Who should play in the pivot against Everton?

Chelsea play Everton this Saturday at 5:30pm (UK Time). No matter who you are Everton are never an easy team to play. In this article I will go through and anylyse each player’s chances of starting.

Frank Lampard:
Two days ago Lampard made his 100th cap for England against Ukraine in a WC qualifier. He was fairly ineffective for most of the game, but he made a few decent passes and didn’t make many major mistakes. So should he start against Everton? Well, he has started five games in 3 weeks which is outrageous for a 35 year old. So far this season Lampard has been good but not great.

After a fantastic start to the season Ramires deservedly got back into the Brazil squad. Brazil played twice this week and winning both thier games impressively. Firstly, they thrashed Australia 6-0. Ramires got a goal and 2 assists in the game and he was the engine of the team. The second Brazil game was a hugely impressive 3-1 win over Portugal, I didn’t see the game but Ramires played the first 60 minutes. So far this season for Chelsea Ramires has been great. He has been very good in all of Chelsea’s first three games and according to Squaka he has completed the most passes in the Premier League.

Marco van Ginkel:
Marco van Ginkel, the best young talent in Holland, bought for an incredible £9m. Van Ginkel had a great pre-season and many were predicting him to be a regular this season, but he hasn’t started once which is quite dissapointing.

John Obi Mikel:
Nigeria played twice this week but Mikel was rested for the second one, he was named MoTM in the first. Mikel hasn’t played regularly for quite some time. He regularly recieves stick from Chelsea fans but I think he’s a world-class CDM and should be one of the first names on the team sheet every week.

So in conclusion I think that van Ginkel and Mikel should start in the pivot against Everton and be sure to comment and follow @CarefreeAdam on twitter.

  1. Ola says

    Humm… What about the rest you dont talk about them why

    1. Ruben says

      Ron Gourlay has confirmed that Oscar will be a staterr in the first team alongside Hazard. So there’s no question of gradually easing him into the team. He is Brazil’s No.10. Looking at his style of play, he could just come and start playing like he’s always been here (I wouldn’t say that about Neymar). I think the question comes down to Lampard. Only two of Lampard, Mikel and Ramires can be regular staterrs. I tend to think Lampard will be phased out. In his last year of his contract. No extensions yet. He’s getting offers from US. Chelsea strengthening the midfield. Everything coming together for a phasing out of Lampard.Reply

  2. Anonymous says

    Mikel nd ramires shud be in d pivot

  3. Martin, Norway. says

    Why is Mourinho always using Lampard? Actually, i prefer Benitez to Mourinho.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Get out and don’t come back

  4. Anonymous says

    no, no, no. Mikel and ramires should start.

  5. joe says

    mikel n rami shud start for n genkel comin in e second half

  6. Shiloh says

    Lampard certainly needs to seat out this one, Mikel and Ramires for me would be more ideal. Though Marco Van Ginkel would also be in contention but Everton wouldn’t be the best place to make his full-debut.

  7. Akinwumi Steven says

    Our best option for that pivot position remains Mikel and Ramires while Ginkel can come in the 2nd half

  8. alexcfc8 says

    In fariness it should be like this Mikel, Van Ginkel for one spot and Lampard, Ramires for the other with Essien being 3rd choice for both spots.

  9. forever blue says

    If you prefer benitez to the special one, u can always go and join him at napoli. I heard they are in serch of supporters like you.

  10. forever blue says

    Lampard should not even be an option here. The reason been that apart from his goal sense he is just pathetic at that role and very greedy(penalty, free kicks).

    We should be discussing serious contenders like ramires, mikel marco van ginkel, and essien in this order.

    Luiz will even do a better job, take a look at his sublime pass to setup harzard for the second goal against bayern.

  11. Anonymous says

    why is everyone forgetting micheal essien

  12. 705 says

    fact is Lampard is old and boring but Mou loves him and that sucks! Me i think the Essien and Van Ginkel partnership from pre-season was very good, but hey what do I know?

  13. Neri Abayomi says

    For me, I believe Lampard has no business whatsoever playing from the pivot.

    I would prefer he plays has an impact sub in big games with his role being the classic number 8 role. Laying emphasis on his positional awareness in the box (which he has in abudant), and his forward runs (such runs in a more advance role would ensure that our team ain’t in a disadvantage defensively). His eagerness to get forward and his freshness from arriving as an impact sub would ensure more bodies in the box and our crossers would have more tall individuals(apart from Torres our first team is full of short men) to target especially when it is during play.

    I would start him against EPL lesser lights, Capital One Cup, UCL after securing qualification, and the FA Cup (He loves this cup). Frank is our Legend, we should manage him like Man Utd manages Giggs to devasting effect.

    Super Frankie, Not for pivot, for a more advanced role.

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