What We Learned: Hazard and Eto'o inspire victory over Liverpool

CFC team celebration
Just two points behind the leaders and 4 points ahead of the beater Reds who are almost out of title race!!

Chelsea came from a goal down to beat Liverpool at Stamford Bridge as Jose Mourinho prevails over his prodigy Brendan Rodgers. Eden Hazard, who was Man of the Match, inspired the Blues with a stunning strike to equalize in the 18th minute after Liverpool had scored in 3 minutes. Then, it was Samuel Eto’o who scored the winner in the first half after a brilliant team play down the right through Azpilicueta and David Luiz.

We have many interesting yet focal points to discuss here as Mourinho engineered a brilliant tactic to see the Blues stop dangerous forward Luiz Suarez from scoring. David Luiz did amazing in midfield for the first time under Jose Mourinho and Azpilicueta prevailed in his natural RB role after Ivanovic was substituted off for Ashley Cole in the first half. Here are the main talking points from the game in this edition of what we learned:

Eden Hazard was totally incredible; well deserved MotM: 

The Belgian was in top form through out the 90 minutes and he earned Jose Mourinho’s team an important win and 3 points that will prove influential in the title race come the end of the season. He scored an incredible curler to the far post for the equalizer and looked to create dangers in the counter through out the 2nd half. His all around display has immensely improved under Jose Mourinho this season as he is improving his numbers tally by being the team’s top scorer this season.

David Luiz prevailed in midfield role yet again:

The Brazilian earned a chance to play in the holding midfield role alongside Lampard since Ramires was suspended for the game with 5 bookings this season in the league. Luiz was superb through out the game by winning headers, clearing dangers and not allowing any balls to go into the path of Suarez either from Allen or Coutinho. Not only in defense, the Brazilian was influential in the build-up of the 2nd goal for the Blues as shown below with the interchange to Azpilicueta who sent in the cross to Oscar.

Chelsea build-up vs LFC

This is a great performance by Luiz and Jose Mourinho will from now on look into the Brazilian for some inspiration in midfield when there is someone missing with injury or suspension. The Portuguese manager joked after the game with Hazard and Luiz; He told the Brazilian he is suspended for the next game and is  free to go to Portugal for the new year! Jose’s boys are loving his adoring personality and it was a great moment to watch on Sky Sports after the game.

Another solid partnership between Cahill and John Terry:

The two English center backs were solid through out the 90 mins as they stopped Luis Suarez into getting even an attempt and force a save from Cech. Roy Hodgson might be hopping inside to see Terry come out of retirement and partner with Cahill in the Three lions back-line in the world cup this summer. But, Jose Mourinho must fully be satisfied with his back-line as the festive period brought in 7 points with two clean sheets. Never a better testament than Mourinho’s teams for the saying in English football, “Strikers win you matches but, your defense wins you the league.”

Referees should punish players who dive easily **Suarez**: 

Suarez and Webb

As Jose Mourinho pointed out after the game, the easiest way to deal with Suarez was to book him. The Portuguese was pointing the same things after the Arsenal game angered by some foreign Arsenal players diving and ‘provocating a situation’ to win a free-kick or a penalty. This was the quote from Jose after the game…

“I would resolve the situation with Suarez very easily with a yellow card.

“I hate players who try to [provoke] situations. Luis is an amazing player and I have lots of respect for his quality and his attitude and his ambition to try and win every game.But he tries too much to try and provoke these situations.

“He lost his duel with (Cesar) Azpilicueta and then Eto’o comes and puts his body in front. Suarez looks like somebody shot him in the back. For me that is a clear yellow card.”

Mourinho was absolutely correct with his assessment of such situations and players mostly from South America and some from Spain are more involved in such play-acting situation with Suarez the prime example of such bad sportsmanship in today’s game. A shame from such a talented forward as him who can claim as arguably the best Striker in the world in this moment in time.

The league challenge is well on track for the Blues to win!


Just three points separate the top 3 sides in the premier league at this moment with Arsenal leading ahead of Man City and Chelsea with just a point at the top. Mourinho has said more than once Manchester City are the title favorites but, if we manage to get a good result at the Etihad in our 2nd fixture and beat Arsenal at the Bridge, we can surely assert our title challenge to win by the end of May. That would make an incredible season in Mourinho’s return to west London and retain his domestic dominance over his foes in England.

