Why Chelsea Will Win Their First Trophy of 2012/13 on Friday

Why Chelsea Will Win Their First Trophy of 2012/13 on Friday

31.8.2012, 7:45 PM BST, Monaco, Stade Louis II – UEFA Super Cup : Chelsea Football Club vs Atletico Madrid.

The team that miraculously won the Champions League and the team that won the Europa League. Both teams are hungry to win and both teams have proven that anything can happen. Chelsea defied all odds to win the CL, Atletico had a tough ask to win EL, but both teams won. Chelsea will win Friday and here’s why:

1. Eden Hazard : The 21 year old has already taken the Premier League by storm with incredible pace, footwork and vision. The young Belgian looks on his way to win several awards and as well as guiding Chelsea to glory. He has had 2 penalties committed on him, slotted a PK home and 4 open-play assists. He is the best Chelsea player on the pitch, so far, he has been absolutely immense. His skill and form is fine and he looks like he’s not slowly down, anytime soon. Expect him to extend the streak of goals, assists and wins on Friday.

2. Squad depth and integration : Chelsea and Atletico are 2 great clubs, but there is no way that Atletico Madrid can match Chelsea’s integration and squad depth. Defensively, midfield-wise and offensively, Chelsea are deeper. Questionable up top as Radamel Falcao has been in fine form and is better than Torres, at the moment. However, everywhere else, Chelsea have the depth and integration to sub in and out and make it hard for Atletico to cope with it.

3. TOP Form : Chelsea have won 3 out of 3 in the Premier League, putting us top of the league (and having a laugh) and we have scored 8 goals, highest in EPL yet. 2nd highest goal differential (2 behind Swansea who faced QPHAHAHA and West Ham). This start couldn’t be any better, we seem superior to other teams and are dominating just about every aspect of the game. This form isn’t matched by Atletico, currently. Chelsea are firing on all cylinders and aren’t slowing down, anytime soon. We’re simply outclassing the opponents we face week in and week out.

4. Di Matteo : The man whose tactics led us to glory and are leading us to more. Di Matteo is off to a perfect start and will do everything he can to bring Chelsea more trophies. His tactics will be set up for victory on Friday and expect that to be the game-changer.

5. Fernando Torres : The former Atletico man looks like he is returning to the form we saw before from El Nino. He has 2 PL goals and 1 vs Man City (Community Shield) and has won a penalty for Chelsea. His confidence is building up and he is clearly showing the best side. He has said that Friday is the only time he wants Atletico to lose. Expect him to be hungry and want to score against his childhood club.

In conclusion, I believe these 5 things listed above will be the reasons why Chelsea win on Friday and bring home the UEFA Super Cup. I predict a 3-1 scoreline with Torres scoring at least one and Hazard getting another assist. What do you think will be the result on Friday?



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  1. Anonymous says

    same here

  2. Tobby Abidemi says

    Yes, I beleive in my great team.Assist from Eden and goals from any source.

  3. Tobby Abidemi says

    And Victor Moses will make his debut by scoring goal

  4. blue is the color says

    Atletico Madrid's team is good but we are better! i got a good feeling we are going to smash them. and Fernando Torres is going to get two goals chelsea to win 3-0 or 4-0 can not wait big game.

  5. Zane says

    You guys are forgetting Falcao and service from former Blue,Tiago. I doubt it will be a routing but rather a close affair. That is simply backed by the long ball and ariael threat Falcao possesses. If that's not how it's going to be,then I have a second prediction that will certainly contradict my prediction above. The Spanish league isn't physical so we might expect our attacking players to play one touch football to perfection and our dribblers to give defenders alot of headaches. If that's the case then I'm going with a +2 goal lead.

  6. Anonymous says

    We must unleash both Hazard and Moses so that the opposition can be pinned in their own half. We must use fast players in midfield and defence with exception of Mikel. If Torres, Cech and Mikel have a decent game, we would win.

  7. Anonymous says

    Blue is our colour winning is our aim.

  8. Anonymous says

    Chelsea 4 – 2 atletico madrid

  9. Cliffy Bug says

    Yes, winning will be an aim I am confident of us reaching. Falcoa is not a better striker than El Nino, going back to the original text.

  10. Anonymous says

    Torres better than FALCAO LMAO sure……

  11. Murat says

    Charlton vs Palace always caetres an incredible atmosphere! So much historyband hostility between theclubs, particularly ever since Charlton were forced to ground share with Palace at Selhurst Park during the 80 s. Imagine Liverpool having to share with Man United!

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