What We Learned: Chelsea FC 1-3 Atlético Madrid

Lost 2 home games back to back, arguably out of the PL title and we’re out of the CL too. Atlético Madrid humiliated Chelsea at the bridge with scoring 3 away goals and marching into the finals. El Nino scoring for Chelsea, Adrian Lopez opens the scoring for Atlético Madrid before half time. Diego Costa scored the second for Atlético Madrid as Eto’o gives away a cheeky penalty. Well Adra Turan killed the game after a one-two with crossbar scoring the third for his club.

Chelsea v Club Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Champions League Semi Final


What we learned:

Home-Away strategy backfired: 

As many pundits said a 0-0 draw at the Vicente Calderón was a better result for Atletico Madrid than Chelsea, and it turned out to be true. We got thrashed and humiliated by At.Madrid, but no complains as At.Madrid was a way better side than us and scoring 3 goals at the Bridge is no cake walk. Maybe its time to change the strategy, play real and effective football, try to score away goals and just not defend away from home. Jose Mourinho has a lot of work to do now, he has to know our strengths and work on our weakness, and has to win the remaining matches as we expect our season to end on a high.


Courtois: Legend in making- FUTURE CALLING!

Thibaut Courtois- The tall, calm, 21 year old Belgian who made every Chelsea fan speechless after his performance against his parent club Chelsea FC. He is arguably the best young goalkeeper of the world. Courtois had a amazing match against Chelsea as he stopped whatever came to his goal be it Terry’s header or Hazard’s shot late on. Has kept 25 Clean Sheets this season conceeding only 26 goals in 45 games. I believe he would be an ideal long term replacement for Cech. So will Courtois be back? Time for him to challenge Chelsea’s #1 Petr Cech?



Overdependent on Hazard

With 19 goals and 10 assists this season Chelsea’s swift and fast Hazard has had an exceptional season. Eden Hazard has been recently rewarded for his exceptional season at Chelsea by scooping the PFA Young Player of the year award. Hazard has been Chelsea’s best player and has got the club many crucial wins, but is it time for the likes of Willian, Schrrule, Oscar to step up? Just 2 shots against At.Madrid, Hazard dint look good, he was caught out many times and looked frustrated. If Hazard is shut out of the game the side struggles because they lack viable goal threats elsewhere. It seems we we are over dependent on Hazard. We need someone to step up and support Hazard as he’s gets under real pressure when he’s asked to do things all by himself.

“Chelsea are not made to play football, we are good on the counter-attack, a bit like Real against Bayern Munich,” Hazard said.


“Often, I’m asked to do it all by myself and it’s not easy.”  Hazard added.


Not a bad season, WE WOULD BE BACK STRONGER!
It was a transition season for us, not in terms of the manager but also in terms of the players as Terry, Lampard, Cole, Cech have been backbone of the club, but now comes the time we need to replace them. Mourinho is trying to build a team for the future, and patience and support of the fans is required. In the transition phase, we reached the CL Semis, and were leading the title at the start of the month whereas compared to the last season we got knocked out of the group stages, and were out of the title race in Jan. So we have really improved. Its a team for the future Iand the future would be delicious. BELIEVE and CAREFREE!
Lets hope our season ends on a high, and we bounce back stronger!
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  1. frank2wise says

    Couldn’t put it better mate. 😉 #KTBFFH

    1. annslakhanycfc says

      Kunal u made me proud nice one 🙂

  2. touchSTONe says

    mourhino almost two seasons widout trophy? Dis is unusual of him…he rili needs to be up on his feet cos almost da whol world is lukin 4 mou’s dwnfall buh i knw dat onli motivates a man of his calibre n he’s da perfect man 4 da chelsea job nd perfect definition 4 chelsea. we r stil wid him til de end ov it. BETA LUCK DA KAMIN SEASONS…BLU 4EVA!!!

  3. Jeff says

    Squad should be rotated more. I Think the first two subs made were poor. Why take off Cole for Eto’o? Why remove Torres for Ba? I think playing Azpilicueta in RM was a bad move as well as starting Hazard when he just came back, but this was done obviously because we had no Mikel or Lampard, and Salah and Matic were ineligible. It would have been better to start Schurrle on the left, and we really are over-reliant on our Belgian wonder, so over-reliant that he is too predictable now.