Thanks for reading everyone and hope you enjoyed my points. Congrats on the well earned win against big rivals Liverpool to extend our lead to 4 points against Rodgers’ team. Comment and let us know what you think. Follow me on twitter (@FahmiCFC) and KTBFFH!!

  1. Martin, Norway. says

    Hazard is a genius real football genius. He was a delight to watch. Actually he made his mark. What about trying Luiz most at times in the midfield he did well today. Hope we buy a striker in January preferably Diego Costa. If we Get a striker then am more than certain that we will win the league hands down. Keep the blue flag flying. Could not Ask for a better weekend than this.

  2. Martin, Norway. says

    My favourite player Eden Hazard this guy makes football looks really entertaining to watch.

  3. Irokotola michael says

    .Nice win for chelsea., unfortunately here in my side in Nigeria, yesterday, one of us, a dedicated blue fan died on the pitch coaching a Chelsea team in a competition where chelsea beat liverpool 3-1 around 1:20pm, west africa time….. He is a member here in 360, he come once in a while to give comment……..I don’t remember the name he used here but his real name is Wale kazeem……. As a blue fellow, am dedicating this win to him….. RIP bro……. Blue for life……..

    1. Zane says

      RIP fellow blue. Atleast he can go and watch games live anytime now.

      Good win today guys. A brilliant collective effort from the boys and I really hope this game can be the stepping stone for them to be super consistant in the new year. We saw consistency from mid February last season so maybe this season it can start from now. If I’m right,we can actually win this title.

    2. Pushparaj Samant says

      RIP Fellow Blue

  4. Arthur Osadebe says

    Today’s match reminds me of the Chelsea of old, I saw the real Chelsea identity today, players whose hearts are blue. more of dis boys

  5. Matt says

    Luiz was outstanding completely different player in midfield!

  6. Saimz Muiruri says

    David Luiz should partner with Ramirez at the pivot after the Soton game. He gave 100% in today’s game.

  7. Neri Abayomi says

    @ Last, a performance I can be proud of.

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      U shouldnt be proud of dis cos u didnt believe in mou. Where were ur stats? U said eden hazard is declining, u condemned mou for his tactics, u condemned him for benching mata and used willian or oscar. Abayomi try to understand tactics every matches entails. Where i was watching todays match, there was dis guy like u, when he saw d line up, he wanted to kill jose, he blame him for playing lampard instead of mikel, he blame him for playing willian instead of mata, he blame him for playing eto, he began to generalised situation, he compared previous matches with the one unplayed. After liverpool goal against us, he wanted to shoot mou in d head, i looked into his eyes and i remember some guys here too. Try to understand our team is been coached by somone we should trust. Mou is someone dat makes a mistake cos he is nt perfect, but believe me, before u pointed to it, he knew it and ll surely correct it. Fans like u also need to understand we re playing wit a certain philosophy which every players should adapt to. My dear brother, when things are nt going the way we wanted, dont let us blame d person who invented it, person who ve suceeded in doing it before. No hate on anybody here, i only want everybody to calm down when defeat happens cos somone is in control.

      1. Emile 10 says

        Fantastic from a great fan. @Cfc-obsessed, it’s like you read my mind

      2. Vaibhav Kumble says

        Well said. Some fans over react all the time and talk crap about their own players and coach. These fans suck.

  8. Anonymous says

    Luiz partner Ramires? another funny fantasy = instability.

  9. Cfc_obsessed says

    Both of them is going to receive one one yellow card if not red card. Both of them ve the same temperament. I doubt it they ll not complement eachother. Imagine 2 good passer of d ball in midfield. It all depend on the opposition team

  10. juanescobar55 says

    Happy new year Chelsea fans!!! This match was our best gift!!!! I’m so happy and I really like the Chelsea of the first half!!! Did you see how fast the team was playing!!! Lampard was really good thinking the pass before receive the ball!!!
    Willian and hazard the best player!!! I was afraid because Howard Webb didn’t protect our best players!!! Did you see how many fouls Liverpool did to hazard!!! And he didn’t do anything!!!
    Another thing that I hate is how often Luiz Suárez dive in the field, I hate that he is one of the best player in the world, he can dribble, shot and hold the Ball!!! Why he is doing that!!! too immature and stupid to play epl!!!
    David Luiz long pass another way to find the net!!! And to keep the other team carefully of our attacks!!!
    Good job blues I’m so happy, the best end of the year!!!! The only thing that we need is a left back and a letal striker!!!
    See you next year!!! 🙂

  11. Cfc_obsessed says

    Yes ure right. We need a left back. Azpi plays better on d right. If we re to buy a left back, we need to buy or promote a left back, we need one that is better than cole of the present. Not a kid wit no xperience ( i can see some people mentioning ake to be left back in previous article) i ll rather ve cole at leftback. Ake is a cb or mf i think. He may be playin there for the reserves but nt his prefered role. I would sign shaw(epl xperience) wit my eye closed to, sell bertrand, give cole a yr contract,until pvh comes back to compete wit shaw.

