Van Ginkel focusing on Chelsea and U-21 only


In a recent interview with Van Ginkel has said that his main focus right now is on getting a first team spot in Chelsea and performing for the U-21 Netherlands squad.

When Van Ginkel was asked about the world cup he said “I’m not really thinking about it. Maybe after the winter I will do more, but for now I am concentrating on Chelsea and the U21s.”

Then he was asked about his playing time with Chelsea, he said the following “That has been indicated to me. I will get minutes. From the conversations I have had, they are coming, in my position, in the middle, there are four or five candidates at Chelsea. There is great competition, but you expect that at a top club.

Finally he said that he will not be selected for the national team unless he gets playing time at Chelsea, he said the following “That’s the situation. It is the policy of Van Gaal that you need to play if you are to be selected for the Dutch national team. That’s why I won’t just sit here.

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  1. Anonymous says

    go al the way nd supercede lampard…..mikel the moron is a junk of a dm we need a class in such area

  2. stanley says

    van ginkel must see a way

  3. Shiloh says

    Certainly he needs game time, don’t understand why Jose has choosen Ramires and Lamps for Four straight matches.

  4. emmanuel says

    Unfortunately, he wn’t get d play time he craves in d premiership bcos his name wasn’t involved but in d champions league.

    1. JamesCFC says

      doesn’t need to be as he is under 21

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