What We Learned: Wenger still can't beat Jose Mourinho; 0-0

Jose and Wenger

Chelsea and Arsenal shared a point in this crucial game between the two London clubs fighting for title race. Jose Mourinho explained how it was mission accomplished from this match and how he set up his team for a result rather than risking going 5 points behind the Gunners. Arsenal had more possession but, it was Chelsea with more shots on goal and we came really close with Lampard hitting the cross-bar after a brilliant pass from Eden Hazard.

Let’s take a look at some major points we learned from this game and how it will shape up our title aspirations going into the boxing day fixtures and into the new year.

Jose Mourinho chose the right tactic for this game

The Portuguese manager opted to play a defensive counterattacking system trying to get a result rather than risk losing and going 5 points behind Arsenal. Now, we are just two points behind leaders Liverpool who play Manchester City this weekend. Some people might criticize the decision but, for a team which couldn’t ‘kill opponents’ while we had lots of opportunities, it was a risky to play an attacking formation against title contenders in a match away from home.

Frank Lampard played incredibly well in the 4-3-3 system 

Really, who couldn’t see this coming when the line-up was announced? John Obi Mikel was brilliant unsurprisingly in the holding role and he stopped Ozil and all attacking plays from Arsenal coming from Midfield. Lampard and Ramires were a real threat going forward and especially Lampard as he went very close to giving us the lead after a brilliant pass from Eden Hazard. This formation may do us a lot of favor in many upcoming big games against Liverpool and Southampton away as we head into boxing day fixtures.

The partnership of Cahill and Terry was unbeatable; joint MOTMs!

The two English center backs were totally incredible in this game and earned their accolade of joint Man of the match winners as Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher from sky sports studio couldn’t pick out one for the accolade. Terry did well in many aerial challenges and Cahill dealt well by blocking many shots and clearing dangers. This partnership is the reason we have a talented, quality CB such us Luiz sitting on the bench. And it looks like Jose will stick by this pair in front of Cech for important games as we go into the 2nd half of the season with Luiz getting some games alongside the either or even in midfield.

Wingers should have done better to feed the striker

Eden Hazard, Willian, Schurrle, Oscar. All of whom Mourinho had put in for the wide position didn’t do their offensive job very well as was planned by Mourinho. Fernando Torres didn’t do well with few of the chances he was presented but, we should have done much better on the counter. Willian missed an incredible chance which looked like it was going to end with the Blues taking the lead. But, instead he didn’t find the back of the net nor was it a great attempt into the keeper. Mourinho has sounded over many times he isn’t happy with the strikers performance and the team’s ability to kill off opponents by scoring one or two and not allowing them to get back into the match.

League position looking better than a year before 

Some fans argue on twitter that we won last year’s fixture against Arsenal at Emirates by playing Mata and Oscar since the start but, we must remember it is a completely different Arsenal team we see now on the pitch and we are still well in the title race compared to last season. By the time we beat Everton 2-1 at Goodson park away during this period last season, we were trying to get maybe 2nd or 3rd in the table let alone trying to win the league. It was under caretaker ‘interim’ boss Rafa Benitez. Fast forward a year on and we can convincingly take this away point in the title race we can’t fall behind. The team is much more stronger in depth as was proven when we saw David Luiz and two time POTY winner Juan Mata on the bench. We are just two points behind the leaders who play another title contender in Manchester City this weekend.

So, when looking into the positive, Jose Mourinho was correct in seeking result rather than an attacking philosophy of football that envisaged to built upon for the next decade. The Special One put it this way after the game: ‘We came to win, we wanted to win but it was very important not to lose,’ assessed Mourinho, ‘because if we did we are five points behind the leader. With a point we are two behind the two leaders and that is a completely different picture. We tried to win but we are not unhappy with the point.’

Also Mourinho lamented the cry-acting of certain Arsenal players who are bringing bad habit into English Football.

Asked about complaints that John Mikel Obi should have been shown a red card for a challenge on Mikel Arteta, Mourinho spoke about the reaction of Arsenal players: ‘They like to cry but I prefer to say that English people, and I give Frank Lampard as an example, would never provoke a situation like that. Players from some other countries have that in their blood. Even if you are hurting, even if there is contact, even if the opponent was aggressive with you – come on, let’s go, this is English football.”