    1. Emile 10 says

      @Cfc why saling Bertrand? Ooh mehn Bertrand is too fuckin underrated. 100% Bertrand can do a better job down there. He is better than Cole now and better than Cesar at the LB too. I wish he can get better soon

      1. Cfc_obsessed says

        Bertrand? Di matteo forced me to like him at some point but he seems too lazy in my own view. Who knows, he might come back wit a bang. Wit his xperience tho, he may ve a bright future. But i ve a feeling he ll be sold or make weight for a player

      2. Zyte says

        @ emilo u are rite.look at glen johnson,thats how we criticized & sold him,now he is performing 4 lpool.bertrand is good just give him chanc@ emilo u are rite.look at glen johnson,thats how we criticized & sold him,now he is performing 4 lpool.bertrand is good just give him chanc@ emilo u are rite.look at glen johnson,thats how we criticized & sold him,now he is performing 4 lpool.bertrand is good just give him chanc@ emilo u are rite.look at glen johnson,thats how we criticized & sold him,now he is performing 4 lpool.bertrand is good just give him chance.

  12. Cfc_obsessed says

    Bertrand? Di matteo forced me to like him at some point but he seems too lazy in my own view. Who knows, he might come back wit a bang. Wit his xperience tho, he may ve a bright future. But i ve a feeling he ll be sold or make weight for a player

  13. Iddi jr says

    What i knw is DL4 is the MOTM bt gave is award to Hazard. . prove me wrong.
    Fantastic game
    Fantastic players we have.
    Nice try FT9
    Wat a clearance from Cahill
    Amaizing saves frm Petr
    Willian Hazard Oscar SE and the Other perfomed well.
    I knew it that we will win coz am nat a plastic fan. 😀 We wl be there.

    1. GABBY says

      yea boy

  14. Neri Abayomi says

    @cfc- I can be proud. For the umpteemth time, I don’t hate Mourinho, I can be critical of his methods, when we play poorly. Yesterday’s game was different, we played with passion and desire.

    How team played with good movements especially in the first half, we were fast, we could open up the opposition, we got the striker on the ball often and we defended absolutely well.

    @cfc Stop calling me an anti-chelsea. The Club’s success is bigger than any individual. And you can’t say that my opinions highlighte so far were wrong and yours were always absolutely right.

    1. Emile 10 says

      Lol @Abayomi. So who credits go to? Mou or players? If it’s Mou I don’t know why u waste your time by criticizing the legend. Yes he may get it wrong but it was a bad move to compare him to Benitez. Sexy football doesn’t always gives you what you are looking for. Remember that season which we won CL. Barca played the sexiest football ever but at the end of the day we beat their asses. Mou or Benitez? I will pick Mou anytime. If it’s the players who deserve most of the credits (which I think it’s true) because they play like it was the CL final. They should also get the most of criticism. Never judge someone too early because you may suck his D at the end of the day. Happy new my blue family. Proud to be a Chelsea fan

      1. Neri Abayomi says

        @Emile- u are always comparing me for another. Never made comparism btw Mou and Rafa.

        It was always about the pattern of play and how we can improve it.

  15. Anonymous says

    i think we found our big match squad

  16. Zyte says

    luiz did great.harzard is growing day by day into becoming the messi of cfc & epl.please tie him down with a bumper salary with £500mill buyout clause.

