What Mourinho brings to Chelsea II – Real Madrid players

mourinho7Mourinho’s signature on a Chelsea contract is for many just a matter of time. As his name is coming more and more in the press, it looks like “The Special One“’s return is nearer than ever.

As there already exist a “What Mourinho brings to Chelsea”, this article in contrast will tell you which players Mourinho could/should and someone he will not take to Chelsea from his current club, Real Madrid. The first “What Mourinho brings to Chelsea “article focuses more on what tactics and attitudes “The Special One“ will bring to Chelsea.

Players that Mourinho could get at Chelsea



The defensive midfield expert. I don’t have to say a lot about how much quality and experience this player possess. He’s very consistent, a secure passer and his vision one of world’s best. Alonso is famous for his long range passes and he can also be dangerous at dead balls. Alonso’s age and short-term contract will reduce the cost and we can make an absolute bargain for a player of his standard. A Luiz-Alonso combination sounds absolutely brilliant, but in my opinion, it’s too defensive. I would prefer a more offensive oriented player if David Luiz stays in midfield.


There were conflicts between Ramos and Mourinho at the beginning of the season, but these problems between Ramos and Mourinho seems to be solved. The right/centre back is a very modern defender with a lot of strengths in the offence. It has been reported that Ramos is learning English, a sign that Ramos could leave Spain to go to England, not necessarily to Chelsea, as both Manchester clubs are interested.


Another player that has been reported that Mourinho wants to sign at Chelsea if he leaves Madrid. Good player with both offensive and defensive qualities. Not a player for brilliant moments, but solid and a great team and squad player. Also speculated to be the first signing of this summer. Khedira doesn’t seem to intend of leaving Real Madrid and Real Madrid doesn’t need to sell him.


Another day, another striker that Chelsea want to sign. Benzema had a good season last year, but he couldn’t shine this year and shares more time with Higuain for the first choice striker. Benzema is the kind of player who fails a lot in game, but one moment can make him the hero of the game again. Overrated as he misses more than to score despite having a good goal scoring record.


Also overrated. He is the better worker, but has the worse technique than Benzema. I don’t want both of them, but one of them won’t cost that much, as Real Madrid is ready to sell at least one of their top-strikers.


A motived left-back, who should replace Ashley Cole if we really get him. I know that the most prefer Luke Shaw, but Coentrao wouldn’t be a bad alternative. Shaw definitely still need 2-3 years to play as a starter at Chelsea as Coentrao is already very experienced and also played in some big games. He’s very offensive, fast and a good dibbler. Coentrao wouldn’t cost that much as he did two years ago because Marcelo is still ahead of him.

Players that Mourinho should get at Chelsea


I know that many say he’s very overrated, but in my view, Modric is the player we need and also one of my favorite players. Luka Modric played as a deep-lying central-midfielder at Spurs; however, he was used a lot as an attacking central-midfielder this season at Real Madrid. This change could explain his lack of form at Real Madrid. As he isn’t playing his best season at Real Madrid, his qualities aren’t shown in his number of goals or assists. He’s one of the best build-up players in the world and he connects the defence and offence perfectly. He has a brilliant technique, wins balls despite his physique, great passer and he has an intelligent mind. Modric will cost more than 30 million€ as Real Madrid isn’t going to let him go making a high loss, but he won’t cost more than 40 million€, so he might still be cheaper than we would have paid 2 years ago. There weren’t any rumors about Luka Modric leaving Real Madrid lately, so I don’t think he will leave Madrid only after 1 year.



Only 20 years old and he’s already playing as an important starter for Real Madrid. He made big headlines in the Champions League and in the Clasicos vs. Barcelona. I don’t know if Varane still has a lot of room to improve himself as a defender, because he’s already a very solid player, but a Nastasic/Varane defence in 5-10 years will be sick. Real Madrid won’t let him go, so trying to get him will be expensive. I think that if Real would sell him, he will cost about 30 million€. As I said, Real won’t let him go and he won’t leave Real Madrid for 99% this year.

