‎5 Things We Learned from Chelsea v/s Brentford

Fernando Torres equalized for Chelsea!

We started our FA Cup defense in an away draw against Brentford at Griffin Park, requiring a replay between the two teams at Stamford Bridge. Although Brentford had the lead two times, Chelsea responded well with two marvelous equalizing goals from Oscar and Fernando Torres. This should have been an easy match for chelsea to advance to the fifth round quickly, But lets look at 5 things we learned from the 90 minutes of our FA Cup draw.

Scorers: Oscar 55, Torres 83

1. Chelsea aren’t the same when Juan Mata is not on the pitch:

Chelsea conceded a goal just 4 minutes from the 1st half stoppage and it was looking like we were being knocked out of the cup yet again like the League Cup semi-final last Wednesday. But, at half-time, Chelsea’s MVP so far this season, Juan Mata replaced Marko Marin. Then, we looked like a different team, with Mata pulling the strings from the middle of the front three behind Torres, Oscar moved the right wing. And just 10 minutes from the start, Oscar equalized with a brilliant solo-effort. All the attacking performance from Juan Mata just proved like many other games so far this season, that Juan Mata is the “IT factor” of the chelsea attacking machine.

2. Demba Ba’s work rate is simply too brilliant:

Demba Ba played last 10 minutes only, but you can see the impact he had after he did very well to get the ball back and interchange passes with Torres, allowing the Spaniard to get as level with a delicious curly finish to the side near post. Ba has looked very dangerous for opposition defenses when he comes on late like against Swansea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. And maybe, he is in a good position to start against Reading for the premier league match on Wednesday. Or……

3. Fernando Torres & Demba Ba partnership might work:

Fernando Torres and Demba Ba were on the same pitch at the same time only for the last 10 minutes of the match. And the understanding between the two and the selflessness of Ba was in display clearly as we saw Torres’ equalizer just 7 minutes from time. And i think Rafa should try to use both in attack against Reading with the formation 4-4-2 diamond, with Juan Mata playing behind them.(4-4-2: Cech, Azplicueta, Cahill, Ivanovic, Cole, Lampard, Ramires, Oscar, Mata: Demba Ba & Torres in attack)

4. The Defense needs to tighten up & stop giving opportunities away:

Ross Turnbull was exposed to dangerous attacks against Brentford and they capitalized on the chances to take the lead two times. If we look back at three years ago, when Petr Cech is unavailable through injury, it was the two defenders(Carvalho & Terry) that were protecting our goal, but now the goal keeper is being found one-on-one against the opposing teams strikers, which shouldn’t be the case. If, Turnbull had been sent off for the challenge that got Brentford a penalty, we would have been in big danger to be eliminated from The FA Cup by fighting back with 10 players. The defenders available at our club are very good center backs, but they should form a good link to prevent as from conceding goals.

5. Marko Marin needs to be loaned out:

Marko Marin hasn’t been given many chances to start at Stamford Bridge, but we can say that he isn’t that good enough to start ahead of Mata, Hazard, Oscar and Victor Moses. That’s the reason in so many games that he have played in, he didn’t make any impact for as to get scoring opportunities. So, the solution might be to loan him out until the summer to the bundesliga and if he does not impress, give him as part of a deal to Bayer Liverkusen to sign fellow Germany striker/winger Andre Schrulle.

  1. Ogege Robert says

    It wasn’t the first time Torres & Ba played together, they were together during the Capital one 2nd leg sem-final. Torres came in during d 2nd half

    1. fahmicfc360 says

      Already edited that part. Thanks mate!

  2. Zane says

    On the Marin loan suggestion. I don’t think we can afford to send players away with just four players competing for three positions. Our best starting trio in my opinion is Mata,Hazard and Moses. Oscar is more like a benchee for Mata but can play wide too,which is useful. Marin for me is the benchee for either Hazard and Moses. With so many fixtures,we simply cannot depend on only four players to carry the attack until the end of the season. It’s suicide. Yes,he hasn’t been an impact player but two players can have a rest during games when he’s playing until the sub is made meaning those two players are fresher to start the next game.

  3. Bethuel says

    We get De Bruyne back coz I think he is better off than Marin and the idea of bringing in Schurrle and letting Marin go is a great one as well as we need Fellaini

  4. akash says

    marin should be loaned out but not now….it should be during summer and to some epl club….with de bruyne back

  5. shakirat temitope says

    Ya I. Tink u are right on mata wen he came in d game change but on playing both striker I may yes I dnt no yet but my view on it is Benitez shuld study each game 4 him 2 no btw ba n torres bcuz dre are sm game which torres ll not function n ba ll b vice varza den on marin I disagree d guy is ok 4 me if dy say d guy is under per4ming wat ll torrest b,countless game we av loss we torres play y not snd him on loan Essien,josh,lukaku,Bruma etc are on loan how many player do we wnt 2 snd on loan wen torres is dre wasting our goal

  6. Abishaek says

    Chelsea could improve their attack by playing bot Torres and Ba in the same squad.The 4-4-2 formation would perfectly suit the team.Reading are not a big club,So it’s fair Benitez plays both Torres and Ba against Reading!!

  7. Jag-T says

    marin should be loaned out now with de brunye released from loan spell simultaneously in this january. loan marin to bundesliga and use him as a player and money transfer in the summer for schurrle. then utlise schurrle as a 2nd striker behind ba. thats the number ten role while havin fresh wingers such as hazard, mata, moses, de brunye..think abt it.

  8. sinclairemaison1 says


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