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      Zyte dats absolutely epic. 500mil? Hahahahahahahaha. Real madrid are going to pay it anyway. More goals frm ma boy

  17. GABBY says

    Player Review – Chelsea vs Liverpool
    Solid game,made good saves when called upon and commanding in the box.
    IVANOVIC(Subbed off for Cole)
    Didn’t have much to do before he got injured and was subbed.
    Solid showing again from the Spaniard who has been impressive this season.
    COLE(Subbed on for Iva)
    Also very solid and has sure staked a claim to be started more.
    Dominant in the air and very good positionally.
    Made some crucial interceptions and last ditch challenges.
    Brilliant showing by our GEEZER,put his foot in,shielded the back four well and made some fantastic passes.
    LAMPARD(Subbed off for Mikel)
    Shot saved brilliantly by Mignolet,withdrawn at half time due to a thigh injury.
    MIKEL(Subbed in for Lamps)
    Solid showing,shielded the back four well.
    Tricky,scintillating performance by a man in form who caused havoc every time he got the ball and even scored a beauty.
    Worked hard,showed his quick feet more than one time and played a part in setting both goals.
    Great performance by the man who hates Tottenham.He was up and down the pitch in no time and was a large part of some beautiful moves.
    ETO’O(Subbed off for Torres)
    Hardworking performance by a man not in form,delighted he got a goal with a sharp finish.
    TORRES(Subbed on for Eto’o)
    Made one delightful run and held the ball up well in the final third.

    1. GABBY says


      1. Neri Abayomi says

        @Gabby- Y do always lie about my comments.
        I v never abused Mourinho in this forum.
        I v never called him tactically weak.
        It was always abt the pattern of play with me n my honest opinions on how to improve the team.

      2. Cfc_obsessed says

        @Abayomi. Is ur honest opinion on how to improve a team is by comparing benitez era to mou era? Ve u forgotten u posted stats here? Ve u forgotten u said mou is responsible for some players declination? Ve u forgotten u labeled mou tactics against arsenal as weak? Ve u forgotten u said mou kills casillas career? Ve u forgotten u said mou ruined mikel life by deploying him to deep? Ve u forgotten u said we re obsessed wit mou? Ure acting like an opposition fan. U spot out d negative aspect of mou and used it to counter against him. Y cant u hail his positive influence and tactics dat has given us gud results over time? I respected ur opinion dats y i care to reply ur comments. No hate on u honestly, i just want u to knw dat we should be very conservative in our analysis, we should believe and hope thing we work in our way. I can only hope u ll admit and stop dis argument so dat we can move on. Its new yr

  18. Ken says

    We should be ready to give Mou the stick when he faulters and pat him on the back when he does well…he did well yestarday and deserves my praise but that won’t stop me from criticising him constructively if need be… Good one Mourinho

  19. Anonymous says

    IMO Oscar was MOtM, take look how he was coming deep collecting the ball and defending, I always think he could play lampard position to give chance to mata, hazard and willian behind etoo, or torres

  20. Emile 10 says

    Hazard—-Oscar—–Willian will be our 3men behind the striker in the big games. They run like some one is shouting them on their backs. I think this was the key in the game. They made more tackles than the fullbacks. Thank you Mou. Take your time and build your big machine for now and the future. Hazard the future world best..what a player. Lol Oscar the incredible little man…football isn’t all about size. Him and Willian they are running more than Ramires now. I love chelsea #goChelsea

  21. ush says

    Mikel is a problem,he is not a flexible 4,better david luiz…when mikel came on he caused more problems rather than solve them

  22. Akinwumi says

    Just becos we won yesterday doesn’t really mean that all is well with the team!We can’t still rely on Etoo coz he still miss an opportunity to kill or bury the game yesterday.Big ups to our Willian-Hazard-Oscar for the job well done!Back 4 also did well yesterday!Cole,Mikel and even Torres also made a notable contribution yesterday.Did I just here someone saying that Mikel created problem when he entered?It must been a sleep of tongue!

  23. seanpaul0916 says

    We played very well, especially in the first half.
    But I think its also fair to point out that Liverpool did not play up to the level they usually play, all due to fatigue. In first half, we played nice flowing football because Liverpool players were to tired to keep up on our pace. The same 11 players that played against City started the game.

    Still, Chelsea did a good job! KTBFFH!!

  24. Nicely says

    All i can say 2 u guys is that let take it easy with this man let give him time at the end of d league we can then jug him thanks chelsea 4 life

  25. maritimo says

    Finally there are no bitter critics from the “possession radicals“. You can call me crazy but yesterday`s first half football is what I call entertaining football. Intensity, sense of purpose, fast passing and loads of goal opportunities is what I call a beautiful game. I loved the “boring“ Chelsea from 2005 to 2009, and this one is starting to shape up. I respect the likes of everyone, but I can’t see good football when a team is exchanging short passes in their own field waiting for an opponent’s error (that’s not what Barca did in the two first years of Pep who played amazingly, pressing high in the field, but then they started to play a DEFENSIVE possession football). A brief word to the LEGEND Super Frankie who does not deserve the bitter words of some “fans“, and he’s showing he deserves a place in this squad. His playing time have to be carefully managed? Sure. He has to be in the bench much longer than before? Of course. But he has a role to perform, and he deserves more respect for his professionalism and commitment. He has earned to retire as blue (since he understands that he will no longer play all matches, but has a crucial mission in and off the pitch). KTBFFH!!!!!

