What We Learned from The QPR Match : 15/9

What We Learned from The QPR Match : 15/9

Today, Chelsea met with West London rivals Queens Park Rangers. With most of the attention being on Ferdinand and John Terry, the game certainly lived up to its expectations. A feisty encounter resulted in a 0-0 draw between the two sides. This result, in my mind, is unacceptable.

There are many things we can take away from this match and use to continue our league success :

1. Torres – No ego is bigger than the club.
2. Moses – Better than Ramires
3. Ramires – Not a RW
4. Terry and Cole – Consistent under criticism
5. RDM – Poor tactics
6. Lampard and Mikel pairing – Horrible
7. Sturridge – Should start as a winger or up top
8. Bertrand – Not a LW
9. David Luiz – Calmer than before, but not as good as Cahill.
10. Romeu and Oscar deserve playing time

1. Torres: Not everything revolves around you, Nando. Storming off the pitch as 28 year old is unacceptable. You cannot do that, I don’t care if you’re John Terry or Patrick Bamford, you don’t storm off the pitch. You’re a great player, but just because times aren’t the best or tactics aren’t fitting you that doesn’t mean going straight to the locker room is acceptable. You made some great runs and had a few goes, but you were below par. You should be benched for the next game due to this action.
2. Moses – Our best RW at the moment. Played for 20-30 minutes or so and was sensational. Never made a mistake and was very crisp with his touches and movement. Released a great shot that was saved by Cesar and a wonderful cross to Hazard, who blasted it over. Moses is a great signing and has shown that he deserves a spot in the team.

3. Ramires: Not a RW, he’s a midfielder and his stats showed that he is one. He played as a RW a few times last year and was impressive, but he is still not a RW like Moses or Sturridge. We must play him in a more central position.

4. John Terry and Cole: Good performances from our Captain and Left back. Showed that no matter what they’re dealing with off the field, they bring their best game on the field. Praise for these men should be at a high.

5. RDM: Too defensively minded and too narrow. Poor lineup as Moses was left out and Mata wasn’t even on the bench. Cahill deserved a spot in the lineup and Sturridge should have been brought in earlier.

6. Lampard and Mikel pairing: Horrendous pair, it was like “watching a tragedy movie for 90 mins” (quote from Twitter) and the user is right. They are not the pair we should use. They both either attack together or defend together. One should sit back while one attacks, always. Romeu-Lamps, Meireles-Lamps, Oscar-Lamps, Essien-Lamps would be great pairings, but 2 of those can’t be achieved. Need a better pair there.

7. Sturridge: Danny deserves a spot in the XI or at least more playing time. He was much better than Torres, today and played in his natural CF position. He certainly can perform as a winger, too.

8. Bertrand: Strictly a left back, RDM’s obsession with making him a LW is a poor one and he should keep Ryan as a back-up to Cole.

9. David Luiz: Calmer than ever and playing great in the back, but Gary Cahill is still the better of the two and has a better relationship with JT. Cahill and JT work perfectly together and both know their place. Luiz is calm, but still makes those mistakes that cost us.

10. Romeu and Oscar: Should get more playing time. They both are eager to play and are full of skill and talent. Failing to play them is a bad way to do things at the Bridge. Both are composed and mellow with the ball. They don’t make many errors and could replace Mikel.

This is what I think we can draw from the QPR match. Do let me know what you think about the match and all these issues! Thanks!


Our support to our Legendary Captain JT & about how the world has misunderstood him!
 John Terry | We Stand By You | We love you JT, Our LEADER!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Luiz was actually good. Maybe play Ramires in the central position with someone defensive like Mikel or Romeu? other than that, totally agree on this post…

  2. David says

    Nice right up.I strongly support your view about torres,gone are the days of the el-nino of Liverpool. He should be suspended for the next game.

  3. Anonymous says

    line up should be

    Petr Cech
    Ivanovic Luiz Terry Cole
    Ramires Lampard/Mikel
    Moses/Mata Oscar Hazard

  4. Anonymous says

    Torres does not fit the Chelsea system. He doesn't know how to hold up the ball and he's going to cost us dearly in our possession game. Dany showed the weakness of Torres in just few minutes, he was like two men on the field and Torres was minus one. Fernando is not also trying to be dangerous and his shooting is poor when I remember he actually used the outside of his foot to spin a goal against Newcastle. Sturidge can strike the ball better and we saw that against Mancity. He deserves to have equal playing time as fernando. What more, Moses is our best RW, Betrand should get game time from Ashely's position, Cahill is arguable our best CB, we must play with at least 2 play makers so if Juan is out, Oscar must be in, Lamp/ Oscar pairing is too shallow defensively. My verdict is to sell Torres for he is on the decline.

