What we've learned…… This season Part 1



It started with a sense of joy, Jose Mourinho, The Special One, and The Only One for our fans was coming back to Stamford Bridge to end the managerial merry go round of the past few years. The media world went crazy, “Chelsea to win the title” most said, and after a few lean years in the league our supporters lapped it up, However those of us who know a little bit about football knew that was was always going to be a season of transition, Jose knew it too, has said it a hundred times.

We had problems within the squad, Our strikers just simply do not score enough goals, Fernando Torres and his problems since arriving for 50 million have been well documented, Demba Ba was a January addition the year before who was never going to be more then a stop gap and accordingly has not set the world on fire, ” we want Rooney” Jose said and Rooney wanted out of United, we chased him all summer and United wouldn’t budge, with Falcao and Cavani choosing the easy money and even easier France league it severely depleted our options of a top class forward buy. We had a beast of a young man in the Belgian Romelu Lukaku, he had been on loan at West Bromich Albion the year before and had terrorized defences on occasion, Lots of Chelsea supporters were thinking HE was the man, He started off in good form in the pre season tour, scored some goals and the thinking was he would be giving the opportunity to cement his place, Jose had different ideas, he was only a sub for the 1st few games, In the end he was shipped of to everton on deadline day and Samuel Eto’o was brought in at the last minute.

If we are being honest then we can say that this team was built for Pep Guardiola and not Jose, so Willian and Schurrle were brought in to add 2 fast wingers to a squad bursting with small creative attacking midfielders, But our squad was very out of balance, lots of AM’s, no prolific striker and we were short on quality in central midfield. The season would depend on how quickly the squad adapted to Jose’s tactics and which players Jose trusted to play those tactics



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  1. annslakhanycfc says

    Nice one (Y)

  2. Anonymous says

    He tried but we are lazy(players) no trophy.

  3. msreya says

    No..this team was never meant for Pep. Fundamental mistake mate!

    Regarding Lukaku, you seem to feel Jose was wrong. Fact is Lukaku still needs to grow. His first touch still needs massive improvement and there are other areas he needs to work on. It would become a whole article itself.
    And Samuel Eto’o, in spite of everything, has scored a lot of important goals.

  4. Martin, Norway. says

    We learnt that this is a transitional season but I will be disappointed if we don’t win any trophy next season then I can conclude that there is nothing special about Mourinho.

  5. Anonymous says

    Not trying to be a pessimist but mou will lead us nowhere. He aint the type of coach that can build cfc, lay a very gud foundation that can also integrate the academy players..hopefully, i’ll be prove right or wrong when his contract runs out

  6. karan says

    mourinho is way better than what u think..next season we will be deadly

  7. Fik says

    I hv learned this season Jose returned to home with massive experience, greate skill to deal & kill z games esp giants. Difficulty is he hasn’t have squad playing in his style. Physically weak team comparing to other giants City, PSG, Atletico Madrid & even weak EPL teams. A collection of small & short Oscar, Mata, William, Haz, etc drops team physical and easily conside goal from standing position while playing with tall & more physical team. Lack of creating chance or utilizing z speedy wing players to kill z game as z MF players r poor in passing ball timely & accurately particularly in z final 3rd. Am also not conviced by Defenders work b/c team concede goal despite 10 players play as defenders or z team play with 6 or more recognized defenders (what is z defending fate if all players not involve in defending?). No answer our defender r good or not b/c we play with extra defenders. Team can’t pass z park of other team as not creative MF like Haz in #10 role. Depending more on Hazard also cost z team, as other team aware & design Haz not to play. Lack of skill in scorring & missing z unmissed also cost z team. Such problems should be improved.

    1. LORD KOBI says

      spot on

  8. Mourinho is the Best says

    What we learned: 1. Mou is superb as this year is his first year came back. 2. We are in transition period and fine tune our team will make our team perfect for next season. 3. Among our team, we need one more top class GK, our defenders are great but need replacement for terry and cole, our midfield is string enough and will be perfect if we have more AM with creativity, and we need at least 4 strikers with 2 belong to top class. 4. Our existing squad is weaker than that of other top teams of the world. We need to expand our team squad, all of our peers have a huge team with more than one world class players in all the positions. I don’t know why many of us say we need only 3 strikers, we always in difficulty this season is that we have only 3 so-so strikers and only have Cech as our world class GK. If we have both Courtois and Cech, we are now challenging UEFA Champion with Real Madrid. Don’t have a world class squad, don’t dream of challenging with others to win world class trophies.

  9. Zyte says

    Di matteo has an abridge season,yet he won the ucl & fa cup because he was fair 2 al players & was ready 2 giv suport 2 al his players.
    Rafa also had an abridge season yet he won el & qualified us 4 ucl.so wats this jose solidarity here.no doubt about jose’s credential,he remains the best coach wit 8 ucl semi’s as a coach,but his last season at r.madrid was trophyles & the way bvb batterd real by 4nil can be likend 2 this season.i tink pride has set in & jose need 2 know dat many detractors want him 2 fail.i advise jose 2 go back 2 the drawing board & repackage himself,be fair 2 al players,discard pride,acept his errors & be more focusd on our team so dat cfc wont be targetd by the ref & fa wit unfair ref decisions lik we had this season against sunderland,a.villa etc.i stil believ wit the adittion of a decent forward & a physical but creativ #10,recal lukaku,van anholt,machecran,courtious & piazon,cfc wil do wel next season.no al dat bad.ktbffh.

  10. trublucfc says

    Thanks for all your comments guys, everyone is entitled to their opinions on here, part 2 of this article will arrive shortly and will include the season proper including tactics and team selection

  11. Jeff says

    Our AMs can’t pass great – they are all fast dribblers with decent shooting (Salah not included in the shooting). We need to invest in a real no.10 who can dribble AND pass, because IMO Oscar is best on the right. We do need a top striker, but I don’t think our strikers were the main problem for us not scoring so many goals this season. They didn’t score much, but they did score and get involved in some important goals for us, you guys can’t lie about that.
    Lukaku still needs to improve and Courtois is the future from next season. We have the FB/CB positions covered as well as the CDM position, but we need extras, especially in CDM – Lampard just cannot defend!!! Cole might leave this summer and Azpilicueta and Bertrand aren’t enough for LB. We need wingers who can cross, not just do skills and score great goals. We also need to really kill off teams with no mercy! KTBFFH and let’s do much better next season, because the reason for our downfall is our failure to rape the teams 10th and lower.

  12. Yasir says

    I believe we are lacking creativity. Our players do not create anything down the middle. They just get ball down the flanks and attempt to cross. With the same players, i think even a much better and established striker would be of no use. This is the duty of no.10. Since Mata is no longer our player, and Oscar doesn’t really look like a genuine no.10 esque player. We should move Hazard in the centre or buy a genuine playmaker. Cristian Eriksen or Luka Modric’s should be our targets besides a good striker

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