    1. annslakhanycfc says

      Jeff Azpi did well Cole Sub was a huge mistake :/

  4. Shepherd makanika says

    Lets focus on our next match

  5. Fik says

    Good article. Mour and players did more than my expectation what is disappointing is we lost EPL defeating repeatedly by weak team. This made Mour not to feel confidece with z team, unable to rotate players as even z first team also won z game after playing 85min or 90min, made Mour to find solution for this team defeated by weak team & unable to win or kill game early. It is b/c of Mour solution z team reach at this level. I think this season is a great challenge season for Jose. But comparing to other big team we ends in better way. We achieve more than other achieve. Z main problem of z team is lack of best chance creator #10 or even other midfielders can’t also create chance to strikers and inability to finish z a few chances. Physically not strong as City or Atiletico Madrid or other weak team also cost us.

  6. salmanu abdullahi says

    am vry hapy dt chelsea was de only club among de english teams dt reach 2 semi final in champions league dix season i hope we wil do wel nxt season up mou

  7. Anonymous says

    Atleti runs in the whole field like machines. Weneva chelsea were in possession atleti pressured them giving them no room to pass the ball comfortably. Bt cfc gave them the room to pass the ball without pressure. If mou can adopt that kind of play with the talents he has definetly he will win most of the available trophies nxt season.

  8. miles says

    @admin nice article. Ii lovee the last quote ‘if you can’t support us when we lose or draw, don’t support us when we win’. That’s good for some peeps on this site that hate mou and chelsea players whenever we lose eg abayomi. I have good news for chelsea fans. Chelsea will play attractive football next season. Did yu hear mou’s press conference. He admitted he had to change our style to unattractive football because he wasn’t sure that with the players we had, we could go as far as we did. I.e reaching semi final of uefa and challenging for title with 2 games left. So he is the. One that made the decision to change styles. So next season, when he brings in his own players, our football shd look better. Since we have already gotten costa, hopefully he adds lukaku to that. Costa will be a good fit to chelsea. I’m sure of it. He will be a good fit because of one attribute he has:
    That’s what all our strikers lack. Let’s use nnext season to judge. But it we did not play defensively dis season, can yu imaginne where we wld be? Considering we have strikers who are allergic to scoring. This is because mou saw that we can create but we cannot score so best thing is to defend. Liverpool can score so they don’t need to defend. Same with city. If we had played free flowing game, liverpool wld have destroyed us, same with city. We wld be around 4 and 5th fighting for champion league place. So this season was ok. Next season we will be harsh on our judgment on mou if we don’t do well

  9. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    All dis chelsea fans are talkin crap.u guys dnt lik 2 accept defeat at all.u cant win trophy alwys.pls len 2b patient & satisfied wt wat u got.luk at man utd,inter,millan,barca,dortmonth,juve,psg etc.dis are all big big clubs but nobody z talkin or troublin demselves lik d way chelsea fans a doing.

  10. Anonymous says

    Mou will not lead us anywhere..next season he’ll still come up with another excuse….watch out

  11. Martin, Norway. says

    This season is a transitional season so tropyless was expected but I will be highly disappointed if we don’t win any trophy next season too then I can conclude that there is nothing special about him. So far for me the best coaches we got in recent times were Ancelloti, Di Matteo and Benitez. I am quite sceptic about Mourinho’s second coming so far.

  12. Martin, Norway. says

    What we learnt is that Mourinho is too defencive and this strategy killed us in the first league with no away goal. I think if he can vary sometimes it could be much better. Courtois has proven himself that we need him next season and for our future. He is our future but Cech is our Legend keeper. We need both next season.

  13. Neri Abayomi says

    What I learnt, the recent past 2 Chelsea managers had a better season than Mou with less squad players.

    Di Matteo won the UCL, FA Cup and qualified us for the UCL. (Transitional season due to the sacking of Boas half way into the season)

    Rafa Benitez won the EL and qualified us for the UCL. (Transitional season due to the sacking of Di just 3 months into the season) He did so with a deeply weakened Squad. (Ba was his only addition)

    Jose ensured UCL spot only after bringing in Schuurle, Willian, Salah and Matic. He has purchased Zouma and Costa already with more still to come. Jose season was a failure, transitional or not.

    1. Anonymous says

      I think so too.

  14. Zyte says

    @ fik m.city arent physical.nasri,silva &navas are smal & not as strong as willian & hazard & oscar.as 4 atletico u are right.tanks.

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