Player that Mourinho won’t get at Chelsea


Ronaldoooooooooo won’t join us by 1000000000%, although Mourinho made signals of wanting him. There were also rumors about Ronaldo being unhappy at Real Madrid, but the media has something new everyday about Ronaldo. Ronaldo will someday leave Real Madrid, but the destination will not be Chelsea.

If you haven’t read the first part of “What Mourinho brings to Chelsea“


Which of these or other Real Madrid players would you take to Chelsea? Let me know in the comments! Jonny (@jonny9fan)

  1. ejyrojizzie says

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    well to an extent

  2. brynknight says

    Generally agree with this, although I think Khedira or Ramos would be terrific signings. I’ve also heard reports linking Pepe and Kaka with Chelsea. I don’t see why Varane and Ronaldo are impossible to buy; both have a great relationship with Mourinho (Varane especially) and I don’t think they’d be averse to following Jose to Chelsea. Whether or not Madrid would sell is another matter, but Chelsea have huge spending power.

    1. jonny9fan says

      Varane isn’t impossible to buy, but Real Madrid just won’t let him go this season. It will be a little risky to spend a lot of money (that we would have to spent if we really want him) on a young defender who had one just one good season by now. In 3-4 years, it’s good possible that Varane joins Chelsea, but just not now.
      If Ronaldo ever will return to England, it will be Manchester United where will join. And I really don’t mind if we don’t get Ronaldo if we had to spent 120 million€ on him, because even Ronaldo isn’t worth that much and no player is or ever should be.

    2. shoja solomon says

      i done even no why jose say’s what he can not even do in his life

  3. Saurabh Pansare says

    varane will be very tough to steal away from madrid . xabi on the other hand will be an excellent addition. cheap and still has two good years ahead of him .

    1. shoja solomon says

      i think chelsea can paid up to 80.0000$ for Ronaldo if mardrie wel agree to sell him out.afterall he done went to stile @madri

  4. Anonymous says


  5. Enegue says

    Bring Ozil Mesut

  6. Ngome alfred says

    This wont happen under the sun.kwani chelsea wants to sign Realmadrid club?tho’

    1. shoja solomon says

      what ever jose did @chelsea the only thing i went is.UEFA CHANPION,EPL,fa, just not more than that.i well be very very greatiful.(All chelsea menber i greet you all) and again chelsea fans acciation is here you can join it on the net or called me with this number(08177020839

  7. Anonymous says

    Why, are we forming a new real madrid at stamford bridge?
    We love our players, we dont need the entire madrid team to rebuild our team. Maybe we need one or two just to strenghten our team.

    1. jonny9fan says

      I’m not saying that Chelsea will form a new Real Madrid. These are just players that are linked with Chelsea. It’s possible that Chelsea sign none of them this summer

  8. Anonymous says

    Why, are we forming a new real madrid at stamford bridge?
    We love our players, we dont need the entire madrid team to rebuild our team. Maybe we need one or two just to strenghten our team.
    alexis spark jasper : ghana/west africa.

  9. eden says

    the players that Jose should bring to Chelsea are Varane and Moreta! we dont need any other.

  10. T'flo says

    What the hell! I don’t fucking want him to bring Ramos, Alonso,Khedira, Benzema….. We don’t need them!!!

  11. ajala akeem adewale says

    If mourinho can come with vereane contrao modric and ozil then essien also return to chelsea and buy falcao or leweadoski.chelsea will b great.

  12. Tixta says

    None of this whimps should join chelsea.there r far better players out there.take alonso for instance a 31 year old who is past his prime.i dont understand this clamouring over mou;a good coach definitely but not what we need.we need someone who can harness our young players to become the best in the world n provide stability for a long period of time not someone who starts flirting with every club in the world with a bunch of excuses after failing to deliver.stability is the biggest issue with this man.he just cant settle down.mark my words after 3 years u will hear the man publicly courting another club

  13. chris kelvin says

    Madness ah chelsea wants the all world now,bring lewadonski,di maria & varen not all that nosense.