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  1. EMILE 10 says

    Great performance defensive way. really happy with what i saw. 87mins without a single shot on the goal for arsenal! it’s incredible. great performance by Cahill and Terry. midfielders were solid. great game by Mikel, he was amazing. Lampard and Ramires were fantastic.it was really a good step by the team. hopefully in upcoming matches we can also improve our attacking football too. Chelsea till i die

  2. Bob says

    Juan Mata should have started. Mourinho may have kept his nice record but this was a boring game and willian is not clinical at all. Doesn’t use his chances well. At least last season Chelsea would try winning the games instead of parking a bus against big teams…

    1. Pearl says

      Look man, he’s the manager… Surely he know what he doing, great tactic chosen by him… n dont mean we put mata we can win every game… Happy with the resut, n we played really well…. but our attackers should improve

    2. Cfc_obsessed says

      Honestly bob when i saw d line line up, i thought mata should be there but knwing we were going to play 4 3 3 so no comment. Both team were afraid not to lose. I cant say for sure wether if we attack they we ‘might’ win. I cant take dat risk with our shaky defence. Anytime gunners had a corner, i always close my eye cos i fear the worse. Ktbffh

  3. Jk says

    Admin I like your argument but we have to compare Jose’s sytem of play and Rafa’s sytem. The major difference is now what we call real football. Mourinho do not like sexy football. If you are carefull you will realise that Jose’s way has alot of waste ball unlike Rafa who utilises his balls diplomatically. Carpet football with shory accurate passes was killer and that’s why we were able to beat Everton, Man Unitef, Arsenal and stop Liverpool the spurs and other miner teams at the botton who are now a bother to Jose. We. want Rafa’s way of play and we will win most games both domestic and external. Mourinho’s defensive way of play will render our babies shapeless and useless.

    1. Nino says

      Did u say we managed wel against smal teams under rafa? Remember against reading who were relegated last season giving up a 2-0 lead at the death after leading for 88mins, u cal that managing wel against smal teams?

  4. Ken says

    If u call this a nice performance then Jose must hv blinded u guys with mediocrity..how many top teams hv we beaten this season aside City? Wait by the time we slip out of top four this dec or by jan then we’ll all learn the hard way..to hell with Mou’s dour tactics in this modern era of sleek footie…..

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      @ken. Sexy football is wot dat comes wit a either a price is being paid. If u play attacking football against a team like this, is either u get ur player injured, or u conceed. This is a restructured match by both team in this point in time. Arsenal may ve more possessions, it is their way in epl, they play possesive football and they lack instinct. Maybe they re achieve somtin dis time around. Liverpool is playing the best football right now. Epl is a strong league, i thought arsenal was going to beat us wit ease wit the way we ve been playing so far(shasky at the back) vs their attack. City may beat them, dats football. Winning is my priority not sexy football. U can call my belove team anything u want, i dont care. I ll rather packed d bus and win than to attack with all my players and lose.

  5. GABBY says

    hw many big teams has arsenal beating too @ken?, brilliant performance from mikel nd lamps, u see our players are to blame somtyms, luk de chance willian missed sombody will blame de coach poor tactics bcos willian missed this chance which shud hv been at the bac of the net for a 1-0 victory.

  6. Neri Abayomi says

    Is this football?
    I can’t believe this, we packed the bus against a team that lost 6-3 a fortnight ago.
    If Sagna’s late header had gone in, we would be saying something.
    If we had played this system against Barcelona, Bayern or Madrid, it would have been a great performance but cmon Arsenal!

  7. Akinwumi Steven says

    For the 1st time I’m sticking with Gabby coz we had a great game yesterday!It doesn’t really matter whether we packed bus for a team that conceded 6 goals against man city.Assuming Lamps and Willian scored,it would have been a different ball game and a win against Arsenal that couldn’t create much chances despite the fact they attack!Big kudos to Lamps,Mikel and Rami yesterday and not forgetting solid defensive display by JT and Cahill.

  8. fidel says

    Lol,jose the politician-what does he mean by players from other countries like cry acting?I can only figure out what country he is talking about and that’s Spain, LOL.
    They really like to cry-act as it were.