    1. anindo says

      ur view of beautiful football and mine are the same. tiki taka is the most boring brand of football there is. I like football fast, pacey, direct and most of all played with a sense of purpose.

  26. GABBY says

    tell him man tell him @cfc, i will neva lie.wen we loose a match, i see u nd others posting fuck u mou right here, so plss dnt deny jax accept nd learn cos i knw it was a mistake.the others i dnt knw if they are out of this family cos i dnt see their poste again.

  27. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Great performance from Chelsea. I knew we would win this match..There was no doubt about it. Sexy football?!! Fuck sexy football. All I care about is our victory. Fuck all the haters.

  28. gerrybako says

    I have always predicted that Chelsea will win the League this season. Jose is an engineer and if you doubt his decisions then you have to check his CV. he came to Chelsea to make History and every decision he makes, he makes to win and build his profile. I respect and try to understand everything he does. Hazard Oscar Willian is our best option behind the striker. Shurlle first sub, then Mata in those positions. de bryne should be sold. van Ginkel and Romeu should understudy Ramires and Luiz for the anchor roles. Mikel plays wen someone is injured or suspended

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      Would a match suffice to say that Jose is on the right path?
      I am not one to look for a tiki taka brand of football been strut @ the bridge, all I wanna see is the willingness of our players to always give their all and the ability of the coach to employ their individual strenghts to unlock most teams.
      I want to see Luiz scoring those freekicks and those last gasps volleyed goals again.
      I want to see the creative genius of Mata used to the fullest again.
      I hope to see De Bruyne blossom @ the bridge, not elsewhere.
      I wanna see Oriol, Josh, Romelu, Marco, Piazon, Patrick, Islam, Chalobah, Omeruo, Kalas, Wallace, Astu, Kakuta and Moses make it @ the bridge.

      It is no hidden agenda that Roman wants us to play a more attacking brand of football. (Something close to what City is strutting), Hence the purchase of these wonderfully talented individuals. It is only a matter of time, would Jose satisfy Roman this time?

      Looking @ this Liverpool team, Brendan showed faith in his young players- Sterling, Coutinho, Allen proved their worth. Wishing that Chelsea would do same pretty soon.

      Jose show more faith in Omeruo, Kalas, Ake, Bertrand, Bruyne, Lukaku before it is too late. Thank You- Catch you all in 2014.

      1. Anonymous says

        hahaha lol! what’s wrong between you and Mou? it’s like you guys are sharing a wife.lol
        you want Mou to teach Luiz how to score free-kicks…are you serious? my question to you is this: if you were a manager at Chelsea how will you deal with Kevin cas? remember we have Oscar, Mata, Willian, Schurlle and Hazard. the same thing goes to Piason, Kakuta, Atsu, Moses. all these players play behind the striker and all of them are under 25 which mean they still have time to play at the highest level. so if you were Mou please tell me how you would deal with this? sometimes we say stuff without thinking. and remember club business isn’t only buying players because you want all of them to play. loaning is also a part of club business. for example Chealsea signed Atsu for £3.5m and maybe in the future they may sale him for more money.Football Clubs politic is beyond us. happy new year

      2. Makaela says

        This is a really inlntligeet way to answer the question.

  29. Cfc_obsessed says

    Are we going to jeopardise d progress we ve been making for the purpose of satisfying a certain player? Anonymous, u i read Abayomi’s comment in the morning but i didnt knw wot to say. I decided to overlooked it in order not to make him feel as if we re condemning him whenever he make a comment.@abayomi, we cant player 12 players at a time. I dont knw hw kelvin fear in trainin but he cant bench any of our trio. His national coach even admit dis. Liverpool play coutinho every match cos they dont ve many options. Am i going to risk playing any of ur listed youth player when i need 3point? NO. Mou to improve david’s free kick? Dats new yr tonic for me honestly. All those players u mention have future in cfc ‘if’ they work hard, improve, take their chances when caled upon at any time. Cheers. New yr things……..

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