What Mourinho brings to Chelsea

The Special One
The Special One

Mourinho’s return to England, more precisely to Chelsea, came up a lot in the news lately. It seems that he’s really ready to return after being sacked in 2007. The Special One has been to Inter since and he is currently at Real Madrid. The return to the Bridge is closer than ever before, but what will he bring to Chelsea?

Winning mentality

We all know: Jose is a winner. He’s a guy who cannot lose, whether it’s a Champions League match or a League Cup match. We have a young team right now and there’s no better man who can teach them what it means to be a winner. He’ll bring in the “us against the world” mentality, a motivation to win every single game.

Success and silverware

From 2 Champions titles with Inter and Porto to 7 league titles (2 with Porto, 2 with Chelsea, 2 with Inter and one with Madrid): Mourinho has won everything. A season without silverware would be a disaster for Jose. He’ll bring in tons of success as the best manager in the world.


Mourinho’s preparations for every single game and his mentality to win every single game will bring consistency to the team, which was missed in the recent years. It’s always the same story: a good start followed by a poor period between November until February leads to a strong finish at the end. We were disappointing in the past 3 seasons in the league and Mourinho will change it.

Get the last bit out of the old guard

Lampard, Terry, Cech or Cole: The older players, who had success under Mourinho, are all going to retire in the next 3 or 4 years. Mourinho knows these players more than well and he can also get the last bit out of these players before retirement.

Leader and motivator

Mourinho’s biggest strength: his leadership and motivation. He can get the best out of players and created world-class footballers out of nothing. He connects his leadership quality with motivation theories so brilliantly and that’s the foundation of his control over his own team and the popularity among his own players.


Mourinho is without a doubt one of the most gifted managers in the topic tactics. As I wrote before, Mourinho’s preparation for the team ahead of every game is perfect. He changed his style when he arrived at Chelsea, from good offensive football to safe and clever defence football. He has never changed his style till then and Real Madrid is playing similar football today that Chelsea played under Mourinho a couple years ago.

Mourinho is the most complete manager in the world, probably even the best. He seems to have no weakness at all and he’s the one who Chelsea needs now. There’s no surprise when SAF said that Mourinho’s return to Chelsea is the biggest threat to another United title.

Please come back, the Special One. Do let me know what you guys think. KTBFFH!


  1. de yaayi richard amando says

    chelsea need u back pls

  2. John says

    I think mourinho’s reappointment would be a godsend for us. Like you said we have been quite poor in the league since 2010/2011 when out form has deteriorated throughout november-feb in what is commonly seen as the “winter blues”. A strong start and finish is not enough to sustain a title challenge, especially when your up against a team like united who are so consistent. I think Jose will certainly be able to bring out the best of the team and turn draws into wins and potentially losses into draws. What he will provide to the team will allow us to get out of slumps quickly and still win matches even if we are not playing well (i mean we are so fond of those 1-0 wins that have eluded us in recent years that could have made a huge difference).

    But by the same token, the grounds for coming back is for me the most important aspect. We here that mou wants more control over the team and less interference from roman over team affairs which is fair enough but with the managerial circus that has gone on in recent years, i feel jose has to be here for the long term. That must be something he has a desire for if he returns, an intention to stay for at least 5 years and beyond to provide stability and success and given he is the most successful and longest serving manager in the abramovich era, who else is more deserving of being chelsea’s version of arsene wenger or SAF?

    We all know mou is an ambitious manager and he would have no shortage of suitors from across Europe, and herein lies the danger. If mourinho’s appointment is a short term 2-3 year stint to stabilise things and win the one trophy that he couldn’t win at Chelsea (UCL) then that is not what we want, (at least i). Stability is so important. With a new stadium in the works and a new era on the horizon it is an important few years coming up for Chelsea. The spine of drogba, terry, lampard, cech and cole are all slowly starting to disappear we have to do our utmost to usher in a new era of replacements that are capable of leading the club on and off the pitch. As a club we are growing rapidly on and off the field and with the 10 year anniversary of abramovich’s ownership which is also a decade of of excellence and being at the top as a club we are entering a new phase in the clubs history. We are surely now on our way to becoming a historic and iconic club of europe, on par with the likes of madrid, milan and bayern. Maybe im getting a bit hysterical, but the fact of the matter is either mourinho is here for the long run to be at the heart of the clubs development or he isn’t here at all. We cannot keep calling him back and being reliant on him. If a long term stay is what he wants then by all means get him here asap but otherwise lets be cautious and look to build the team around a long term managing prospect.