    Decent Game last night.We survived dangerously but in the end,it was okay.

  9. Cfc_obsessed says

    We ve more shots on goal and on target and people called this packed the bus. Azpi didnt go forward to support, even hazard is cautioned, it was tactics against top team that needed to win cos they lost their last match, cos they want to top the the table. Wenger used theo to cause havoc but we were desciplined. Gud performance frm the players. I prefer this 433 system cause lampard, mikel, ramires play better together in it. We ve defeated them in their home dis season(capital cup), everyday is no xmas. Beside, they ve an improved team dis season. No harm done. Cfc till i die

  10. Irokotola michael says

    Iroko mike

  11. Irokotola michael says

    Listen to him (mou), he said that this team is in developing stage and which is true…… Mata is a very nice player, If you could remember season before last.. We struggle and we finished sixth, this time last year we struggle to finished third….. With two or three more signings this team will be great again…… In our attack.. The consistensy is not there. I know everyone here criticising him will praise him by the end of the season….. The man is calm and you should be calm too and one more thing stop betting on Chelsea for now so that you can watch football with 100% concentration.

  12. Gbasha.bitto says

    Lets get areal goal digger and a strong playmaker(mata and oscar) do not ve the stamina and body balance to play such position

  13. fidel says

    Guys,remember city,Arsenal,Liverpool,everton are all in Form.Man united tottenham and Chelsea are not in such a great form but Chelsea are still in top 4 (scrappy yes but we still in contention).Our biggest challenge are as follows:
    1.Our wide men are not getting good balls to the strikers to score decent goals.They are all selfish and want to score themselves if they have the opportunities.Oscar and hazard are biggest culprits.Hazard never releases the ball on time.guys it is a team effort men!!!?
    2.We still need a mature yet quality strikers.Ba should be sold by now.we need someone who has amazing dribbling skills and fast.we need a top striker.Suarez/balotelli can do very well in Chelsea.Teams beat us because they believe we have poor strikers and that is no problem.with 4 league goals between 3main strikers in over 20 games in all competition,who wouldn’t think so.?
    3.We need stronger,skillful midfielders to create chances upfront.

    With the form Arsenal are at the moment and City,if we tried to be too offensive,we will end up conceding goals.simply put,Jose does not have the type of strikers he needs to win games nor does he have a playmaker who can be the instructor/commander in a game hence for now,against a free scoring team like Arsenal,I believe our performance was decent.

  14. Shiloh says

    It was a great game play by Chelsea solid and compact, Mikel did his job and was always what we need to balance play. Mata and Oscar especially Mata, should have been brought into the game to give us an extra edge in attack towards the end of the game.

  15. true fan says

    Great game by the team in a good balance n happy with a away point n two points behind the leaders .
    Guys I think after all of this we need a striker ,2013 without an away goal from our strikers how we going to win the league?????
    Also I think mourinho has to learn our midfielders how to feed the ball to our strikers coz they r not even gettin chances .

  16. Rash Mchelsea says

    The team have improved a bit especially in defence.The area remaining is tha forwad

  17. Martin, Norway. says

    Great game especially defensively but we need to buy a good striker in January.

  18. Martin, Norway. says

    We need ap roper striker someone like Martinez or Diego Costa.

  19. qwec-i says

    Beautiful stuff? Cries, and I cry again. What a dour tactics performance. This game really needed an intelligent playmaker to hold and spray passes here and there and you put Ramires there whilst we all know for sure that Ramires is not good passer of the game. Afraid to beat Arsenal whiles others have already white washed them? Oohhh No!!!! Something is going wrong and I hope Mourinho in all his intelligence does somfin in earnest.

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      @ last someone dat says the truth.
      @Qwe ci


    i am so disappointed with mourinho, at least it is better to draw than to loose,but i will list where he is failing to respond to.
    1. azpi is better in right back
    2. lampard has poor performance regardless of his attempt on goals,
    3. hazard game is dropping
    4. eto, torres, and ba is ok but mou midfielders cant link with them effectively, like through pass and so on.
    5. no need buy midfielder like guarin with age 27, because no team is perfectly complete.
    6. let him make use of the players we have
    7. he is not motivating the player with his big mouth
    8. this time next season and we are still playing like this i would not suprised if he is being sack.
    9. he planned for draw against arsenal just like against man u at the begining of the season.
    10. he should have rested for a season to get his creativity back,
    11. he knows the problem but he cant solve it, but defend his weakness very well.
    and so on.

