Transfer Rumor: Real Madrid going for Courtois?

Real Madrid plan Thibaut Courtois transfer from Chelsea – using Jose Mourinho’s old scouting dossier

A new intriguing transfer rumor has arose from Spain as our on-loan young keeper Thibaut Courtois is rumored to be on the list of transfer targets for Real Madrid. And the most ironic part of it is the fact that, they will use a scouting dossier that was prepared when Jose Mourinho was in Madrid two years ago.

According to Daily Mirror, the Portuguese coach ordered for a scouting dossier on Thibaut Courtois right when he first made his move on-loan to their cross-town rivals Atletico Madrid. The Belgian has impressed in his two plus seasons at Vicente Calderon and Real Madrid are now reportedly trying to sign an improbable transfer that even the player wouldn’t want to make. Here is the quote from an insider source from Spain…

“As soon as Courtois arrived on loan at Atletico from Chelsea, a file was opened on him under instructions from Mourinho.

“The information built up is exhaustive and Courtois is on Madrid’s list of targets, despite the presence of Iker Casillas and Diego Lopez in Carlo Ancelotti’s squad.”

This news comes surprising as Real Madrid aren’t even satisfying the playing time of two great goal keepers in Diego Lopez and Iker Casillas. And Jose Mourinho will surely not let this move happen and won’t even sale Courtois as promised many times since last summer.

The Special one surely thinks, it’s now time for the Belgian to come to Stamford Bridge and fight for a starting place against Petr Cech.

  1. fahmicfc360 says

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  2. fidel says

    Madrid can go F..k themselves!after the way they treated mou,they think they can buy his player under his nose.boy is that club such arrogant pr..ks!

  3. Ahmed says

    please the transfer should be stop because Thibaut Courtois is future. I pray MrJose should not make mistake to allow it happen.

  4. Gbasha.bitto says

    I will leave Blues if cuortois leaves

  5. Gbasha.bitto says

    I will leave Blues if cuortois leaves, it was Mata now cuortois, bullshittt

    1. Jonny says

      U’re free to leave mehn @ gbasha……..lets wait nd see wat will happen about d courtois deal,i dnt tink he will go 2 madrid

    2. maritimo says

      Man you can leave your home, your friends, even your wife but you don’t leave your club. If you’re able to leave, then you have never been. Since I became blue, have left Zola and Desaiily, some good and bad managers, victories and losses, people you like or hate, but if they’re blue you support them till the end. In relation to Thibault, I don’t see him as white cause he’s an Atletico. But I think will be hard for him to play as blue since we have a living legend hat is still young for the position. Hope Jose will find a good solution to all. We’re FIRSTTTTT blue fellows… KTBFFH!!!!!

    3. Anonymous says

      Bye bye. Good riddance.

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  7. Jonny says

    U’re free to leave mehn, jst bcos of a player ? @ gbasha……..lets wait nd see wat will happen about d courtois deal,i dnt tink he will go 2 madrid

  8. Gbasha.bitto says

    What of hazard BID(PSG)

  9. Fik says

    I don’t think so it wl happen. But Jose knows and does so many important things to blue more than what I thought as he is more fan of blue than me! As blue is his first club of choice. He did very important thing to z club by selling Mata. He also hv more other important things to do. His action is always on z benefit of Cfc. I like his interesting work. He is not a kid. He does things wisely. He is more than ….

  10. Zyte says

    bandwagon fans that were not their when we dont have roman,are the ones dat abandon cfc bcos of a player or coach.we ve seen g.viali,g.zola,t.flo,m.desialy,d.deschamps, goey,d.wise,d.peterscu,kronkjer,c.babayaro,hasselbank,d.mateo,even j.opong weah & many more come & go,yet we remain bcos we smell blue just like jose smells blue.cfc 4 lif.

  11. lubrique forniqueuse says

    Encore un poste sincèrement séduisant

  12. x says

    Superbe post encore une fois

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