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  1. Buy Zithromax Thailand says

    Great Article. Mourinho’s pressure on the players spoke on the pitch. I hope they can keep that pace within them. KTBFFH

    1. Anonymous says

      EXACTLY, his pressure on the players spoke on the pitch and the fight to get in the 11 starters will benefit the team. Hazard, kevin and William know that they have to work hard.

  2. says

    Chelsea now seat 2nd not 3rd pls
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    1. alexcfc8 says

      Nope 3rd as it go by head to head games if teams are level on points

  3. We lost to them last season through a penalty, we didn’t play badly either just missed chances to score.

  4. GABBY says

    jst Look at Them…no Benitez & Mourinho Complain abt Line-up…no this & that…typical Plastic & Pathetic Fans, Glory hunters…steaua Fans..were still singing & supporting d team even when loosing in their own grown,…how many Chelsea fans will do that if not Abusing of Players & calling Mourinho Names… When will u pple grow up or better Still fuck out..admin included.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      What’s wrong with you?

  5. evansoh says

    Good job by bluez boys, kip up mou………………….

  6. Ishola Benjamin Kunle says

    I told you chelsea will only get better.

  7. Zane says

    Don’t be such a bitter person like Chelsea is your club only. Most of us love the Club and the team so it’s natural when people disagree on certain things. Get your head straight buddy.

    On another note,this section take forever to be published. It use to be online shortly after a game has finished.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Depends on who’s writing it and when they submit it

  8. Ola says

    This is what i like 2 see in chelsea fans if we lose or win let keep on supporting the team nd pray 4 our striker because something is wrong some were let stop blaming coach all the time sometime players dont do there job that is why we lose sometime more good news 2 come chelsea 4 life thank you all

  9. Neri Abayomi says

    First of all, this is the most impressive performance so far this season, we were efficient and ruthless. Mata got us ticking the right way, creating chances, recycling possession and defending.
    Schurrle played really well down the left flank, he is obviously better down the left, cutting unto his stronger right foot to either shoot or make a delicious diagonal pass, he needs to work on his finishing though.

    4-3-3 served us well against Steaua really well and it would be an ideal formation for the present crop of players we have.


    —Lampard————Kevin De Bruyne–

    This formation can serve us well.

    Ramires is best in the centre, in order to put his driving runs into efficient use. He has lots of goals in him.

    Ivan is too good. Luiz is forming a beautiful understand between Terry and Cahill. Lampard actually impressed me against Steaua, and he has scored 2 goals in 10 games, a fair return for a 35 years old midfielder.

    More of such games Boys.

  10. JAYDE says

    Good display by the boys there. I think there should approach the games tactically and ruthlessly on opponents as they did. No Kg affair…just tap in the goals.. no stopping.

    I don’t like listening to these “MAZARCAR” sentiments. CFC’s full of talents e.g Shürrle on the pitch & a host of others who love to put in their best performances. Some fans keep talking like there’s only three attacking midfielders in Chelsea fc. Mou will choose whosoever he considers well enough for any game. And don’t forget, loosing is part of the process till we have a formidable team at the top of the list. Bayern didn’t give up on their style… so CFC shouldn’t give up on the manager until he arrives safely …

  11. Christopher says

    great article! feel that lampard though is losing his edge especially throughout the beginning of this season. cant see him starting our bigger matches anymore =)

  12. Schurrle & ramires just amazing, love them as a #CFCFan

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