and schurrle are. so i would say give ba a go and see wat he has in store for us wit lukaku either on loan to a champions league team or back home wit us.
    besides he wants to be a chelsea legend, thats the best type of player we need.. a player wit internal passion for the club, like david luiz…

  7. Anonymous says

    No no no no no. Just another Completely overrated Brazilian. There is a reason he is back on the transfer market and that is because he couldn’t even play in the russian premier league. Come on!!! There are tons of players I would love chelsea to target. Please focus on the positions that actually need strengthening like cm and cb.

  8. Anonymous says

    pls what is sw6

  9. Anonymous says

    what is the full name for SW6

  10. amodu riliwan says

    I love seeing people’s comment,HULK is a very strong and skilful player so we need him more dan any1 else send Torres out and take HULK IN missing u HULK

  11. Anonymous says

    Dis guy is a complete waste of money, Moses even has goals Dan him dis season, so y sign him nah better sign el shaarawy or pato or rooney

  12. alexcfc8 says

    Hulk is being payed about 170k, I dont really want him cos of price and wages. For his price and wages we could get Lewandowski for about 20mill and on about 80k wages and a young centre back like Dejan Lovern for about 8mill and hes on about 30k. Hulk hasn’t been playing to the standard he used to play so I think we should move on and find someone younger

    1. Ben Fuller says

      That aint true. U would not get lewandowski for 20million. Try 30-35m. And look at the differances hulk is big and powerful like drogba. Lewandowski isnt. The question is wot do we need more a powerforward like hulk (tho we have lukaku) who is like drogba or some1 who will bang goals in alot like lewandowski or falcao. I woild prefer falcao coz he proven himself more than lewandowski scored 3 against chelsea and has better goal scoring record but he is older. I like hulk but has to be for right fee. Same goes for anyone else. Last thing we need is another expensive flop like torres

  13. jonmensa(ZOLA) says

    it looks like we are always interested in signing new and costly players seasons after seasons of which we hardly benefited.why not go in for a low profile striker and make him world class? that will be our own made, like JT or Super Frankie…for me lets bring in lewandosky and lukaku to add up to our options…lukaku i believe will be a force to reckon with a best coach… he is young, and mascular. lets give him enough playing time and support like we have been giving to Torres…but, well, we can’t buy players on our own unless the manager decides…we can’t be repeating mistakes like that of ‘the German Messi’

    1. Ben Fuller says

      Lamps was not nade by chelsea west ham developed him

  14. Anonymous says

    Hey! We need no anather stricker lukaku is there, bring him back, lukaku and Ba will giv us titles next season

  15. mike says

    to me i lov 2 see either falcao,rooney,nd hulk in blues and do away with marin tores malouda

  16. Anonymous says

    imagine -cech-azi-cahill-luiz-cole-rami-Oscar-hazard-mata-hulk-rooney in starting line up

  17. MICHAEL NGOMA says


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  19. godswill says

    I dnt. Wnt him

  20. Vlaho says

    that would be beautiful…HAZARD left wing,LUKAKU(or CAVANI) centre forward and HULK right wing!!! :))))))))))))

  21. Baruch katman says

    to me as a bornerfied chelsea fan i prefered falcao, lewandowski,and hulk using 4-3-3 pattern and torres marin go.

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  23. FELIX ABEL says

    hulk is the perfect man for chelsea fc

  24. Keleee says

    To me hulk is better,chelsea need a powerful and a very strong player in tht front.So please hulk is a good choice.

  25. Osman kargbo says

    It would be another added advantage to most of our effort players in the team, and it is very importnt for the team to have the likes of Hulk

  26. Sebita says

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