What We Learned vs Aston Villa: Horrific refereeing plus poor finishing

Delph goal vs CFC

Chelsea lost the opportunity to extend the gap between our closest rivals by losing to Aston Villa away at Villa park. But, it wasn’t a fair loss that all of us could accept in respect and look forward to the next game. It came at the expense of a stupid refereeing from Chris Foy who has downed the Blues to 9 men on two occasions this time. Also by the end of the game, Jose Mourinho was on the field to ask a simple question to the referee who then proceeded to send off the Portuguese manager.

After all the frustrations and angers from all Chelsea fans including the players and Manager, let’s look at the main talking points from the game. But, first let’s look here Mourinho’s brilliant post match interview about all the drama that unfolded before our own eyes at Villa Park.

Now let’s proceed to the main talking points as we are allowed to let our views out compared to our Manager being in trouble because of FA’s rules of a ‘bringing the game into disrepute’.

A stupid, horrific, horrendous…etc [insert any hateful description] refereeing from Chris Foy:

Fucking Chris Foy

This might be some casual thing to say from another Chelsea fan here, but it’s true and needs to be mentioned. Chris Foy for those who do not remember him was the same referee who sent off two of our players in the defeat against QPR in the 2011/12 season back when Andre Villas-Boas was in charge and that game started a serious of bad spells for the club in the following weeks both on and off the pitch [Terry’s racism case against Anton Ferdinand]. We hope it doesn’t lead to many unconditional stuff like it has in that defeat but, it’s exactly almost the same events that took place at Loftus road.

The Referee ignored fouls that could have been awarded to us for example the foul on Ramires which lead to the goal we conceded and also a couple of them on Hazard which were not given. But, Willian’s second was unjustifiable since there was no denying of a goal scoring opportunity and it wasn’t a sort of slide tackling that could have provoked a yellow. And at the last minute, he sent off Ramires due to a stamp on Villa player but, completely ignored Agbonlahor who came from the bench to fight and push around with Chelsea players in anger.

Poor display in first half especially with finishing: 


This is a theme of a loss the Blues have conceded this season. Poor finishing when we had the opportunity to hurt the opposition as was the case at Villa park in the first half. Fernando Torres was messing up good counter attacks from the midfielders as possession and passing around in tight spaces isn’t his style. Mourinho might have been thinking of resting Samuel Eto’o (Chelsea’s best striker by far this season) for the Galatasaray game.

But, that plan not his fault, backfired as the Spaniard wasn’t at the right places in the box to finish nor to lay on a pass for others to score. This is a problem that needs a solution in the summer transfer window whether Torres stays at the bridge or not.

Jose was right saying we aren’t the favorites with Man City catching up: 

EPL top 10

Manchester City in contrast won their match 2-0 away at Hull with a justified sending off of Captain Kompany not doing harm to them as they sealed a clean sheet nonetheless. That shows the real strength of the Manchester City squad who the Special one said was the favorites and strongest side in the premier league. They have played less games in the league than us and are little points behind. And let’s not forget Liverpool as well, so the title race may not be clear and open for us to chase as it seemed before this fixture.

After all, let’s look ahead to the midweek encounter between the Blues and Galatasaray in the champions league. We will witness the return of Didier Drogba to Stamford bridge and hope to win the tie and advance into the Quarter finals of the competition. let’s go Blues!!!

We apologize for the late WWL edition this week and will guarantee a faster publication for the next game on ward. KTBFFH and thanks for reading! @FahmiCFC

  1. Anonymous says

    apart from foy torres also caused us 3pts,

  2. Ankit Torres Nirwan says

    everytime its torres……haha…..Chelsea fans just cant suffer a defeat ……..they tend to blame their own players …….the midfield play was nothing more than crap ….only one threatening cross…and willian goes on to take every shot …..just cant understand the logic !

    1. kes says

      Please ask them on my behalf and worst still, always blaming the wrong player!

  3. sammymwaura says

    I hope city losses 2 games

  4. Ken says

    Jose has really brainwashed most cfc faithful. Truth be told, he got his tactics wrong on that day..was it not city that rallied from a man down to beat hull why can’t do same.. I believe jose is running out of ideas that’s why we ain’t favourite to win the league just be on the safe side..

    1. Adam says

      This is absolutely disgrace comments.

    2. Cfc_obsessed says


  5. Martin, Norway. says

    I think it is high time we sell Torres this summer. We should consider Demba ba instead of Torres in MATCHES while Torres comes in. Three things caused us the points against Villa. Mourinho substitutions were bad. Some players did not live up to expectations and the last but not the least is awful officiating, the man in the middle

  6. kes says

    It’s funny how everyone is blaming the ref Chris Foy as if we hadn’t our own share of the blame. There was an Ivanovic that couldn’t cover his tracks on time, a Matic that gets the ball very well but loses almost immediately or gives a wrong pass and become worn-out with fatigue: he was tired, a Ramirez that is becoming too erratic, making late and unprofessional tackles, an Eden Hazard that just wants to dribble and not to trying any accurate shot on/off target: he should go and study more of CR7 and Messi’s videos for improvement and development, a coach whose problem is he is too good and prone to jaw dropping selection and tactics. We have what it takes to win this season’s EPL, if we don’t it’s nobody’s fault but ours!

  7. Peter says

    Fernando Torres was purely and simply the problem. He loses most important chances and possessions, and will always concede goals. Go and analyze the goals we conceded against Galatasaray (pause at 63:53 and you will see that the space that the equalizer came from was right in front of Torres who should have moved to cover that, proactive) and Fulham (pause at 73:26 Torres was the only player not moving, his legs were momentarily glued to the ground).
    I don’t know why anybody would risk playing Torres, Vicente Del Bosque knew better.

  8. ush says

    Chris foy had a bad game,but d problem was FERNANDO TORRES

  9. Fik says

    Good article clearly shows z right things, z strength & weakness of coach, players and referee. Z referee is too old to run. He simply decided wrongly z thing that he didn’t look. He is known by his wrong decision but we gave space to him to destroy us in this match as well in z coming games. Eto’s absence in this tight defece cost title …

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