Why Moses ticks all the boxes

Why Moses ticks all the boxes

Over the last few weeks, Chelsea have continued to be linked with Victor Moses, with one bid already being rejected. There’s been many people questioning Chelsea’s decision to go after Moses, with speculation still around about the possible arrival of Hulk, with Willian also being mentioned. As far as I’m concerned, I think the arrival of Moses would make perfect sense.

This is a player who is still very young, with people forgetting that he’s still only 21 with 2 and a half seasons of Premier League experience already to his name. Moses has pace, the skills and the creative ability to be a very decent squad player for Chelsea. I remember one game last season for Wigan when they played Newcastle at home and won 4-0 and Moses was very impressive. With the departure of Kalou, and the inevitable departures of Benayoun and possibly Malouda, there is a spot open for another winger, especially with De Bruyne having gone out on loan to Werder Bremen.

Victor Moses is not going to set the world alight, but he would be a good player to have in the squad. I’d much rather see the arrival of Moses for a fee of around £8 million, instead of spending upwards of £30 million on Hulk. Ron Gourlay has stated that the ethos behind Chelsea’s signings have been to sign young players who can improve, and also be sold if possible for a larger sum than they were bought for. This is more likely to be an option with Moses than it is with Hulk. Also, Moses wouldn’t demand as big a wages as Hulk, which is obviously good for FFP.

Last season Moses posted figures of 38 appearances, 6 goals and 6 assists. They’re not great figures, but I think if he was to be surrounded by better quality players at Chelsea, this could really help his development and make him an important player for Chelsea with a busy schedule coming up next season. We await to see whether this arrival will happen, but if it was to happen for a fee of below £10 million, I’d say that we’ve got ourselves a good deal.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I wish Hulk was in the last year of his contract so that we could squeeze a deal through but he isn't. This window only provides an opportunity to sign Moses bcuz I don't see him staying at wigan and earning the same as last season when he could earn double hence a renewal of contract and only chelsea's loss. It wouldn't have been this difficult, the value of Lukaku and De bruyne has counted against us for Hulk.

  2. Anonymous says

    Good points.

    I will add another: he is FA 'homegrown' and that is incredibly important.

    I would like to get more quality out of our mandatory homegrown roster spots than Ross Turnbull.

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