Who is the main title-rival to Chelsea this season?

The premier league season is set to start in less than two weeks and out all the premier league teams pre-season performance, Chelsea are the only team to maintain a 100% winning record from our Asia and United States friendlies. That form suggests Jose Mourinho is well preparing the team for the season 2013/14 and the major target is for the Blues’ to win the Premier League title. But, which other teams can be a major threat to stop Chelsea winning the league?

As we all now, the premier league is not a two horse race for the title like in La Liga with Barcelona and Real Madrid expected to win every forth coming season. But, in the premier league, there can be 4 teams that can have a legitimate chance of winning the league and its hard to predict who is going to even finish in the top 4 anymore like its used to be 5 years ago. But, in this article I would state my reason on one team that can be a major threat for Chelsea and why they are singled out from the others.

You now I would pick between either Manchester United or Manchester City. And putting into consideration the amount of work and transformation that has been overtaken at Etihad this summer, I really think Manchester City have a strong team in-depth and brilliant manager who prefers attacking football, Manuel Pellegrini. I have written an article before on why Pellegrini should become Chelsea manager following Rafael Benitez if Mourinho in case snubbed Chelsea and decided to stay at Real Madrid.

But, luckily our wish has come true as Jose returned to Stamford Bridge, but you can understand the experience and amazing leadership skills of The Chilean manager from his career so far in Spain. He came to Manchester City to replace Roberto Mancini and immediately the club brought in the likes of Fernandinho, Jesus Navas, Alvaro Negredo and Stefan Jovetic. This players had clocked up a good deal of experience under their belts and as Mourinho said in recent interview, “they are more than ready for the premier league”.

The squad at Etihad is mostly similar to the title winning 2011/12 season but, Pellegrini and sporting director, Txixi Begristien worked on the system and players they need. Effectively removing the likes of Maicon and Tevez who where surplus to requirements in their view. They have 4 top strikers to chose from in attack in the form of Aguero, Dzeko, Negredo & Jovetic.

So, as Mourinho said about Man City, the pressure would be on Pellegrini and co. To immediately win trophies and be successful as nothing short is acceptable. And that would work on our favor as our players are young and have potential to dominate European football by season 2014/15. But, every season Chelsea have to deliver as it is the mentality and DNA of our club to win every season. In order for us to be successful in the league this season, we should counter the threat of all our title rivals and specially of that Manchester City.
Manchester United have changed a manager for the first time and they are entering a new era under David Moyes. But, despite winning the league last season, their activity this summer along with their pre-season form suggests they will not be the same team in the coming season. They are looking to hold Rooney and bring in a major signing in Fabregas but, Barca are not willing to sell. And if we sign Wayne Rooney, that would make it a bigger hurdle for them to win the title and they may end up finishing 3rd In my opinion.

We all now the deal with Arsenal, they didn’t lose any key players this summer but, they are yet to flex their financial muscles(if they have one lol) and bring in the likes of Suarez. The deal might be concluded if the canibal pushes for transfer but, they might also lose out like they did on Higuien’s transfer.

For those reasons, Manchester City are our main title rivals and should we top them and perform to our maximum potential we can win the league double like we did in 2009/10. Jose Mourinho is the perfect manager we needed to give the players a stability and we have got him now to do that. We expect a great season in the first season of the return of the special one.

Who do you think would be our main title rivals this season? Let us now your opinions through comments and thanks for reading! KTBFFH!!!

  1. Jeff says

    I agree with you because of the calibre of players Man-city have brought in and the dept they would possess but I also think Pellegrini was brought in to help man-city progress in Europe

  2. http://BigChill says

    While I always saw Macini as a league manager, surely can win domestic titles a-la-inter, he never delivered in Europe (specially at city) Pellegrini on d hand looks to me like Benitez kind of coach, will give his all in Europe (or tournaments) but a miles away from claiming league titles. I belive Pellegrini was contracted to Man-city so like Chelsea they can have European history. No doubt they are the team we should beat, but I guess Europe is their priority coming season

    1. Anonymous says

      Absolutely agree. Furthermore, City do not have as much depth in their squad as Chelsea, so they would achieve more in the areas they focus in, which in my opinion is not the league. For me, United are the biggest threat, because even though Moyes is manager, Fergie would still be pulling the strings from behind, ensuring things do not go too far away from what he thinks is right, and that usually is right 😀

  3. anindo says

    i hope man city players have a hard time gelling.

  4. Solomon atta sarfo says

    Chelsea is known for winning trophies every season but in my opinion it will be a tall ladder for us.

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