Transfer News: Chelsea prepare a stunning £40M bid for Karim Benzema

Caught Offside are reporting that Chelsea are preparing a staggering £40M bid to acquire the services of Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema. They report that the Frenchman is the ideal candidate in Mourinho’s hunt for a prolific striker.


Real Madrid apparently are willing to listen to offers for the 26-year-old after identifying Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero as key targets. However the blues might face stiff competition from the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and PSG who are all deemed to be interested in Benzema.

The paper report that the fact that Mourinho has had experience of working with Benzema at Madrid could be a deciding factor. Since joining Madrid in 2009, the former Lyon forward has managed an impressive 111 goals in 231 appearances.

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  1. Neri Abayomi says

    Give us What we learned and. Match report- stop dis rumoured transfer report.

    1. Matt says

      What we learned will arrive late today…

      1. annslakhanycfc says

        What we learn will be uploaded soon 🙂

    2. annslakhanycfc says

      Match report is there 🙂

  2. Lucky says

    Dz 360 people dnt knw wot to write again,they have ran out of ideals

    1. Llion Carbis says

      Here at Chelsea FC 360 we attempt to cover a range of articles. I’ve been assigned to cover transfer news and therefore publish an article based on any rumor or news surrounding Chelsea.

  3. qwec-i says

    I want Mou to bring in Thorgan, Piazon, Thibaut, Lukaku and buy Costa and Moreno. That’s all that we need. Then he should let go of El Nino, Ba

  4. chris kelvins says

    This is all bushit,chelsea wants every one in the world,Costa is better than this french man guy,he cant fight like Torres & we need a report on yesterdays loss 2 A madrid,we all disapointe here in zambia as chelsea fans!

  5. Anonymous says

    Costa,Moreno,Guarin,Atsu/diMaria,Lukaku, and a most return 4stamford bridge Thorgan and Curtuois will boost our team sell flopps but exclude driver Marin

  6. qwec-i says

    Putting all sentiments aside, Athleti were more cohesive than Chelsea. And they played as a unit. They deserved the win. But who is Hazard to question the tactics of Mou? Has he forgotten that the first and and the third goals happened because he forgot to defend? If he wants to go, the door is always opened. No single player is greater than a team.

    1. Anonymous says

      tanks man..i guess hazard tinks he’s now bigger dan d club….all atletico’s goals ar difensive errors bt dey played reali well..

      1. Mourinho is the Best says

        We always lose when we have Hazard. He always forget he should follow Mou’s strategy. Our first lose is because of him. You see even Bale and C7 had come back to defend in their play against BMunich. If we sell Mata is right, Hazard should be sold too! After the race, we have to salute to Terry & A Cole for their years of contribution to the team but sadly feel that we cannot depend on them to win any trophy next year. Eto and Torres should no brainer be out. Ba (50%50% on his future as he deserved to retain as our 4th striker). Matic is super important in our team and Ram7 is not his class. Willian is also very important chess.
        Most importantly, our fire power is far weaker than Real Madrid, Athle Madrid and BMunich. We need Costa, we need Benzema too! We also need Lukaku or Piazon come back. We need at least 4-5 strikers as some may injured or suspended and we have 3-4 battle lines.
        Without this, I am sure we cannot win any trophy next year.
        And please bring back Courtois. If we had Cech or Courtois yesterday, may be we went to final already.

  7. Matt says

    Let’s try to win PL title, so far we lost everything this season.

  8. Irokotola says

    Those A Madrid guys are not human being, they are all robots…… Let me call them devil…. They are too strong for us……… Let’s wait and see what will be the fate of both madrid club by 24th of this month……. Chelsea fc really tried but they are too strong for us…. That tells us that we need strong players and determined minded players not Hazard….. The sky is always blue….. The red in it is for a while…. Don’t let us relent… We will come back again next season and rule europe once again…….. KTBFFH….. Love you all…

  9. Neri Abayomi says

    Hazard said the truth when he stated that Chelsea can’t play football.
    So why are you now glamouring for Eden to be sold?
    Jose can never make Chelsea a cohesive unit especially with the kind of players he is using to utilise his pattern.

