Why Lampard is still essential to the Chelsea cause


575 appearances. 190 goals. 121 assists. 12 major trophies. 3-time Chelsea Player Of The Year. It’s very hard to look past one man in the last decade or so at Chelsea. One man who has and is still vital to the Chelsea cause.

Frank Lampard, it was reported by certain newspapers (read tabloids), had been asked to leave the club in January. Though this is a highly false report than not, with Roman Abramovich around, there is always a possiblity for such decisions. The English midfielder is just past his prime and his legs are slowing down. He isn’t as injury-free as before and not as mobile either, but Frank James Lampard Jr, is indispensable if Chelsea want to have consistent success in the immediate and long-term future.

There is one recurring theme on a player level, in football. As a player grows older, his on-field importance decreases but only to increase, exponentially, his off-field importance. At 34, Lampard is still not *well* past his prime, he still has much to offer not only on pitch but more so, off it. In the post-match interview with Lampard and Luiz, when asked about his free-kick, Luiz said that it was the man next to him who had taught him how to take it. He said Lampard would spend quite some time after training teaching him and he himself would stay back to perfect his technique.

It is exactly that for which Lampard is essential now. Just take a look at United, all due respect to them, they have players who are 38, 39 still starting matches, with no problem over contract issues or playing time. United stuck along with Neville, Giggs and Scholes in the squad even when youngsters like Cleverley and Rafael were emerging. Over the period of two years or so, they eased these youngsters into the starting XI frame, while still holding onto their veterans. The aforementioned players have aided these youngsters by a big measure, passing on their experience and knowledge to them, while constantly motivating them and keeping them going. That is why now, – hate them or not – United have a fairly capable yet young squad. Lampard is, to put it simply, one of the nicest guys at Chelsea. He would be as interested in a youngster’s development as he is in his.

Moreover, come the crunch matches, we will need Lampard’s composure and experience on field. Yes, we may be able to manage a few games but long-term, success becomes a light further and further away in the darkness. We saw it last season with United, again. They had to call back Paul Scholes from retirement because the young players were crumbling under the pressure of having to put on their best week in week out. We saw it this season in our own club, injuries to Terry and Lampard coincided with a slump and loss of form, eventually ending in Robbie’s sacking and Champions League elimination. You think, maybe with JT and Lamps, that game at Juventus might’ve been a whole different story.

If Lampard’s lessons to Luiz resulted in that beauty of a free-kick, just imagine the wonders we’d see if say Lampard is made to mentor Kevin de Bruyne or Josh McEachran. We’d have another Lampard or two, handpicked and guided by the man himself. And maybe, when he finally decides to hang up his boots, he could be given a coaching role at the club, still as much a part of Chelsea as ever.

All in all, Frank Lampard is Frank Lampard – indispensable. His impact and mentoring of the youth would mean a set future for us and if he can still put in performances like he did vs Villa, then, there is so much more left of Frank Lampard for the world to see. We don’t call him Super Frank, for no reason.


  1. emma says

    luv this article!

  2. Adam Fred says

    Must leave chelsea in january as torres!

    1. disappointed says

      Are u really a chelsea fan? Lampard is a true legend of chelsea. he is one of the best player to play for chelsea fc. u cant just ask a legend to leave the club.

  3. Silvia N Maridon says


  4. Silvia N Maridon says


  5. Anonymous says

    Roman Abramovich decinsion has cost him many thing,mostly for letting the old folks go&it will still cost him many on till he change.

  6. ShawnS'tha says

    If chelsea push away legends like lamps and JT then it will have negative effects on young players. they would not want to commit for long term as they will know they will also be pushed away like the legends today.

  7. Zane says

    Priya. Sensational article! You just reminded me of the man I always say is the best player of all time for me. As my football idol,I tried to emulate him few years ago when I started out playing the game myself. I’ve actually scored a few stunners from long range and creating goals is what I love to do (yes it’s only at amateur level but it’s still football). After the game against Corinthians I was one of the first to blame him for our loss,more so because of his lack of fitness playing a 90 minute game after coming from injury. But after reading your article,you showed me that I completely forgot about his impact when we look at it from a few different perspectives. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  8. ledron says

    We saw it with drogba, we seeing it with cole nd lampard now. I really hate the person who makes these decisions. I hav no doubt drogba wud hav pulled us out of som of those holes chelsea were in. We hav better individuals this season but had a better team last season. We had experience, now lampard is back isn’t the team begining to look better? Its the same thing as when cech isn’t playing, the trust in the keeper is far less and u can tell from the way they play. The players trust these old dogs 2 get them out of any hole. That’s wat made us beat barca, and bayern, old dogs. How many times has cole read games n get bak on goal line n made game saving clearances? Who scored the equalizer against bayern from the first chance we had? Who gave ramires the ball wen chelsea seemed 2 b out by barca? Lamps, drog n cole

  9. hermes andi says

    In an era where finances are tight because of the ffp rules, a fringe player on £150,000 weekly wages bad investment decision. Reality is if he is gonna stay,it will be on reduced wages. Frank is legend, FFP is real!

  10. Anonymous says

    Drogba I understand, but Chelsea need to show their pedigree by keeping Lamps and Terry!

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