What We Learned: Swansea

No goals means no final for Chelsea. Chelsea bow out of yet another tournament and lose the ability to win another trophy. Chelsea can now only win 3 trophies, but started with the ability to win 7. The headlines aren’t Swansea getting into the final, but Hazard getting a red for an apparent kick of the Swansea City ball boy that Chris Foy deem it as violent conduct.

Scorers : 


What We Learned : 

1. Demba Ba isn’t the solution to our problems :

2. Another trophy lost :

3. Chelsea haven’t had luck with referees :

4. 1 man needed :

1. Demba Ba isn’t the solution to our problems : 

“A hint of simulation about the way in which he toppled under pressure from Davies. Nevertheless showed good movement and looked dangerous when trying to link up. Snatched at a half-chance in Swansea’s box when presented with the opportunity then went close just after the break.” However, he didn’t take his chances. Torres didn’t create chances nor did he finish them. Ba has given us glimpses of finishing them and certainly creating them, but the finishing is what we lack. Ba has 3 goals since joining Chelsea and all 3 are against Southampton. He’s a good buy, but problem isn’t solved.

2. Another trophy lost : 

Once again, we’ve lost out on a final and winning the trophy. For the 5th time this season, we’ve either lost/been kicked out of a tournament. 3 under Di Matteo 2 under Rafa. It’s a shame, but we what has been our bread and butter in our recent history is no longer. We’re accustomed to making the final and winning in just about every tournament, but this season it’s been the opposite. The problem is not just 1, but many and today and in the 1st leg we proved how weak we’ve become.

3. Chelsea haven’t had luck with referees : 

Although we’ve been awarded the most penalties this season, we’ve also faced a lot of controversy this season – United, QPR, Swansea, City, etc. The FA has seemed to picked us as it’s little dog. They bully us constantly and we don’t get the decisions we deserve. I had to be involved with referees and their controversies, but it’s a pain for everyone in the English Leagues. We always hear of bad decisions and mostly it’s us that get the worst end possible. Nevertheless, we must move on.

4. 1 man needed : 

Mourinho. That’s the man needed. The Special One has been linked with a sensational return and hopefully it comes true. The club legend’s return would put Di Matteo’s sacking and Rafa’s brief stay away from the headlines and minds of fans. It’s obvious that he wants us and we want him. To put an end to this misery, he’s our only option. It’s just that simple.

Other Points : 

1. Marin not playing, therefore loan him.

2. Rafa isn’t impressing me as much as hoped.

3. Swansea too solid defensively.

4. John Terry’s return needed.

  1. Anonymous says

    its 8 trophy opportunities not 7

    1. EKVR says

      FA Cup, EPL, Capital One Cup, Super Cup, Charity Shield, Champions League, Club World Cup.. what did I miss? The Europa League wasn’t guaranteed at season’s start btw.

  2. brynknight says

    We know that the FA, FIFA and UEFA hate Chelsea, and they are constantly screwing us over. But we just have to live with it. I’ve got used to it.

    And we do need the Special One, but we need much more than just him. As you said, Demba Ba is not the answer to all life problems. He is no upgrade on Daniel Sturridge for me. A fairly good finisher, but nothing special. A good distance ahead of Torres though. In other words, we need a new striker i.e. Neymar.
    We need:
    1. Mourinho home. Long-term contract.
    2. Neymar.
    3. Lukaku back .
    4. De Bruyne back.
    5. Torres out. And Benitez, Hilario, Malouda, Turnbull, Benayoun and Ferreira to follow him.
    6. A top-notch DLP. Marco Verratti would be my choice.
    7. David Luiz back in the midfield, or playing as a libero.

    And this doesn’t happen overnight. As has been said before, this is primarily a transitional season, as will next season, thankfully. The season as a whole has been pretty crap. But I do believe there will be more heavy spending in the summer…Falcao, Isco, Willian, Fellaini, Neymar…should be an exciting time.
    Always look on the bright side of life!

    1. EKVR says

      Sounds like a busy summer. BTW, your article is scheduled to be published tomorrow.

      1. brynknight says

        Thanks Ervin, I was wondering what had happened to it. I guess you’re using the updated version I sent you?

      2. EKVR says

        Yes, I am. Expect in about 6 hours or so.

  3. Alimi Oluwaseun Sunday says

    roman pls contact mou today because refree are our enemis.

  4. Alimi Oluwaseun Sunday says

    roman pls contact mou today because refree are our enemies.

  5. Vaibhav Kumble says

    I had said this at the start of the season that dont expect any trophies this season. A top four finish shud be our priority . Many changes have taken place at Chelsea and transition doesnt happen in a yr. Especially when you change so many managers. I agree with the Mourinho part. He is only thing we need this summer. Rest all will fall into place. Keep calm and support Chelsea. KTBFFH

  6. Zane says

    The problem isn’t with the strikers. It’s clear as daylight that they are not getting enough of the ball. Ba and Torres both have finishing technique but can’t be used because they lack service.

    The players behind the strikers aren’t doing their job,plain and simple. They either spend too much time on the ball or they pass it around too much between them and back to the defensive players. Too many dribblers for me so we lack the direct approach.

    I agree with BrynKnight,we should get a striker like Neymar. Even Suarez is suitable. These are strikers who move around non stop,joining the attacking midfielders and usually ghost into the box. You can’t get that from strikers like Ba and Torres who just wants it on their feet or head to finish off. I can’t see how our strikers can be successful in such a system.

    Isn’t it obvious? What happened to Eto and Ibrahimovich at Barca? They didn’t suit the possession style of play so they left. Enough said.

  7. Sherzod says

    Agree with Zane. Some of us want Falcao here, but with such service he will also be a flop, mark my words…

  8. Anonymous says

    Buy your way out of trouble but not out of your persecution complex

  9. mech says

    That someone did not do well in a match does not make him not to be solution to chelsea player…to me, Ba played well yeterday..he needs time to show himsef in this club…talking about benitez…his a very good coach n I think if given I free role to be our manager..his goin to perform well..so pls let’s support this guys cos is nt easy guys.thnx

  10. Zane says

    Yes Sherzod. Even Falcao will become a flop. I’m betting all my assets on it if Torres sign for Real Madrid or any team that has an emphasis on counter attacking football,he’ll shine again like the player we all saw at Liverpool. He needs to be at a team who knows when to pass and where to pass. Ba had what,two three chances last night? Isn’t that pretty much the same Torres offers when he plays 80mins for Chelsea? Look at the football people please.

  11. emile says

    I think what we need now is a striker who can unlock defence, someone who is strong on one on one, someone who got skills to dribble and great finishing as well. As my Mates said even Falcao can’t shine in our system. the kind of strikers who need full services from midfielders can’t suit in our system as our midfielders like to pass the ball around no direct attack. For me I would pick Neymar and Suarez ahead of Falcao or Cavani. Neymar is my first choice as is so young, got skills to beat any defender, great finisher and so fast than all of them. Suarez is like Neymar but the only difference is that Neymar is better finisher and when he wants he can dribble pass defender easier. In other words he know what he is doing not lucky dribbles like Suarez.

  12. xtian says

    Yeah, u are so right. Our problem is now the 3 amigoes, Mazacar or whatever we call them. They don’t even bother to look up n find d striker, just to pass until they loose the ball or back to the defenders. But I think Ba is still better than Torres or how do we explain the fact that we have not lost any game he started.

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