Welcome Back To Chelsea EVA CARNEIRO? : Doctor CARNEIRO To withdraw Charges Against Club

With just few after hours to Jose Mourinho sacking, rumours already has it that former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro is on her way to Chelsea, to regain back her job as Chelsea head of medical team.

Carneiro departed Chelsea in September after a fall out with former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. Portuguese tactician tagged her Naïve for rushing onto the pitch, to attend to Eden Hazard in Chelsea’s first game of the season against Swansea City.

Although Carneiro has taken the matter to court, claiming for reinstatement in her role as first team doctor, damages for sexual discrimination from Mourinho as well as personal injury compensation and aggravated damages from the club.

But with latest development in Chelsea, Carneiro could drop the case against the club, should Chelsea decides to reinstate her as their first team doctor.

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