  14. oriabure says

    this player are all old and i dont like that this team is young becouse of that the team need young player so that the team spirit would be high and they would be used to each other as youth and will be able to play to gether for a long and great future

  15. Adediran rasheed ademola says

    Lukas modric and kareem benzema

  16. Paul says

    Doubt any of them will come. How many players did Jose take from Chelsea to Inter? None. How many did he take from Inter to Real Madrid? None. Alright, he brought a few from Porto to Chelsea, but of those only Carvalho really worked out.

  17. Thaisa says

    Angel Di Maria! He’s such a good player. I adore him and I think he could easily get his way on the first squad.

  18. Thaisa says

    Oh yeah! And I think we need a better right-back, a more offensive one and that has enough speed to come back to help on defense.

  19. Evelyne says

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  20. i think mourinho should only bring varane,coentrao and modric + LEWANDOSKI with him

  21. chelsea first XI next season
    oscar ,hazard

  22. Anonymous says

    Coentrao and alonso

  23. Cletus clement says

    Let him just bring modric and Ronaldo or Dimaria

  24. Anonymous says


  25. J. Omega Jelleh says

    These are.players espected on the blues. I wish to see the special one coming back home.

  26. Anonymous says

    We want di maria than benzema

  27. Anonymous says

    I want chelsea to get ronaldo or lewandowski because they are good players and also better than rooney and falcao.Aigbokkaode victor ohior

  28. Anonymous says

    Why did morinho like to to go with Madrid players? from yaman jos

  29. Huzaifatu says

    Why did morinho like to to go with Madrid players? from yaman jos

  30. Paul allanana says

    Please special one should try and buy haguan, Ronaldo, falcau and cavani

  31. Anonymous says

    I would have loved to see CR7

  32. RAFIU MUTIU says


  33. Obuka says

    I prfer varane and higuain at chelsea. To boss the squad

  34. Ikechukwu-igboamaeze says

    I lov dis club becos de mak me hapi peopl lik mikel,mata, torres,cavani,teri,carvalho,ba,benzima,lamp,azplicueta,oscar,modric,andre schurrl,

  35. Anonymous says

    Chelsea should bring modric and ozil this two boys are good in terms of playing

  36. Anonymous says

    Aboult cavani

  37. taufeeeqabdurrazak@yahoo.com says

    Plz mou kip david luiz and mikel obi for us and chelsea legend juan mats

  38. shoja solomon says

    what i done went moriehou to do is that i done went him to not buy rooney.he should no even tolk about him self. Thank you

  39. Anonymous says

    Bernard,Jov,morinho we need ozil,modric,facao & cavani,forget abut Rooney.bring chelsea back with these players u can make the team great in England

  40. Sam says

    Did ronaldo want to played for chelsea this seasoning

  41. ODUA says

    I want dimaria and liwandoski to chealsea

  42. shoja solomon says

    the choosen one is the choosen one!!!%.champion in our hand,EPL IN our hand.wooooo

  43. ogochukwu says

    All i want is a very new experienced striker that can net 20 goals above in a season to come to chelsea because chelsea are playing well but refuses to score a better goals. Jose please find us a new striker.

  44. ogochukwu says

    All i want is a very new experienced striker that can net 20 goals above in a season to come to chelsea because chelsea are playing well but refuses to score a better goals. Jose please find us a new striker. I will be very happy for that, weldone Jose.

  45. Anonymous says

    Ronado is a sensive player we want him at chelsea

  46. Casper hazard says

    Let the manager mourinho bring who ever he want at this time. But i think lukaku must be given a chance to play with costa & demba ba. Lukaku now is good scorer & we can rely on him. If the manager’s plan to bring benzema, its also good idea & i hope we all know his experience. But we need atleast two new strikers to shower every game, our team is good than any damn teams. Lets shine in this next season its our time to burn them with goals.

  47. shoja solomon says

    chelsea we aspect the best from you in next season.jose work hard to conquad your archievement.

  48. Anonymous says

    I will like ronaldo at chealsea

  49. Augustine owen says

    i will like chelsea to bring back tores and still buy christiano ronaldo

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