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A cracking match. End-to-end stuff in a very open game that ended 2-1 to Chelsea thanks to Fernando Torres’ 76th minute goal which sealed 3rd place. Everton will feel harshly done considering how open the match was, but Chelsea pulled the double over Everton for the first time in 8 years.

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What We Learned :

1. Fernando Torres – back?

2. Defense needs to be sorted out

3. Thanks Rafa!

4. Juan Mata, his best season over

5. Starting with 2 strikers is a good idea

1. Fernando Torres – back?:

A goal from Fernando that assured 3rd place. He played really well today and has done so for the past few weeks. It’s certainly been a good season for Torres – 22 goals, 12 assists. His performance against Benfica was admirable and he seems to be hungry for success as a Chelsea player. As the season has progressed, Torres has gone from being on and off to being a consistent and reliable player.

Unexpectedly started alongside Ba, often switching positions with his strike partner to adopt a role on the left wing. Sealed the victory with an emphatic strike, though squandered many a chance before that. (Goal.com)

I hope we don’t sell Fernando and can pair him up with Lukaku next season.

2. Defense needs to be sorted out:

It was a very poor performance today in terms of defending. Both defenses were poor as both clubs went for it, but the amount of space and chances Everton created was shocking. We were all over the place at times and allowed Everton too many chances to get a goal that would jeopardize our 3rd spot.

David Luiz –

Gave away possession for Everton’s equaliser but soon settled down after that. (Goal.com)

Ivanovic –

Looked considerably less comfortable at right-back than he has looked centrally and couldn’t finish in as emphatic a manner as he managed in Amsterdam midweek. (Goal.com)

Cole –

Was severely tested by Coleman’s frequent raids forward, with the majority of Everton’s good work coming down his side. (Goal.com)

Cahill –

Came up against a right handful in Anichebe and fought a losing battle most of the afternoon. (Goal.com)

It was a poor defensive performance as we allowed Everton too many chances and allowed them to dictate the game at points. The double-pivot didn’t do the greatest job, but it didn’t place a burden on the defense as we’ve seen before. I don’t know what it was, but the defense was horrendous today. The next manager should definitely look into buying another CB.

3. Thanks Rafa!: 

He arrived disliked and hated by many Chelsea fans, but after the job he’s done with the circumstances he had, we should give credit when and where it’s due. Benitez has been very good, winning us a EL trophy, reaching a FA Cup semi-final and sealing 3rd place. Although the squad did let us down at times under him, I was very impressed with how well he’s reconstructed the side and set it up for success when the next manager rolls around.  He’s made David Luiz a better player, as well.

Thanks, Rafa. chelsea33

4. Juan Mata, his best season over:

Juan Mata has without a doubt been our best player this season and he’s played his best football, this season. A remarkable season for him has finally come to an end. He played very well today and was back to his usual self with the match very open and ready for somebody to influence it.

Chelsea’s Player of the Year and Players’ Player of the Year certainly made things tick for his side, starting and finishing the counter that gifted the hosts an early lead. (Goal.com)

What he’s done for the club this season has been incredible. I can’t thank him enough for the goals, the assists and every thing else he’s done. He’s an absolute genius on the ball and off the ball. He understands the game quite well and is a very humble man. I hope we can extend his contract, but, he bleeds Blue nonetheless.

5. Starting with 2 strikers is a good idea:

I think playing a 4-2-2-2 is a pretty good idea. It was decent today and certainly allowed us to create more chances than usual as Torres and Ba often drifted wide which stretched out the Everton back 4. We didn’t capitalize on our chances as much as we should have, but the creation of chances is definitely a promising sign should we play a 4-2-2-2 more often. I think our best bet would be Torres and Lukaku playing next to each other next season, although, I wouldn’t mind Torres and Ba starting together. They’ve done well when paired together this season, but given Lukaku’s season and his performance against United today, I would prefer Torres-Lukaku especially with Torres drifting out wide left and crossing it.

Other Points : 

1. Thanks Paulo Ferriera!

2. No Marin (again)

3. Squad set up for success next season

Thanks for reading the final WWL of this season, I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. If you have any questions or comments, put them in the comment section below or tweet me (username below).


  1. Smell says

    Well you’re getting your defensive analysis from Goal.Com so you don’t seem to have a clear opinion. Whoever says Cahill wasn’t excellent today is on drugs. He was amazing, intercepted loads, passed well (long balls too), took possesion away from Pienaar and Baines on multiple occasions.

    1. Anonymous says

      agreed! also saved a sure goaal from anichebe

  2. James says

    mmmmh.weldone d faithful servant fareira.farewell 2 polo fareira.mmh…i guess i wil like 2 el’neno pearin lukaku

  3. Henderson says

    How could u suggest dat we buy another CB?wats wrong with d ones we already have?do u think its football manager?

  4. Ken says

    Ake did well in second 45mins of play..I would want a coach that’ll give our youngsters playing time and mourinho doesnt fall into that category

  5. Matt says


  6. Matt says


  7. Anonymous says

    Ba was horrible today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! missed too many chances and hes just not the ba he used to be at newcastle due to chelseas midfielders going for goal instead of creating chances, but an excellent performance from el nino, so Ake was very classy today good with the tackles tooo, i can just see him being a Chelsea for life.

    1. Anonymous says

      I think it was more of a 4-2-3-1 than a 4-2-2-2. Torres played on the wing for most of the first half, occasionally switching with Ba. I think the two striker combo would work well with Torres and another striker (other than Ba).

  8. Green Rose says

    I really hope that we can apply 2 strikers upfront in the friendly matches, hopefully Torres and Lukaku. Also, please give Marin the chance to play.

  9. king Elijah Oluwadurotimi says

    thanks buddy, we hoping to read the WWL again next season. One love to the blues fans all across the Globe.

  10. Anonymous says


  11. tich zan says

    i also appriciate the fact that players saw to it that we stayed in the top four.. Especially lampard… Benitez just did a better job ultimately but he was horrible especially with his substution.. He gave away a lot of wins.. ABOUT C.B… Chelsea dont need any c.b.. We are very solid at the back but only that AKE gave fellaini a lot of space in the middle of the park.. Moyes lost it by drifting fellaini upfront thus AKE was comfortable in the second half…. ABOUT LUIZ… Its not Benitez who made luiz a better player???? Thats a total lie.. Luiz was always a quality player with a lot of confidance and composure on the ball even in the box.. We all saw and knew it way b4 benitez… Ba is a gud striker but only that he hadn’t got game tIme at CHELSEA.. He score more goals at chelsea that danny welback in the entire season at man u… ABOUT LUKAKU…. I wil just say remember staribge at botlon…… Otherwise not a true reflextion of the game i watched…

  12. Anonymous says

    I wont comment anything untill Lukaku is back

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