What We Learned: Steaua Bucharest

A thrilling Europa League 2nd leg for all the right reasons (result wise). Despite the 3-1 result which sends us through to the last 8, we didn’t play our best for a majority of the match despite a very strong squad. Juan Mata opened the scoring and a period of Chelsea domination followed only to be cancelled out by a late strike at the end of the first half which make the 2nd half very crucial. John Terry got the game going with a brilliant header that was almost a carbon copy of the header against Napoli on the same date (weirdly enough). Then, Fernando Torres scored a very good goal, but went on to miss from the penalty spot as he hit the bar. Nonetheless, it’s a good result that sends us through.

Scorers : 

What We Learned : 

1. John Terry – deserves to start

2. David Luiz should adapt to DM

3. Eden Hazard is in terrific form

4. Torres confidence slowly returning (for the 259839483259th time)

1. John Terry – deserves to start :

A poor start from the skipper as he was guilty of stepping up and letting Rusescu in on goal early on, but competed well at corners as per usual. Scored a trademark header to make amends and set up a great comeback. Nonetheless, he should his class and importance was clearly shown. A header that reminds me of Napoli on March 14, 2012 (exactly 1 year ago) as he rejuvenated our European dreams/hopes and he did the same today. His goal and attitude throughout the whole game gave us the energy in the 2nd half to persevere. John Terry – Captain, Leader, Legend. Give him a start, Rafa!

2. David Luiz should adapt to DM :

It wasn’t a bad performance from Luiz as he looked to initiate plays from the back with Cech and dominated in the air, and held his position well. His mistakes however, were a bit concerning. He gave away too many corners and made hopeless long balls at times. I believe we should go ahead and make the holding midfield more of a common position for David Luiz instead of Centre Back. I just feel his silliness at the back is more costly than in the midfield where he seems more calm and composed. So for me, it’s David Luiz –> holding midfield.

3. Eden Hazard is in terrific form :

Eden Hazard was a key figure in our 2-2 comeback at Manchester United and today showed why that 38 million Pound sum was well worth it. Now, it is Steaua and not Real Madrid/Barcelona, but after a great display at Manchester United, Hazard continued to show his class today. 2nd best player coming after Mata, who was just as brilliant, but more effective (for me).  Hazard constantly looked to cut in from the left and work a shooting opportunity on his right foot, he posed a real problem all night for Steaua. A cheeky dummy allowed Torres to find shooting space for the third and won a penalty on a great night for the Belgian.

4. Torres confidence slowly returning (for the 259839483259th time) : 

Torres almost had an early chance but predictably slipped instead of shooting. The best thing he did in the first 45 minutes was move out of the way of Mata to let his compatriot score. He looked a man reborn in the second 45 and scored the all-important third, but also missed a late penalty. As usually said, “Torres is back” after he puts up an impressive performance, but usually the next match is the exact opposite. This time, I don’t think it’ll be that way. Torres looks to be playing a lot better than before in recent weeks and his confidence seems to be higher than ever as a Chelsea player. Now, I’m not the biggest Torres fan, but he is a flat-track bully for sure. He dominates the smaller clubs, but struggles against big clubs. I’m not trying to hint that his old form is returning, but he is definitely playing better. Whether he actually keeps it up, I don’t know.

Other Points : 

1. Where is Marko Marin?

2. Fatigue could be settling in as top 4 race intensifies

3. Oscar continues to be inconsistent

That’s all I have for this edition of What We Learned. A relatively short one compared to the others, but nonetheless, you get the point behind it. We’re onto the next round, thankfully. Up the Chels.

  1. Kiss4life says

    Eden hazard got talent

  2. Anonymous says

    Marin sud get more chances. Wer as I cudnt hardly notice oscar

  3. emile says

    Admin here is one point that I will never agree with U. Oscar isn’t inconsistent. When someone isn’t scoring that doesn’t mean he playing shit. He is good on the ball and great passer…. What I have to say is that Mikel is more inconsistent in Chelsea. He lost possession many times nearly cost us goals. David Luiz plays well I don’t know why U says he should play as DMF.

    1. iyco says

      Shut up! How can you release all this s.h.i.t monologue to mikel? Did you really watch manchester united vs chelsea’s previous match?
      Just remain silent cos you might be high on weed

  4. dozie says

    Had Manchester United go Hazard in last summer, they wouldn’t be going for C. Ronaldo. Infact Man u will be to effective in transfer market during the summer because of the Chelsea trinity,Mata, Hazard and Oscar

  5. Henry says

    Talking about oscar inconsistent u are very wrong!!lets be honest here,the boy played very well….did you see where mata’s goal came from?it was oscar who took the ball first and he also made some brilliant passes,interceptions…

  6. Slim says

    Nice i will love 2 hear all dis Torres hates tell mi which player has dis kinda pace in him dats d reason y Ba has no were near him he is just 2 awesome Ba has no pace he just hold d ball i mean just wait 4 it bt Torres gat All in a striker…

    So wat we need is a pace pace player cos hazard wount be running like dat 4 2 months ad he need a back up some1 like Walcott El shaarawy or Gotze cos our game 2day was all abt attacking with pace….

    Terry was back ad Luiz was calm ad compose so terry is still needed…

    I told u all dat lampard is nt need in d double pivot role. Mikel ad ramires is wat should be dere

    1. xtian says

      The team play all round was decent. I don’t like picking out a player for criticism. Terry did ok, though he might have gifted the opposition a goal, David Luiz was erratic and gave away the ball often just like Mikel and Oscar. Torres did get a very good goal and it would be a relief if he can now get better with competition. Even Cech was a little bit shaky sometimes and the manger almost had everyone play full 90 minutes.

  7. Ken says

    Atleast benitez now know the games to start lampard..the lesser games or bring him on in the second half

  8. freaky.timo says

    I agree wth all except fr da second part
    * firstly i dont see why marin shld start he cn be a sub bt evn den moses is better if played as power sub
    *secondly i wld like to kno wat is expected off of Oscar da lad has a terrific wrk rate, da passing is excellent and da interceptions, the tackles are twice as much as mata and hazzard so he doesnt score as miuch bt is certain nt dne anything to deserve criticism

  9. Zane says

    Yeah I don’t see a decline in Oscar’s performances and besides,he doesn’t even play in his natural position. Yes Mata and Oscar do switch in the game but the Spaniard has more minutes in the 10 role.

  10. Anonymous says

    totally disagree with Mata being our best player on the night, you are clearly biased on that note, Hazard was the best player no question!!!!!

  11. Zane says

    Lol the best Torres did in the first half was getting out of Mata’s way? Mate,he’s been doing that all season. It’s part of the game plan to drag and keep his defender/s busy so that players behind him can have more space to shoot or either run into the box.

  12. iyco says

    Shut up! How can you release all this s.h.i.t monologue to mikel? Did you really watch manchester united vs chelsea’s previous match?
    Just remain silent cos you might be high on weed

  13. Bitto raphael says

    Torres is back,Oscar needs rest while it Marins time

    1. Zane says

      Never say Torres is back.

      1. Storm says

        It’s a real plasuere to find someone who can think like that

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