WC victory changed how people see me, says Andre Schurrle


If someone is enjoying the after-effects of winning the World Cup 2014 with Germany, it sure has to be Andre Schurrle. The 23 year old German forward played a vital role in his country’s success in the competition and this surely has boosted his morale and confidence in himself. Read what he had to say:

“Your standing [within the team] changes quite a bit.

When I returned to Chelsea, I noticed that players treated me differently.

One becomes more self-confident. My standing has changed in that way and I feel better during training sessions. You know that you can score important goals yourself.”

There was always a sense of optimism around Schurrle from the very start, and this World Cup victory at a tender age of only 23 is bound to charge him up for the long season ahead. Nicknamed as ‘The Joker’, Andre already has a good relation with the majority part of the squad, and this achievement is surely going to increase the respect with which each of the squad members treats him.

Enjoy the feeling Andre, you totally deserve it!

What do you think about Andre Schurrle? How many goals do you think he can score this season? Do share your thoughts and views in the comments section below.

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Andre Schurrle

  1. Fik says

    He deserves respect & be in z starting XI. I think he wl score more than 20 despite rotation. He is z one to kill our big opponentes like M city, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc. He wl score in these big team crucial goals for blue….

  2. Talent Masamha says

    I thnk he shall score 30 goals ths season.kp achievng,w a expectng gud results 4rm u

  3. Talent Masamha says

    Weldone schurlle 4 wning wordcup wth german.kp scoring and w a here to support u

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