    We simply can’t break a team down. Atletico knew this and allowed us possession in the first half. How can a team as big as Chelsea be bereaved of all attacking intent to break down a team? Beats me. Yesterday’s Game has happened so many times this season- Palace, Villa etc

  10. AKJamesolly says

    I Love JM and respect his tactics but then the better team won last night and for Karim Benzema he’s much more reliable than Ba, Torres and Eto’o put together! that’s my position cause he’s played against tough oppositions this season and did well scoring goals! i’m not a fan of Diego Coaster cause he’s just another Soldado! Lukaku is much more clinical than Coaster? Coaster is just having a good season and the demand starts if he can repeat the same form next season!? Lukaku has done it with two different EPL teams and i feel he’s ready now. Chelseafc should let go of Ramirez,DavidLuiz,Ashley Cole,BA,Eto’O,Torres!? Just because Lampard, Matic, Mikel were not in the game lastnight the middle couldn’t regulate translating from defence to attack!? no long balls to find Hazard and Willian on the flanks, no tru balls for Hazard to run riot on Atletico! Sallah was missed to cause of his quick solo runs and dribbles, i just wish we play well next season getting the best legs in diffrent positions next season.

  11. Adelanwa says

    we dont need him buy coster instead or cavani or ibra

  12. qwec-i says

    In honest, I also feel Mou should let the players play with freedom. Allowing them to play free flowing football but with guile and discipline. Mou should also trust the youth players and bring them through into the first team whilst instilling a winning mentality in the players. Always buying wouldn’t help. If you want a player, create one for yourself that’s why there’s the academy.

  13. AKJamesolly says

    The Chelsea kind of striker is someone who can play from the mid-field in the mould of Luiz Suarez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Radamal Falcao, cause Chelsea mid-field hold the ball to much and don’t release quick for strikers to run with so an Isolated point man won’t excess! Eto’o started scoring when he joined the mid-field play and that’s what Torres does now coming to get the ball running at the opposition! i think if Matic settle in well against next season we might just have a new revelation of Strikers scoring goals cause he’s got eyes for passes particularly those long balls from the middle.

  14. Fik says

    I like Mour playing style b/c where r z team playing football like Arsenal, Barca, PSG, Dortment, Man City & Man Unitd is z answer. B/c of Mour we reached at this level. Mour not confident with z squad as z team is easily defeated by weaker teams so playing foot ball for such team results like z defeat by Basel. If we don’t playing a defending foot ball blue lost 8 – 0 or more. I hate Hazard comment to Media! No player more than z club. Mour knows every thing z team deficiency. Why best playing team Munic lost to 5-0? B/c of COACH ….

  15. Fik says

    Mour know more abt Benzema. Is he better than Torr or Eto or Ba? Costa, Eto & Ba or Manzuki are my 3 strikers choice for next yr. Sell Lukaku & Torres as never fit to Blue style of playing.

  16. Alex Edin Hazzard Akankwasa says

    well Edin Hazard Is Agood Young Talented Player But Still Is Not Helping Da Team As Expected.
    If We Sell Torres, Etoo, Mikel
    And Buy Atleast Two More Useful Player Ithink Chelsea Can Be Good As Nothing
    We Still Need Courtis ,lukaku, Diogo Costa And If We Can Be Chanced For Benzima How Do U See Chelsea To Be
    Let Hazard Go And We Give Chance Young Players Who Are In Academy

  17. donvic says

    Chelsea is destroyin hazard’s career bcos of deir negative approach to futbol mashes..i wud advocate,he go to real madrid to realise his dream of bein d world best player…if u knw u luv hazard nd want d best for him,,it will b beta for chelsea to sell him to a club lyk real madrid….ktbffh

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