Was Marin a Chairman's buy?

Was Marin a Chairman's buy?
Was Marin a Chairman’s buy?

Quoted as, “a fantastic player in the making and a great signing,” and set to cause “huge excitement at Stamford Bridge,” Marko Marin was Chelsea first buy in the summer transfer window – notably a deal was set prior to Chelsea winning the Champions League. But just how well has the ‘German Messi’ lived up to the hype?

Pre season games showed sparks of this talented playmaker and the prospect of Marin playing alongside Mata and recently bought Hazard was set to cause panic for other BPL teams. However, this panic was put on hold when Marin became was struck with a hamstring injury and had to watch the opening games of the BPL from the sidelines.

Pleasingly, Marin recovered successfully and with good performances for the U21’s, Marin was set to be back in the First team.

marin at chelsea

Despite this, it appears that following his injury Marin has now become the ‘Invisible man’ at Stamford Bridge, making just nine appearances in all competitions. It’s hard to remember the promise that he showed while at Werder Bremen, which led Marin to be one of the best young players in Europe.


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Gifted with such talent, why is Marko Marin so overlooked at Chelsea? Both managers of Chelsea’s 2012/13 season have failed to make him part of the regular starting eleven, and what is more, even with his short playing time Marko Marin has yet to impress compared to teammates Hazard and Oscar. One answer to this question is that Marin was another one of Roman’s buys. It seems that there is a strong correlation between the Chairman’s buys and the player’s performances – an obvious example being Fernando Torres. His purchasing of players based on his desire of them being at the club doesn’t fair well for the Blues. The majority of fans have accepted that Torres hasn’t performed as well as his price tag suggests and that it is time for him to move on. With this said, the club needs to improve communications with Roman for it is the staff that work with the players who know who would be a successful buy.

Conversely, Roman has become rich, powerful and successful today because he made his own decisions, and who are we to argue with his ambitions at the club.

Finally, Marin’s future remains uncertain at the club with talks of him going on loan to Russia. As for now though I feel that we would all like to see Marin’s playing time increased, and he should become a key member of the squad now in the second half of the season as a result of his team mates becoming fatigue.

To conclude, as a club we need to make sure we bring in the correct players, and perhaps the obvious solution for this is to have a permanent manager.


  1. Pacson says

    I second You, the Solution Is to have permanent manager… Abramo should Give them time..

  2. Anonymous says

    To much money and no sense

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