What We Learned: Aston Villa


An incredible day for Chelsea as we secure a top 4 spot and will be playing in the Champions League next season. Frank Lampard’s double confirmed that and also, confirmed his as Chelsea’s top goal scorer as he surpassed Bobby Tambling’s record of 202 goals. A Chelsea legend and one of the best midfielders in the Premier League’s history. An energetic and action-packed match saw 2 red cards (Benteke and Ramires), 2 injuries (Hazard and Terry) and a Chelsea comeback.

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What We Learned :

1. Frank Lampard – Chelsea legend

2. Lee Mason – questionable officiating

3. Demba Ba in horrible form

4. Aston Villa fans with some disgusting stuff

5. Top 4 secured

1. Frank Lampard – Chelsea legend:

203 goals from a midfielder. What a massive achievement for Frank Lampard and in one of the best circumstances possible. Down 1-0 with 10 men, then he scored 2 to secure CL football for next season.

Since his move westwards across London in 2001, Frank has been an ever-present figure in the blue of Chelsea, clocking over 600 starts to date. He has seen the Blues through their meteoric rise to Premier League champions; and has fought tooth and nail to win the Champions League as well as the FA Cup, League Cup and the Community Shield.

Whether he moves on or not, Frank will be able to hold his head high, having been a key figure in the best Chelsea side in history and the 8 major trophies won by Frank at Chelsea will stand as a testimony to his greatness.

2. Lee Mason – questionable officiating:

Not going to rant and rage about his performance today, but he didn’t have the greatest performance today.

Could have sent off Terry and Benteke (in the first half). Ramires could have stayed on the pitch, the Demba Ba goal could have been given, few other calls (Weimann dive, tackle by Ba, etc.). There were a lot of things that Lee Mason didn’t call, that should have been called and things that he did call, that shouldn’t have been called. He could have down a better job, that’s for sure.

Here’s the Demba Ba incident. Looks over the line to me, not blaming the linesman for it because of the bodies, but it shows how much goal line technology is needed and it’s coming to the EPL next season.

Goal line scramble  Villa somehow keep Chelsea out  kind of    Football goal videos  highlights   clips   101GG

3. Demba Ba in horrible form:

Demba Ba missed a lot of good chances. His movement wasn’t the best, he wasn’t passing well, he wasn’t creating space for other players to run into. He did a lot of things wrong today, perhaps very unlucky to see his effort not given (as it crossed the line). Demba Ba hasn’t been playing well as of late, at all. He’s been on and off since signing for Chelsea. Whether it’s the Rafa Benitez squad rotation that’s got him struggling or whether it’s down to him – I’m not sure, but what I am sure of, is that he’s playing quite bad. He was horrendous today and I feel that had Torres started, it could have been very different. However, I wouldn’t want it any different considering the outcome of the match. Nonetheless, Demba Ba was poor today and has been for some time. Torres will start in the Europa League (since Ba is cup-tied), but even if Ba wasn’t cup-tied, I wouldn’t want him starting.

4. Aston Villa fans with some disgusting stuff:

This is going to be somewhat short one, but I want to get the point across and leave it at that :

1) Throwing bottles at Ivanovic

2) Chanting “Let him die” at John Terry (with Petrov in the stands)

3) Cheering as Terry tried to get up, but fell back down

This is absolutely unacceptable. Other fans on Twitter were very happy with Terry being down (Spurs, Liverpool and United fans). It’s disgusting. I don’t care what fan base it is and what player it is, you don’t do that.

You also don’t throw bottles at an opposing player who’s done NOTHING to you and is minding his business. Nasty stuff.

Chanting “Let him die” at Terry while Stan Petrov (who has acute leukemia – a life threatening illness) is in the stands is also very disgusting. Unacceptable stuff from Aston Villa supporters.

The minority that did this deserve to be banned and fined for their actions, but remember that the small group of Villa fan’s actions doesn’t mean all of their supporters are bad.

5. Top 4 secured:

A very short one, but a very important one.

We’re going to be playing Champions League football next season, for sure. This means that Tottenham and Arsenal will battle it out for the last spot.

Other Points:

1. Terry and Hazard hurt – missing EL final?

2. Does Lampard breaking record change his contract status?

Thanks for reading this edition of “What We Learned”. A monumental day for Chelsea and Frank Lampard! Leave your comments and or questions in the comment section below or contact me on Twitter (username below).


  1. Smell says

    Strong arguments and good article, Torres not scoring but doing some good work that’s twice he’s bailed us out (Ramires goal against Tottenham and great pass to Hazard for second goal today. I’m starting to like the bleeding spaniard !

  2. Okolo nathaniel says

    Just followed you on twitter,i never once supported the idea that ba was better than torres,even when he dose’nt score,he (torres makes a nusciance of himself,and the villa fans,not condoning their behaviour,but i think they were just frustrated

  3. Abdul razak says

    Yeah ba isnt on top form dats why we need a benteke or lewandowski

  4. Zane says

    Nerve wrecking game!

    Congratulations to my hero,Frank Lampard. He did it and I’m proud to say he is my favourite player,ever. Again he bailed us out.

    The team was flat and it started against Manchester United. Maybe the players are looking at sunny beaches and saunas already. This flatness and lack of intensity must change to ensure the Europa League trophy against a very good Benfica side on Wednesday. Remember,third spot is not confirmed so we must get a win or draw against Everton at Stamford Bridge. There’s dangerous teams who will compete in the play-offs so fourth spot must be avoided.

    Maybe Benitez should have brought Torres on a little bit sooner. Ba,is he really Chelsea standard??? I’m not sure.

    1. ShawnS'tha says

      give the players a break mate… do u know how many matches we will have played by the end of the season? 69. and looking back at the fixtures for past few months, its obvious the players will be feeling the fatigue as rafa also said.

  5. Anonymous says

    what is the full meaning of sw6

    1. Anonymous says

      It’s the address of Stamford Bridge

  6. Havoc says

    superb article!

  7. Tiebet Joshua says

    Thanks for a beautiful report. I was unable to watch the game but your report has given me an insight to what happened today. Needles to worry about what Benitez’s style has cost the players. The good news is that his time is up at Chelsea. Honestly, I hate his style. Benitez style hardly win for Chelsea. Most times, it is players’ determination and confidence that normally win for us. Thank God he is going and our special one is coming by the grace of God.

    1. Kerlangki Passah says

      Mate im nt trying to defend Rafa but don’t u think rotation is what’s best for the club playing for 69(going tobe) games this season.? Yea whatever he said in the past about us the fans is unforgivable but what about his determination?(if not mistaken, his objective is to get us to top 4) Yea a couple of trophies has been lost in his reign but that doesn’t matter because this club is under a period of TRANSITIONS with young bright talents. Just believe in what he does because even a trophy(from EL final) would make us the fans(in my point of view), staffs, management and players a delightful season with what must be a ROLLER COASTER season. Ktbffh!!! mate.

  8. Anonymous says

    no bt it only give d biggest reason 4 dem 2 let him go cos its like he has finish his job ad career dats all

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