What Must Di Matteo Change?

What Must Di Matteo Change?

Roberto Di Matteo has certainly enjoyed his time as a player and coach at Chelsea Football Club. He’s won a trophy as a player and trophies as a coach. He’s had some wonderful tactics and results to boost Chelsea to greater heights, but the performances haven’t been the best. What must the Italian change to prolong his tenure at Chelsea and make the club succeed? In my opinion, he must do the following :

1. Change his tactics to be more offensive
2. Master squad rotation
3. Keep Torres’ confidence high
4. Pick the best Starting XI for every game

1 – Di Matteo has played a 4-2-3-1 formation at Chelsea and it’s worked for the most part and given the club a new sense of “football swagger”. It’s a formation that can be offensive or defensive, Di Matteo has certainly chosen the defensive side to it and stuck to it. I think that him making it more offensive would make his time here more successful. If he, for example, decided to hold possession and use the creativity of Hazard, Mata and Lampard to dictate the match, we could be the best in England. While we look on pace to be the “Kings of England”, our performances in the defensive tactics have been below par. Against Wigan we got off to a flying start, but stalled from then on. Didn’t dictate the match and just sat behind more often than not. Against Reading, another quick start, but we began to sit back and we were forced to climb our way back into the match. Against Newcastle, a pair of goals in the 1st half and then some sloppy defending with a lot of sitting back could of cost us a clean sheet or even the points. Against QPR, we never commanded the game after the start of the game. We sat back and went along with the match, especially in the 2nd half.

2 – Master squad rotation. Squad rotation is something that many managers at top clubs have to deal with. RDM must realize who needs a rest and who needs a start. Playing the full XI against Wolves in a League Cup match is a bad decision, but playing a diverse squad against Wolves would sublime. Playing the best XI in a match v Stoke (at home) before a trip to United would be another poor decision. Playing a diverse XI v Stoke before a trip to United would be great. We must realize what players are in our 2nd lineup and what players are in our 1st lineup.

1st lineup (for EPL’s, CL’s, FA Cup’s Bigger Matches) :

Ivanovic Cahill Terry Cole
Mikel Lampard
Moses Hazard Mata

2nd lineup (for League Cup) :

Azpilicueta Luiz Chalobah Bertrand
Romeu Mikel
Marin Oscar Piazon

Those are the lineups I would use for the bigger matches and for the weaker matches. Something similar to those, at the least.

3 – Torres runs off of confidence. When it’s high, he is fantastic and is unstoppable. When it’s low, he looks poor and uninterested. Di Matteo must make sure that Nando is enjoying himself on the pitch and we will see more goals and assists from our Number Nine. This would mean starting him in big matches and motivating him to do well. The squad doesn’t revolve around him, but when you only have 2 strikers available, you need the offense to revolve around him.

4 – Di Matteo must pick the best squad for his biggest matches. He has to find the perfect back-line, the best DM combination and the best 3 attacking midfielders as well as striker. Finding the perfect squad can take time, but when found, it could mean an incredible Chelsea to take the pitch in the biggest occasions. He certainly has done this well and doing it again, this season would be immense. I think our best lineup would be :

Ivanovic Terry Cahill Cole
Oscar Lampard/Mikel
Moses Hazard Mata

What do you think Di Matteo should change? Should he change anything? What’s our best XI? I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Anonymous says

    ur line up is good but i feel ramires should replace lampard

  2. Anonymous says

    Lampard needs a rest.Ramires and Mikel should be our holding midfielder!

  3. Anonymous says

    Where is ramires in this line up.and he should play in DM alongside mikel obi…

  4. hossam hassan says

    i think the formation of 4-2-1-2-1 is the best one
    if one of three att.midfield wasnt in top form sub him with piazon

  5. chadog says

    Using Bertrand was a biggest mistake ever..players like Moses,Marin,Oscar,mata..must play!what z wrong with this man!de Mateo

  6. sadman says

    Oscar should play. He can control the whole team and support hazard. Awful mikel shouldn't play .

  7. Anonymous says

    lampard a kill d side, wen he is off d pitch hazard n mata played there best (new castle), he needs to stop playin bertrand and ramieres at rw and lw dat is stupid wen u av oscar n moses fit, well all d beta 4 me i av a pool goin on at work i bet dat he wil b fire b4 january so u keep soin wat u doin di matteo, cfc 4 life tho pep to the club n get rid of lampard, terry n mikel, they av dun d club well its time 2 leav all cole can go to cuz bertrand can replace him now

  8. Anonymous says

    Cool selection but it would be a gamble to play Lampard and Oscar in the pivot since neither of them is a natural DM and if we do, then I would only be interested in playing Oscar as a deep lying playmaker and Lampard as the main DM but we all know Lamps have his own special duties hence there would be no DM. Oscar should not and must not be converted to a DM like Mikel, we have Romeu, Ramires and Mikel to spare, even David Luis if we are desperate.

  9. blue is the color says

    Oscar should be played! Di Matteo is pissing me off the kid is outstanding for Brazil and he puts Lampard on. I PRAY Chelsea do not give Lampard a new contract I'am sorry to say it but he needs to make way for are new young fast players. because when the january transfer window opens more new players will be coming in.And Lampard is not a defensive or a holding midfielder Di Matteo must of made a promise to Lampard I will not bench you like AVB did to you!

  10. Anonymous says

    I think Ramires needs a rest or played as a DM, hes not helping that RM. Oscar also needs to start games to enable him blend, D game against d R's was terrible.

  11. adamtai says


  12. adamtai says

    No one can understand why Mikel continue to play. he is so awful!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says

    I think is high time RDM takes the bull by the horn. Cech, 4-Iva/terry, luiz/cole. 2-mikel/rami or oscar. 3-moses/hazard/mata. 1-torres

  14. Anonymous says

    we should play 4-2-1-2-1 thats the only way to put all the good players to work… forget Torres…. that guy should be sold crying all the time… I hope we win at least 2 trophies ..

  15. blaise nzambiman says

    all I see are perfect starts!!!second periods we are outplayed,better think how to substute,,,I think Francky shouuld rest for a while,not 90 mins please….Oscar plays well

  16. Anonymous says


    that iz dh best team chelsea can produce next season when lampard iz released oscar can hav a perminant position. ppl need to stop chatin rubbish about mikel who saved our arse against barca in he champions leaque

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