What We Learned: Trashing of Arsenal proves who are 'SPECIALIST IN FAILURES'

CFC celebrate Schurrle goal

A great and resounding victory for the Blues against Arsenal was the favorite moment of any Chelsea fan probably this whole season. It was a perfect victory for Chelsea anything you would ask for except the referee’s unfair sending off of Gibbs instead of Oxlade-Chamberlain. Jose Mourinho proved who is the best manager in the premier league and even in the world by delivering a title hampering loss to Arsene Wenger on his 100th game in charge.

This victory leaves the West London side top of the premier league table at least until Manchester City play out their remaining due matches left to catch up and overtake the lead. But, for now, let’s analyze the whole performance of the team in that match and what the victory means for Chelsea. Here is the latest edition of What We Learned…Enjoy!


Arsene Wenger mad 6-0

After lots of words exchanged between the two managers and players before the build-up, it was Chelsea who silenced our London arch-rivals by humiliating them 6-0 in what was supposed to be a special occasion for their manager in his 1000th game in charge. Mourinho’s tactic was perfectly set up to deliver the blow to the Gunners right from the off. Chelsea pressed well and didn’t give Arsenal the freedom and space they needed to play their high paced passing game to open up opponents.

Mourinho proved to Wenger who is the BOSS yet again as the Special One has never lost a head to head match against Arsene Wenger. Arsenal fans were also massively unhappy of their players performance as they were clearly outperformed and out drilled by the better team on Saturday.

Samuel Eto’o is proving his critics wrong and showing his worth to Jose as well as the fans: 


There is nothing better than seeing a Chelsea players perform well and score important goals that win derbies and big matches. And that’s exactly what has happened with Samuel Eto’o as the Cameroonian still has Mourinho’s jibes about his age in his head. And that little grudge and instinct inside of him is what is breeding all this big game performances match after match.

A prove to those who think Eto’o did not hold a grudge after those comments is the quotes from the Cameroonian when he appeared on an interview with BeIN sports channel in French after the Arsenal game…

He explained: ‘He becomes someone else in the build-up to matches. Like any human being, he sometimes loses his reason. He proved it sometimes, like when he did it with me, but he takes all the pressure on himself.’

That comment where Mourinho made a funny jibe unknowingly of a camera being around did not go well with Eto’o and there has even been rumors that he may not think of extending his stay at Stamford bridge beyond this summer. But, the way he plays and how we wants to win games for the team is a joy to watch every single passing game.

Title race is officially now a two-horse race; ‘little horses’ should galope in to the finish line!

With Arsenal now almost out of being considered one of the favorites to clinch the title, it’s between Chelsea and Manchester City with Liverpool the dark horses behind in case those two teams slip up. It was the race that was predicted at the beginning of the season and it’s going to escalate from this point on as Chelsea have easy fixture list except the away trip to Anfield to face Liverpool. Manchester City would still have to overcome Manchester United at Old Trafford, Liverpool at Anfield and Arsenal at the Emirates to legitimize and reign supreme over title rivals.

Other key points:

  • Azpiliceuta was a much deserved man of the match and he is developing into one of the top three full backs in the world behind Alaba, Lahm and Alves.
  • David Luiz in midfield with Matic is a killer combination against Any side. The Brazilian has been brilliant in midfield as Mourinho finally mentioned.
  • Fernando Torres worked well for the team since coming on and looks like he can carry the goal scoring flag up top for the Blues while Eto’o is out.

Here are the main things we learned from the win against Arsenal and we apologize for the late publication of this edition. Thanks for reading and let us know your thoughts on this. KTBFFH! LONDON IS BLUE


  1. hassassin says

    Mou please keep Luiz… Don’t sell him…sell Mikel instead… We need a free kick specialist… So let’s buy rasmus elm….

  2. Gbasha.bitto says

    Lols Eto is good but for how long willl he last? Sell mikel NOT Luiz

  3. gH0ul says

    How can you compare Dave to Alaba and Alvez? At worst, they are at the same level. I even think Dave is better than those two. Well, Lahm is a legendary full back up there with Roberto Carlos and Franck de Boer. Dave at this rate may even surpass them.

  4. Adam says

    “David has been brilliant in midfield as Mourinho finally mentioned.”: Mou has been stubborn that is why we lose so many games when we play against the team in the lower half of the table than other big teams. I said it before and again that, Davi Luiz is unique when he play as a Midfield defender. Benitez notify that and this is why chelsea start to play beautiful football at the end of last year. Luiz is NOT a defender as he proves time and time: anytime he plays alongside with Terry, I scare.
    Ramires has a very very bad range passing contrary to Luiz who has a very good passing range. Consequence of this, we cannot beat defensive team as Rami cannot help the attack. With the suspension of rami, it is a good news for us as Daid luiz will play against Crystal palace (defensive team). Also, with Luiz, Matic can go forward and interchanged with Luiz: he can not do it when he plays alongside Rami.

    I dont see how we can lose with: Cech – iva.terry.cahill.cesar – Matic.luiz – Hazard.William .schurrle – Ba”. (Let hope that he will not put this crap Torres again.).

    It becomes unacceptable to lose against the team in the lower half of the table.

  5. Adam says

    “Fernando Torres worked well for the team”:

    Do you really think if it was Torres for the first goal, he will have scored? No way. Dont blame the coach if we lose when you continue to advocate for crap player. We must put pressure on Mou to play BA. At least he offers the strength. We ned the physicality of BA when we play against defensive team like Crystal Palace.

  6. Adam says

    “Title race is officially now a two-horse race”: I dont think so. If Chelsea continue to lose against the team in the lower half of the table, how we are going to win the title?

  7. wambua says

    torres was extra ordinary.i saw the lethal chelsea who demolished chelsea at will 3 years ago.bt he is unpredictable.

  8. wambua says

    sorry i meant the lethal striker

  9. Martin, Norway. says

    We must sell Torres this summer am looking forward to Mourinho’s decision.

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