What We Learned From The Norwich City Match : 26.12.2012

What We Learned From The Norwich City Match : 26.12.2012
What We Learned From The Norwich City Match : 26.12.2012

A rather dull match in a mostly dominant performance from Chelsea put a start to Norwich’s downfall in the League Table. Juan goal from Mata was enough to secure victory for Chelsea at Carrow Road (something United, Arsenal and Tottenham failed to do).

Scorers : 

Scorer(s) from the match v Norwich.
Scorer(s) from the match v Norwich.

Stats : 

Stats from the match v Norwich.
Stats from the match v Norwich.

What We Learned : 

  1. Juan Mata is Chelsea’s most crucial and best playmaker.
  2. Fernando Torres is showing consistency.
  3. David Luiz belongs in the midfield.
  4. Gary Cahill is Chelsea’s best CB.
  5. Rafael Benitez has proven that he is the right man for the job.

1. Juan Mata is Chelsea’s most crucial and best playmaker : Magical Mata continued to show his great form in the attacking third as he netted the only goal against Norwich City. Mata was very quiet in the early stages, but Chelsea’s awakening unsurprisingly intertwined with Mata’s late arrival. Opened the scoring with a great strike just before half-time and looked dangerous throughout. There have not been many more consistent players in the Premier League so far this season. Juan Mata has been the key man for Chelsea and Rafael Benitez in just about every match for Chelsea. Resting him as proved a mistake and playing him has proved a blessing.

2. Fernando Torres is showing consistency : It seemed to be one of those days for Torres, as crosses, clearances and passes refused to drop kindly for him, while he also had shots blocked in the area. One cannot fault his effort for most of the match, but it took about 35 minutes to realised he was actually on the pitch, but nevertheless his effort is unquestioned. For once in this Chelsea career, Fernando Torres has shown consistency. His 7 goals in 7 matches is a wonderful statistic for a man who is trying to show that he is worth the huge sum of money spent on him.

3. David Luiz belongs in the midfield : Various defensive calamities in his Chelsea career suggested he may be better suited to midfield and he has certainly taken to his new position with comfort. Against Norwich his passing was excellent and his driving runs were just as effective, but did not leave a gaping hole in defence as has happened before. David Luiz was excellent against Villa last week and continued to show his skill and calmness in the midfield role. I’m sure Gary Neville regrets his comments about Luiz being similar to a 10 year old playing on a controller. David Luiz might not be suited for the defensive role along with Terry, but he certainly is well suited for the midfield role.

4. Gary Cahill is Chelsea’s best CB : The England international and was potentially facing one of his more physical battles of the season against Grant Holt, but it ended up being far easier than he would have anticipated. Cahill won header after header, and produced several well-timed tackles. Good performance from a reliable Gary Cahill. He kept Benteke quiet last week and Holt quiet this week. He has proven a gem of a transfer after joining us in January 2012. Money well-spent as Cahill looks fit to be Chelsea’s next captain after our old firm departs (sadly).

5. Rafael Benitez has proven that he is the right man for the job : Rafael Benitez had a tough start to his Chelsea career, but it’s definitely picked up in recent week as “King Rafa” continues to win by impressive margins and dominant margins as of late. The fans, sadly, continue to taunt and mock Rafa with Di Matteo chants (which are ridiculous and childish at this point). It’s a sad site, but it’s definitely had no effect on how well Chelsea perform and play under Benitez. His elegance and great build-up play is second to none and shows that his appointment and sacking of Di Matteo wasn’t as bad as it was made out by most fans. Vamos Rafa.

Other Points : 

  1. Cesar Azpilicueta and Victor Moses – continue to impress.
  2. Frank Lampard – is out-of-favour under Rafa and it looks like he’s fit to leave at contract’s end.
  3. Benitez rotates the “Trio” or “Mazascar” brilliantly.

Check out Andre Saad’s video review of the game ! –

  1. drogba says

    un partido mal jugado sin intencidad , oscar se desempeña mejor jugando detras de el delantero , cuando estaba RDM jugaban hazard , oscar y mata y lo hacian bien solo faltaba trabajo , benitez debe poner a oscar detras de torres y mata y hazard en las bandas y los 3 deben intercambiar de lugar consntantemente. torres demostro lo que es , solo anota a equipos sin tanto potencial. y ojala y no se vaya lampard y no llegue villa

  2. hermes andi says

    I doubt that Lampard is out of favor. Its all part of Rafa’s rotation that he sat on the bench. Don’t forget that he just came back from an injury. He was one of the first players to start warming up when Norwich started kicking and hassling our players, and he did come on in the second half just as Hazard did. Norwich made Stoke look like learners in this match and the weather got really unfriendly. I’m of the opinion that its a good result from a very physical match.

  3. Cani says

    You re so childish to call Rafa king nd you are a moron for calling chelsea fan childish. How do you even call your self a chelsea fan?

    1. armien says

      You are childish… can u be grateful to rafa after what he brought to club… he bring back torres, convert luiz to cm…. n u cant see that?oh poor u coz u totally blind… im still respect di matteobut i cant deny rafa can do wat di matteo cant(except for champions cup)… if saying that then u toally not chelsea fans… a tru chelsea fans is who support his team, not thinking of the past… KTBFFH

    2. Zane says

      Cani. Do you even know football? You can’t deny Benitez is far better experienced than Di Matteo. There is structure in Benitez’ system. It looked as if Di Matteo didn’t know what to do when the team performed poor and the Juventus game in Turin was a clear indicator. People say that was a false 9 system with no out an out striker but they are fooling themselfs. He only used MAZACAR for their pace on the break. It was clearly a defensive setup with 5 defenders in the same starting line up.

      1. Zane says

        I mean to say without an out an out striker.

    3. Adam Fred says

      Cani. Thanks for your post. Nothing to add!

  4. Kobbyhans says

    It was a scrapy game with few chances. We better up our play against Everton.

  5. Adam Fred says

    Torres was so ineffective at Norwich yesterday that one had to check the team sheet at half-time to confirm that he was indeed on it. (From independant.co.uk).

    I am surprised to read on chelsea360 that “Fernando Torres is showing consistency.” Do we talk about the same match? unbelevable! Why are you so fanatic about this crap player?

  6. Eben says

    What we learned? Or wat yu learned?
    1. Torres doesnt show consistency
    2. Cahill didnt keep Benteke of Aston Villa at bay, it was Ivanovic who did that job..
    3. It would av bn enof to say Rafa’s tactics are working well, rather than saying its second to none, as well as calling CFC fan’s behavior childish..
    4. Lampard is not out of favour from what i observed..
    5. I fink yu use this media to freely pour out ur sentiments.. But its good we can comment underneath..

  7. Akinwumi says

    King Rafa?that’s very absurd and stupid.And for ur info we’re not childish bt loyal.keep deceiving ursef abt Benitez that doesn’t have any answer to Corrinthians by leaving Oscar n Mikel on the bench!

  8. Darlington says

    King rafa is gud.

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