    1. Cfc_obsessed says

      Lampard had a bad game? He didnt, hazard is droping? He is not, he has probably the most chance created this season, maybe 40 am not sure. HE IS NOT DROPING. Just calm ur tits, mou ll find the right combination that ll match our strikers soon. Pls in mind right now, just imagine cole playing @ left back yesterday night, theo will definitely rape him through out. I am not saying he is not the best rb but he can play on d left for now and he is better than cole physically.

    2. GABBY says

      @chelsea until u die, where did u watch ur ball, is it black nd white television? lampard was poor man, go watch de repeat of the match. ooh no…….

  21. JAYDE says

    Rafa here Rafa there…was he that special? well, say goodbye to him. It’s JM’s 2nd era; so don’t moan. Just try to be realistic.
    I think Chelsea did tactically well yesterday. For those who thought CFC should’ve been super offensive, you have to remember that every game is diff and handled as such, esp when involved with teams of the moment like Arsenal. I’m happy with the performance, keeping things tidy is better than enjoying stylish football to detriment.
    I laugh when some fans become so emotionally attached to “Put Juan Mata on the pitch syndrome”. At least the last time I checked, my admirable No.10 is not a Messiah himself so learn how to appreciate other players who equally give in as much to the team.

    The truth be told; Our strikers are wearing long faces, owing to their bad season at the office. Have fans ever wondered to analyze the possible reasons? Pls criticize constructively. My take is that the long list of strikers we often like to link up with CFC are no exceptions to CFC’s strikers ordeal. Quote me, if we witness Falcao, Carvanni, etc arrivals today @ the bridge it will be same old story of drought. Where the problem lies my fellow fans is in Chelsea fc’s style of play which only obviously suited only Drogba & Anelka ( ask those fellas how they prevailed).

    * We don’t open up spaces upfront often bcos attacking Midfielders romance the ball more often than pass freely.
    * Everyone shoots consciously & unconsciously. no striker preference in opponents box. (positive)
    * Lack of the final ball.
    * Creativity of AMF’s slightly above average this season.
    All these are observations from the last 2 seasons & present. Non of the linked names strikers will satisfy us. ( problem not with them).
    maybe this is where Wayne Rooney is special here, as his individual ability in association with epl’s pattern is familiar with the kind of football we’ve played in Stamford Bridge for years. We need big adjustments.

  22. miles says

    The striker we need is suarez or aguero buh everyone knows dat is not possible. Even if lukaku were to come to chelsea I have doubts he will succeed cos players like hazard and oscar are too selfish. They always want to score themselves. So a target man like lukaku or martinez may not be the answer. I think the result wz decent-to hit them on the counter attack. Whether u like it or not if u being truthful u cannot blame mou for everything. Chelsea doesnt need a midfielder everyone seems to have forgotten MVG and romeu. Those boys are good. Really good. Just focus on getting a striker. A partnership of Lukaku and el shaawary I
    s not so bad. Is it?

  23. Emile 10 says

    Hey guys! Most of us believe that our AMFs are selfish and are not creating enough for the strikers. Ok! My question is how comes Eden Hazard has create the most chances in EPL so far if our AMFs were that selfish? How comes our strikers have zero away goal in whole damn year(2013)? And remember they have the most chance creator in the league alongside them. Stop your pathetic analyses. We have one of the most mediocre striker force in the league and that’s a fact.

    1. adam says

      Excellent post!