  5. Anonymous says

    God bless who write this out, remain blessed as I personally support this quote. Lampard and Mikel is never a good lineup and Ramires RW is a wast of TALENT. Reposition the players as you wrote here, we will make a great BLUES. We wait to watch the next match with Juventus. One LOve

  6. VINISH P says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Anonymous says

    Sturridge is better than torres… Moses played well…
    4-1-4-1 is better option

    Petr Cech

    Ivanovic Cahill Terry Cole


    Moses Mata Oscar Hazard


    sitting Lampard in bench may lead to form spark in dressing room agnst RDM….

  8. Anonymous says

    Torres will nvr be good as he at Liverpool .shld be sold in jan

  9. Anonymous says

    frankly, RDM will take us nowhere. this harbit of playing Bartrand up-front is absolutely myopic.tactically, RDM is defensively minded so i dont see him benching Mikel or Lamps for Romeu and Oscar

  10. Ervin Krantic says

    Thank you all for the great input. -Ervin

  11. Anonymous says

    RDM must understand that performance in each position is what is more important than names. If it were name, Welbeck would not even see the bench.

  12. Anonymous says

    I love this, buh I disagree with a few things, and don't wanna talk about them. Torres is becoming arrogant, and should be thrown out if he does not behave himself next time, he can join Malouda.

  13. Anonymous says

    Bad idea. Ramires/Mikel would be worse than Lampard/Mikel because Ramires' range of passing is poor. And Romeu is even more defensive than Mikel, albeit a better passer. Not good enough though.

    Put simply, Ramires just doesn't fit into 4-2-3-1. The only things he is any good at is as a CM in 4-3-3 or as a RM in 4-5-1. And we aren't using either of those formations any time soon.

    The only pivot combinations that are likely to work are Mikel-Oscar and Romeu-Oscar. Ramires can't play there unless we buy a brilliant DLP (e.g. Xabi Alonso) to play alongside him. The only thing Lampard can do these days is score penalties. I'll reserve judgement on Mikel-Romeu until I see it happen. It would be very solid, but slower than a parked car.

    Oscar-Mikel is our best option at the moment. But we desperately need a CM in January. Someone creative yet disciplined. Yohan Cabaye and Marouane Fellaini spring to mind.

    Unless we terminate Michael Essien's loan at Real Madrid. I'd even be happy to bring back Josh McEachran from Middlesbrough. Or bring Ballack back as he's a free agent currently. Any of those 3 should go straight into our 1st team.

  14. Anonymous says

    Fanks man u said it all. Let's sell him and buy A̶̲̥̅ good top or develop on sturridge

  15. Anonymous says

    Nice 4mation wit d 4-1-4-1………………..mikel or romeu in front of d fullbackz,Y is RDM scared 2 bench lampz,is he bigger than chelsea.if having lampard will b a prob then sell him.

  16. blaise nzambiman says

    Lamps should come in in the second half…70 mins,Moses be tested,Ryan isn't a RW,

  17. Bllackyazz says

    [quote comment=”86657″]With Bosingwa out and Alex haivng already gone under the knife, we will play Paulo at rightback, and with Bale playing on the same side, we are going to have one hell of a nightmare. Mind you Bosingwa would do no better against Bale, but atleast Bosignwa has pace on his side, something Paulo does not. Most of their attacks will come from the right hand side, just like most of our attacks will come from the left hand side. This is the worst slump under Roman, and at this moment of time its showing no signs of slowing down. The team is heavily devoided of confidense at the moment, nobody seems to beleive in themselves, hopefully the return of Lamps will lift the spirit. Didier and the rest are talking big in the papers, suggesting they will be back, but on the pitch none of them are to be seen. The time for talk is over lads, its time to deliver, stop wasting time in the papers, pay attention to ur training, beleive in each other as much as urself and stand up and be counted. You are playing for Chelsea FC not Notts County KTBFFH[/quote]As far as back line is concerned, the solution lies in Bruma. Playing JT and Bruma in the CB and playing Iva inhis fav position in the right, we can overcome this problem. My formation would be: -Cech -Ivanovic -Bruma -JT -Ashley Mikel Ramires -Kalou Malouda/Anelka/Lampard -Malouda/Lampard DD Reply

  18. Crimu says

    don t u guys watch mikel he wil nt fit our nex season gam i tink we shd reacple him wit yann m villa nd also sign neymar nd a top striker coz torres sucks as for rb rami is an option insted of signing azpi hu flop during his olym gam we don t nid moses i am 4rm nigeria nd i shd b supportin moses nd mikel but dey re best at average .my formation is cechramires luiz terry cole .m villa oscar neymar mata hazard .a new striker wit oscar movin up front often nd m villa coverin up 4 him nd also givin good passes mata shd move as if he is playin free role.Reply

  19. Yulia says

    I rate for 4 3 3. cechazpi Cahill terry Coleramires mikel Bertrandhazard Torres Matamata n Bertrand cn swcith play.I rate Bertrand a perfect utility player who plays Lw LB n CM.he cn b cover for both attacking band n Cole on d left.drop lampard pls..he Is definitely replacable.ramires, romeu, oscar are all ahead of him in my selection. moses Marin sturridge wil there be cover for the attacking band

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