What makes Diego Costa a great fit for Chelsea.

Atletico Madrid is quoted as saying that he’ll support any decision the forward makes with regards to his future. The primary attribute that Jose Mourinho is looking for this Summer is goal-scoring, yes, but that’s not the only reason for Chelsea’s interest. The naturalised Spaniard is not a player that can really be understood by simply watching YouTube clips and highlight reels, because so much of what he does well occurs outside of the penalty-box and when his team aren’t in possession. Costa, for want of a better phrase, works his balls off – or at least, he has done in almost every game I’ve seen him play.



Costa is perfect for Chelsea because : 1. He have the finishing ability to plant balls at the back of the net.

2. He also posses physicality to be a very economic lone-forward

3. He adds energy and agressiveness to his game, create lot of chances, and scores beautiful goals. These attributes will allow Mourinho to create his ideal front-line. it’s almost if Mourinho has built him from the studs up; beware next season, because if this transfer does get completed it will make Chelsea infinitely more dangerous


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  1. Manan Katwala says

    Maybe The Best Choice Is Costa For Chelsea. He And Torres Should Be There In The Team Selling Ba And Letting Eto Go. Lukaku For Once Again Should Be Kept On Loan On A Short One.
    I Trust On Jose.

    1. Anonymous says

      Torres and Ba should go, especially Torres, he rarely have an impact even with a significant playing time, imagine if he was just a back up. No, Costa and Lukaku ! This should be Chelsea’s frontline next season.

  2. jose my godfather says

    think about this…mandzukic costa and lukaku….

    1. annslakhanycfc says

      This is a good combo..

  3. Onyeka Emokam says

    Truely Costa will be a very good deal for us next season

  4. Martin, Norway. says

    He is a compent and potent goal scorer so he will obviously suit us. At least we can now offload the flop at the end of the season. This is a good news hopefully.

  5. yazircfc says

    If chelsea sign costa, he will surely bag at least 30goals a season. He’s a complete striker. <3

  6. Zane says

    Haha don’t you think those are Liverpool Torres traits? You’re basically telling us what we know,nothing tactically.

    1. Bobchyke says

      Obviously, he hasn’t told us anything we don’t know. Zane, where have you been mate? I was mourning the demise of this website weeks ago, you should stop by some more. Any ideas where Sherry Phillips & Ervin are???

    2. Mason Cole says

      Difference is, when we signed Torres, his hamstrings were fucked

  7. Jimmy Ashton says

    Sell eto’o ba and Torres, none good enough for a top BPL side
    Keep lukaku and buy Diego Costa

  8. DHEERAJ K says

    Yeah with costa in,our team will become a complete one and warning not only to domestic rivals also to the entire top teams around europe.

  9. Gbasha.bitto says

    Costa,Eto’o,Lukaku will be good enough and a left/right back will make us complete if we keep Luiz in midfield

  10. Zane says

    I have no idea. I just read mate but will comment more from now on. Yes Torres was injured before he joined us but who would have bet on him then to have done what he has done at Chelsea?

    Torres was lethal at Liverpool and I don’t think Chelsea will spend 50 million pounds on just an average player so I’m not even excited if Costa signs. If he does well under Mourinho’s mould and system,it will be like a sigh of relief if you look at our experiences with top class strikers not playing to their full potential in the royal blue.

    Just,just becareful with expectations.

  11. Kabo Dennis says

    Etoo should be given a 1 year extension nd as for torres n ba they should be sold

    1. Gbasha.bitto says

      What of Epl tested Lukaku?

  12. Anonymous says

    we need a player like him in the team to strengths the attacking

  13. yazircfc says

    Diego costa deal should be finalised at £45m and we should get a better midfielder to feed him passes and crosses. He could be a better foward i guess.

  14. Fik says

    Equivalent to buying striker blue has buy a killer passer that lack in z squad. Lack of a killer passer & chance creator makes our current strikers as false instinct. No ball reached to strikers within 45′ how poor our midfield players are.

  15. Zyte says

    Chelsea should go 4 costa & adam lalana.keep lukaku & ba or eto.pleas we should not sel lukaku.cfc 4 life.

  16. barack obama says

    Make better articles, instead of giving one line reasons

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