      1. Emile 10 says

        @Adam. I don’t know if u saw that already but there is a problem on positioning of our striker. Against arsenal there were couple of counter attack but Torres was noway to be seen. The funny thing is that Chelsea is in top 3 most chances created so far and 45 on Eden Hazard’ name. It’s crazy how our strikers can put at least one goal in away game the whole year. Even if the teammates are creating enough it’s a shame because even Chamakh, Altidore and other strikers for the weakest teams in the league managed themselves to find the back of the net. I pray we find a striker in this transfer window. I was trying to find (as fan) which striker can fit our style of play and I can say Falcao is the man. Lewa is the type of striker Giroud is but a better finisher tho. Only Falcao, Rooney and Suarez can fit in our team. A playermaker striker is what Chelsea need. No more target man coz we had enough and it’s not working. My thoughts

    2. Cfc_obsessed says

      U should be a writer for this site. Ure always correct. Only a dumb ll never agree

      1. Emile 10 says

        @Cfc _obsessed. English is not my first language so I can’t be a good one. French is my first language tho. Haha thanks anyway. Chelsea till I die

      2. Anonymous says

        lolllllllllllllllllllllllll good

    3. Neri Abayomi says

      @Emile 10- Show me the stats where it was stated that Hazard created the most chances in the EPL.

      The only positive I can take from the Arsenal game is this, @ least we had a game plan. (We v bin clueless b4 now)

  24. adam says

    This is a good post. William has to do better next time.

    1. Emile 10 says

      @Adam. Willian isn’t a goalscorer! He is that kind of player who shine because of they teammates. He is a creating midfielder but as u know it’s really tough to make our strikers score because of the positioning problem. The same as Hazard. There are not natural goalscorer like the legend Frank Lampard for example. We must be little bit patient with them. We will see the best of them after getting a better striker. Chelsea till I die

  25. Anonymous says

    MOP 433 is the best fmtion for us, however we must play oscer in lampard position. We also need strick who can unlock defender

  26. Zyte says

    gud match 2 some extent.i believ jose wants 2 restructure this team from the back.1)the defenders did well,but we need a left back so that azpi can play at the right back.iva can be used 2 sub terry or cahil.2)mikel,lamp,rami did great,they reminded me of ballack,maka,essien that was formidable then.3)the great problem is with the attacking trio.if our attacking trio can play like roben,drogba,duf did,then we wouldve sluaghterd arsenal yesterday.cfc 4 life.

  27. mesgr says

    Our strikers get too less oppertunities…If final ball before the shot is on the foot of Torres, he would score somewhat like 2 goals per games. But the midfield rarely passes to the strikers so all he can get is like 2 oppertunities in whole game which is not enough service to the strikers. If every ball is passed upfront to the strikers ours strikers will definitely be the leading scorer.

    1. Zyte says

      a good striker doesnt need millions of chances 2 score goals.watch suares & kunaguero.

      1. Emile 10 says

        @Zyte that’s true! 100% agree with you

      2. Neri Abayomi says

        @ zyte what are you saying- Aguero and Suarez always receive good services from their team mates.

      3. Emile 10 says

        @Nari. Take a look at the game between Liverpool against Norwich. All Suarez 4goals are individual effort. U just not need a tho ball or crosses to score. Yes it’s important but a great striker has to have that ability to produce magic. Are you telling me that the whole year our AMFs didn’t pass the ball to the striker? In case you forget our strikers ain’t score yet an away goal in EPL. It’s a pain in ass bro.

  28. Martin, Norway. says

    I prefer Shurrle to William anyday.

  29. Akinwumi Steven says

    The ageing Lamps played his best of the season yesterday and this is largely due to the fact Mou adopted 4-3-3 formation!For me the only area where we need to work on is the attack.We need a striker that can single-handedly win a game for us not Torres that is usually played out of position.All the same,big ups to our RAMIKLAMP !KTBFFH!

  30. Akinwumi Steven says

    Nice performance.

  31. Zyte says

    When oscar came in,what did he do?even i personally thought schurle should start ahead of torres in that game,but when he came in,he did almost nothing.i just pray the attacking trio will step up their game.hapy xmas 2 al cfc fan.

  32. GABBY says

    all de game we lost if som1 will bear wif me, he shuld watch it again nd see de kind of chances chelsea created, buh de players nd strikers missed all of them, the opponent too soak de presure on us took thier chances correctly nd get us punished for that.if we hv a striker lyk Suarez who scores from all angles wid or widout any help from his team mates we wouldhv been top wid 6/9 points clear, i hate som1 saying they dnt get feed from our attackin trio, it is bcos they dnt possitioned themselves well. wen hazard is about to cross a ball u will only see lampard at de defence of de opponent. mou needs to sack them(strkers) b4 they sack him, but blind people will put the blame on the coach.