    1. Jonny says

      Great thoughts. A club has to trust one manager to have long-term success. After winning a champions league with Chelsea, I think Jose has achieved everything here and sadly, but very likely, he’ll go on to a new club. I don’t really think that he’ll stay here very long if he returns.
      If Mourinho stays even winning the CL with us, I can see us as the strongest team in the world in a couple of years and more importantly for a couple of years.

  3. Chrispin Kelvin Silungwe says

    He is all we need….

  4. Briver mang'eni says

    Let that hero come coz we really need him at this time & propably chelsea wii be a thret to each & every team in the world,with the squad:mata,oscar,hazard,moses,ramires,ba,luiz,aspill,terry,cole,cahil,cech,obi,lampard ryan,ake,ivanovic & torres who seems to be back plus new signings chelsea wii win every title next seadon

  5. Desmond peters says

    Plz come back home..we need u!!!

  6. jade says

    We should give him a long term contract. That should allow him control of the team. He should pick who plays, who we should buy, who should be sold who’s contract should be extended. Give a really good contract were he’s boss!

    1. Jonny says

      I don’t really think Abra will give him so much freedom to do it. He should at any rate, but it’s Abra’s club at the end.

  7. xtian says

    I like him for his winnings, not his style. I don’t even know if he can work with our key players. But he is only second to Fergusen.

  8. Frank okosun says

    What happens to our abundant talents? Will they be cast into the dark or will mou integrate them or will they be sacrificial lambs on the alter of big money signings. What happens when d nomad in mou comes to the fore n he decides to move on after 2 years,a great man no doubt,a great manager no doubt n a superb motivator but these are my worries.

    1. Jonny says

      Mourinho was never a manager like Klopp or Wenger who integrated a lot of talents in the team, and it isn’t his job to do it. He knows what to do for success. We’re Chelsea and under Abramovich, success is more important than anything. The younger players like Chalobah, Kalas or McEachran have to be loan-out until they are ready for the first team and Mourinho will use them if they’re good enough (like he does with Varane now).
      We have too much talents at our club and the management hasn’t gone the right way there. i don’t want that the club end up like Arsenal

  9. Kulkobby says

    He’s just the perfect man u can ever think of.

  10. Star Evansoh says

    welkam home the Special one

  11. Bitto raphael says

    Dad come home please

  12. Amaka says

    Mou is greatly welcome back to Chelseafc. The team needs a Motivator now than ever. And he can give that. The old players still have years in them and he’ll bring that out of them.

  13. Tixta says

    We dont need this fool to take us back to the days of playing boring defensive football n then leave after 2-3 years n we’ll be back to square one.u pathetic fans think that now he’s back we wont lose any games any more..we’ll lose plenty of them!! Bcoz this is a team in transition n what we need is a coach that can harness our young stars n make them the best playing good football not this pathetic whimp of a coach who runs away when things go wrong #pellegriniforcoach

    1. jonny9fan says

      Statistics doesn’t lie and winning nearly 70 % of his games doesn’t say he doesn’t lose, but he’ll win a lot of them. The problem at Chelsea is that if you don’t win you’re out. Building a young and stable team is nearly impossible. You have talk to Abramovich if you want to
      change this.

  14. Alabi micheal says

    I wish dat abramovic 2 give moriho d money 2 buy quality player chelsea need player

  15. shoja solomon says

    chelsea the best club i have ever experience in my life.CHELSEA for life shout AKWAEE

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