Welcome To Stamford Bridge: Abramovich To Offer MASSIVE SALARY To Pogba After Today's Defeat, Deal On

Chelsea hope of signing French international Paul Paogba has been given major boost as the 22-year old star has given Chelsea hint concerning a possible move to the Stamford Bridge before the close of the transfer window on Tuesday.

English media house Daily Mail claimed that the 22-year old wants Chelsea to match what Barcelona have offered him in a deal slated for next summer worth around £318,000 a week.

In Mourinho press conference yesterday, he made it known that his team could still make do with another signing before the close of the summer.

“Hopefully I can bring one player in. Hopefully.
“But we are not in trouble. We are not desperate. We are not panicking because the transfer window closes in a couple of days
“If we get him, we get him. If not, we don’t. But for a perfect shape of the squad, one more player would give us a good balance.”

The Stamford Bridge outfit are keen on signing the young starlet even though their initial bid of 54 million were rejected last week.

With today lose to Crystal Palace, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich will easily sanction the asking price of Juventus for the player in other for Chelsea to remain competitive this season. Pogba is valued at £72million.

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