  33. Nicely says

    Thank you all but my advice 4 all chelsea fans is that let pray 4 our lovely team merry x mas nd happy new year in advance

  34. GABBY says

    So many people 4got that we were 11 point behind the table toppers at xmas last year. We are now 2 points this time round. Believe in the special one, u still dnt anytin gud in mou.

  35. Fik says

    It is better to loose than playing boring football & drawing. Drawing is to JM record not to get a point. Playing well with z talent Cfc have and winning a single game is better than drawing with playing boring football with 3 top teams [Mu, Spurs & Arsenal]. Why we afriad z current spurs? MU? Arsenal team?having such a better team? They were defeated by lower teams at their home. The problem is inapropriate player selection & fear team wrongly … As a fan we want to look good game.

  36. Neri Abayomi says

    To all those that think Mourinho has done a wonderful job, I have some stats for you. The only reason while we are still close to the top is because the lesser lights of the EPL have taken off points from the major contenders so far this season.

    Results as @ Dec 23 in 2012
    Played- 17
    Won- 9
    Draw- 5
    Lost- 3
    GF- 36
    GA- 17
    Points- 32pts
    Position- 4th

    Results as @ 23rd, 2013
    Played- 17
    Won- 10
    Draw- 4
    Loss- 3
    GF- 32
    GA- 18
    Points- 34pts
    Position- 4th

    Mou’s Chelsea is just 2 points better than last season’s sexy Chelsea, conceding a goal more and scoring 4 goals less. Stop fooling each other, we are not improving, we are declining.

    Only Close to the top due to the failings of the teams above us.

    We are out of the Capital One Cup in the quaterfinal stage, we made it to the semis last season.

    U would say we progressed in the UCL, we progressed with a points total of 12pts, we lost out last season with 10 points that’s enough to clinch second spot on a good day but guess what we had better teams vying for the 2 spots, Juventus and Shakthar. Mind you we didn’t get beat home and away. We had a easy group with the likes of Basel and Schakle.

    Is Mourinho improving the team? I think we are declining, my honest submission.

    1. Emile 10 says

      It’s not because the teams above us are doing bad. EPL took another level. For example last season Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle, Saints were shit but now it’s a different story. That’s what make EPL the most competitive league in the world. It’s not because Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Liverpool are shit. because the gap between these top 4 and the 5th aren’t 15 or more like in the other league. Bro if you want your team to be top of the table with by a gap of15points! U better be a Bayern Munich fan (just saying). So don’t say that the 2 points between us and the leaders are because the top of the table are doing bad. No! appreciate that the EPL teams are amazing and any team can beat the hell out of any top team in this league. Happy new year blues

      1. Neri Abayomi says

        @Emile You are still avoiding the fact that numbers don’t lie.
        The stats shows that we scoring lesser goals and conceding more.

        If not for the robbery we conjured against West Brom to draw 2-2, it would have been 2-1- it would v ended in the same points total with lesser goals and more conceded.

  37. qwec-i says

    I wonder why some Cfc fans refuse to tell the truth. I’m not asking for Mourinho to be sacked. Far from that. I want him to last than Ferguson did for Man. U. but that doesn’t mean that if he is not doing the right things we shouldnt criticize him. If he were to he any other coach, Cfc faithfuls would called for his head already. So please let’s criticize him constructively to put him up on his toes. I for one feels that his batteries are running down and he needs to recharge them. Thanks @Neri.

