Why Chelsea should not give up on Rooney pursuit!

In the last few days, reports indicated that Manchester United have told Chelsea that they won’t sell Wayne Rooney to them at any price. But, Jose Mourinho had long been an admirer of the English Center forward and has admitted he is the only remaining transfer target for the Blues before the transfer window shuts down on September 2nd. Wayne Rooney and Manchester United’s relationship had not been as it used to be since around the end of last season when he was dropped by Sir Alex Ferguson for top crunch games like against Real Madrid at Old Trafford and the Retired scot revealed he dropped Wayne for his last two games in charge because he had submitted a transfer request to leave the club.

But, Wayne Rooney denied that claim by Fergie and insisted he only demanded talks with the club about his future. And Rooney wanted the club officials to make it clear that he has not submitted a transfer request, but no steps toward clearing that statement was made during all summer. And that made Wayne a lot angry and Fergie’s successor David Moyes had many issues with Wayne before as the former Everton Manager had sued Rooney because of comments made towards him on Wayne’s autobiography. Those issues had been solved since, Wayne called and apologized to Moyes on the phone.

Despite insisting that Wayne is not for sale a lot of times since he took charge of the Old Trafford hot seat, There is seems to be a grudge between Rooney and the Scot as Moyes said RvP is his main man upfront and that in-case if Robin gets injured, they might call on Rooney to lead the line. That’s how Man Utd value Rooney as a player at Old Trafford in the moment. And despite the WC 2014 being a year away, Rooney wants reassurances that he will be a first choice CF for any team he will play for this upcoming season.

Chelsea had three official bids rejected by Man Utd for Wayne Rooney which the last one was claimed to be around £30m. And many sources tell the Blues are willing to go as high up to £40m for Wayne who has 2 years remaining in his contract at Old Trafford. Another sources revealed United have agreed to sell him for Chelsea at a certain price but, will wait to make a marque signing of their own before selling Rooney to one of their major title rivals.

That player they wanted to sign before selling Rooney was believed to be Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas but, both the club and the player have suggested he won’t be leaving Camp Nou this season. In addition to that, United have so far failed to make a big signing this summer despite some laughable rumors that they want either Bale or Ronaldo to make a move to Old Trafford before they sell Wayne Rooney.

And despite United’s unwillingness to sell The want away Rooney to us, we should remain optimistic that it will be a matter of time before Wayne’s frustration reaches a breaking point and that he submits a transfer request. And by that point Man Utd won’t have any other option but, to let Rooney go to his favored destination which is fueled by his ambition to work with Mourinho.

And for that reason, Chelsea officials should be on the doorstep of Old Trafford and sign Rooney. Everyone remembers how much big impact Van Persie’s transfer to Man Utd had las season when they went on to win their 20th Premier League title. And if we sign Rooney, that would be the kind of impact that RVP had on United winning the league last season. We must hope that this deal comes through and getting a player of his calibre from our main rivals will be a big coup. I highly expect this deal to be concluded right before the end of the transfer window in the coming two weeks.

Thanks for reading and let us know your opinions about Man Utd’s refusal to sell Rooney and how is this situation might develop. KTBFFH

  1. Neo says

    Rooney must just get conditioning, weight, and speed. With that said, his just what we need, then sell Ba and Mikel and sign Khedira fast.

  2. Neo says

    He should fix those 3 thngs

  3. Anonymous says

    May the deal done by 2 sept hopefuly.


    Man u are selfish, they bought vanpesil from Arsnal who is a big rival and use him to win the tittle last year. Now its their turn to let Roney go to Chelsea they are holding on to him. They cannot hold the man desire for long he wil go to were his heart belong. I cant wait to see Roney on blue jessy.

    1. Anonymous says

      That’s not called selfishness. A club has he right to keep their player. Just like Barcelona could be saying that we r selfish for not selling them luiz…

  5. Bitto raphael says

    Don’t give him(ROONEY) jessy nomber(10)

    1. Anonymous says

      Definitely not. He should get 9 though 😀 kick torres out.

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