We deserve respect

It is becoming monotonous, repetitive and tiring. Yes it is. Park the bus, defending all the time, not attacking, anti football etc. What does the world want from us?

When we play counter attack football it’s called “parking the bus”. When we attack everyone says “the other team was poor”. When we lose to a “small team” everyone says we’re underachieving. When we actually park the bus everyone almosts has an heart attack. It’s hilarious to say the least. We’ve become the team everyone loves to hate. We’ve not gotten the respect we deserve this season and for all our achievements in the last decade and even forever.

It was Chelsea’s successful buyout by Roman and subsequent success on the pitch that set a blueprint for rich business owners to buy clubs like City, PSG and Monaco. Hey here’s one for the history books; we’re the first English Club to qualify for the inaugral European Champions cup(Uefa champions league) in 1955. First club to hold the Europa and UCL trophy simultaneously. First English Club to have won all UEFA tournaments, I could list a lot of first’s and other achievements that should have gotten us all the respect we deserve. Hey we’ve been in 7 semi-finals in 10years in Europe. It must be luck huh?

We’ve won ugly, we’ve won beautiful. It obvious rivals and opponents don’t just like our ability to transcend or transform within a moments notice. The match against Arsenal in Stamford Bridge and the match against Liverpool is a good case in point thanks to the tactical genius of Jose Mourinho. We’ve gotten to the stage of this competition and season with misfiring strikers. Goes to tell you how much defending is as good as attacking in the game of football.

Schurrle and Schwarzer both echoed the sentiments of chelsea fans in their recent interviews. Critics are jealous. Irrespective of the outcome of today’s match against Atletico Madrid, we owe no one any explanation. In the last decade we have answered all the questions asked of us on the football pitch. We know who we are. We are Chelsea. KTBFFH

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  1. fidel says

    Wa se ore,padi mi(meaning you are blessed my friend-in yoruba language of Nigeria),Tell those freaking haters!!.what Arsenal could,t do,what city couldn’t do et al,we are doing and ‘making English football proud’but I don’t think they like it.For the past 5years,our performance has been responsible for the likes of Arsenal getting playoffs for 4th place(4 english teams!)Yet no gratitude.smh-fucking FA,watch it,they will set up Liverpool to win the EPL.or do they think we don’t know that FA wants to reward gerard?.please!stale news.Is that fairplay?.smh.if chelsea was in Italy,the FA there would rever this club like they do AC Milan.so much for doggedness and hardwork.We will keep doing what we do till we get that respect.KTBFFH

  2. Arthur Osadebe says

    Am happy that at the end, their hatred always turns out gud 4 us. No mind them joor,

    1. patrickallstar says

      We’re Chelsea. Hate doesn’t scare us

  3. Harry says

    Why should you “the author” and CFC fan care about what others say? Chelsea FC critics are all a bunch of losers. Chelsea FC in recent time has had more success in Europe than the rest of EPL contenders combined. So stop regurgitating what Decepticons “Media” is trying to portray. No one is forced to watch Chelsea FC games. As far as i am concerned, we “the fans” are proud of our team, and do not give a damn about others derogatory point of views.

  4. Adelanwa says

    gud talk my brother

  5. Anonymous says

    when we tlk of hate they are loosers, and what they hate most is the best coach in the world also at Chelsea.this F.A wil do everytin to tanish his image but hate it or love it he’s the best. Welldone athleti they were in Gud shape nd deserve it in thier history books, they worked harder for it.

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