  38. Neri Abayomi says

    Let me remind all of you of our first 17 EPL games in 2012

    *Wig 0 – Che 2 : Hazard masterclass, 2 assists to his name.
    *Che 4 – Reading 2 : We gave them a lesson in counterattacking.
    *Che 2 – Newcastle 0 : who remembers Hazard’s backheel assist for El Nino’s 2nd goal in 3 games.
    *QPR 0 – Che 0: We cudnt beat them.
    *Che 1 – Stoke 0 : They parked the bus we found a way through. Cole the man.
    *Ars 1 – Che 2 : Mata Magic begins, Torres got his 3rd EPL goal
    *Che 4 – Nor 1 : Holt scored first, we replied with 4.
    * Spurs 2 – Che 4 : Mata magic continues.
    * Che 2 – Man U 3 : we came back from the dead, mostly likely winners, a dubious red to El Nino and an offside goal gave Man U the victory.
    *Swa 1 – Che 1: Moses gave the breakthrough, Pablo stole it away in the closing stages.
    *Che 1 – Liv 1 : We outplayed Liverpool, missed a host of chances. Suarez scores the equaliser by pushing Ramires in the box.
    *West B 2 – Che 1: Only EPL loss for the Only Di Matteo in dis season. Never had a chance to continue.

    In comes Rafa- we all didn’t like him
    *Che 0- Man City 0: Boring game
    *Che 0 – Fulham 0 : Rafa’s still looking for his 1st 11
    * West H 3 – Che 1 : we were thought a footballing lesson in d second half.
    *Sunderland 1 – Chelsea 3: EL nino awakens grabs 2 goals.
    *Che 8 – Aston 0: el nino strikes again, we thrashed them sore with lovely football.

    1. Neri Abayomi says

      Let’s go through this year’s first 17 games in the EPL.

      *Che 2 – Hull 0: Played our best football in the league in the first 20 mins, 2 goals to show with incisive and through passes everywhere.
      *Che 2 – Aston 1: Did we rob them? Terry Pk? We didn’t play really well- we grinded out the result.
      * Man U 0 – Che 0 : A snorefest. Only Rooney was on the pitch.
      *Eve 1 – Che 0 : Suddenly we can’t score, how could we- Eto’o was leading the lines- he was in the club barely a week.
      *Che 2 – Ful 0 : We harried and struggled to break them down. Mikel’s goal was the only high points after Oscar’s opener.
      *Spurs 1 – Che 1: We shd v been whitewashed in the first half, in comes Mata. He worked his magic for a deserve equaliser by Terry. Schurrle missed our winner, one on one, can’t score.
      *Nor 1 – Che 3 : We struggled yet again. Hazard and Willian came on to win us the game.
      *Che 4 – Car 1: Behind early, fought back with 2 Eto’o goals in the mix.
      *Che 2 – Man C 1: El Nino strikes the winner. One of our better performance. I was pleased.
      *West H 0 – Che 3 : The hammers just rolled over, to easy for us. Lamps 2 goals.
      *Che 3 – Sou 1: Fought back with Cahill and Terry scoring.
      *Sund 3 – Che 4 : A night of defensive mishap- Hazard was on fire though.
      *Stoke 3 – Che 2 : Schurrle on fire, Mourinho on ice – wrong subs
      *Che 2 – Cry 1: We struggled to beat a relegation battler- No wonder we parked the bus against better opposition.
      *Arsenal 0 – Chelsea 0: What shd I say- Boring as ever. This match says it all.

      What is there to be satisfied about?

  39. Chrisypela says

    For me mou is killing us, hav u ppl looked at our squad , we hav so many gud players dat even a baby can do a beta job

  40. Zyte says

    if willian as an attacker cant score goals & u say is not his job 2 do it,may be is the job of defensive midfielders & defenders 2 score goals.every attacking midfielder is & should be a potential goal scorer,if not the person is not good enough.happy xmas 2 u emilo 10.

  41. Zyte says

    please we want trophies because sexy footbal has won zero trophy 4 arsenal.may be u can support arsenal or city.we are chelsea.tank u.

  42. ken says

    thank u Neri for some mourinho worshipers that wouldn’t want to call a spade a spade…..

  43. ken says

    thank u neri for opening the eyes of some mou’s worshipers that cant call a spade aspade

  44. Balow says


  45. R.A akinremi says

    pls i wll want morinho to push david luiz much more foward bcos of his agresive spirit or mindsett of scoring goal mayb if he[morinho] see im he cam make im bcos a striker such d one we see in dogba

  46. R.A akinremi says

    pls i wll want morinho to push david luiz much more foward bcos of his agresive spirit or mindsett of scoring goal mayb if he[morinho] see im he cam make im become a striker such d one we see in dogba

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