Why Roman Abramovich should trust the 'old guards' at Chelsea!

Club Legend Didier Drogba left Stamford Bridge last season after he was told that he should either sign a one year extension to his expiring contract or leave. And after his heroic performances lead us to our first ever Champions League trophy last year, he departed for China’s Shanghai Shenhua. And the most talked about topic about Chelsea at the moment; Lampard’s contract saga. The club official and owners have made it clear to Lampard and his agent  Steve  Kutner that he might not get a contract extension at the club.  Even with top European teams like Manchester United and many others from Italy being keen to sign him after he is finished with Chelsea, Abramovich looks unconvinced in his ability to help Chelsea win trophies and finish his career at Stamford Bridge. The same applies for Ashley Cole, who is considered one of the top left-backs in the world even in his 30s.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United have been very successful by winning trophies after trophies for the past decades in help from more experienced and veteran players.  We can also take AC Milan’s two champions league success’ in 2003 and 2007. They had many senior players in their 30s who are trusted for being crucial to lead their teams to victory. But, here at Chelsea, we are ushering in a new era of a passing and attractive game. Players like Mata, Hazard and Oscar have come in and changed the way chelsea plays and win games. Although it is a good change and a revolutionary modern style of football, no one can deny the importance of Lampard, Ashley Cole, Terry and Petr Cech. Even, if they come to a point when they cant be guaranteed every start, they are important players to help the young players learn and pass the torch enabling them repeat what they have accomplished for the blue shirt. The quick transition from old players to new players has sent shockwaves throughout the Chelsea fan-base and has many fans concerned that legends Lampard, Cole and others won’t be give new contracts because of this policy.

So, it’s very important for Abramovich and the executives to understand this situation and extend their deals to stay at the club.  I knew that Cech had signed an extension until 2016 and Terry’s contract runs through 2014. But letting Lampard and Ashley Cole leave for free this summer would be a HUGE mistake for the club. Its evident that they cant provide what they had given to the club for the past 5 or 6 years. And we have signed many promising youngsters to replace them. And we should sign some more. We all should hope that both would be given two-plus year deals to extend their stay at Stamford Bridge.

  1. oboday says

    Ahh this site paaa you are the same people who said,the old guards should go and now you’ve relised they are important for us!!!! Ahhh poor site

    1. fahmicfc360 says

      Every author on this page writes about their opinion. its not one person controlling the whole thing. Check who wrote the article and whose opinion it is the next time.

  2. @mofenzo says

    Honestly, I don’t see any reason why Ashley Cole will not accept a one year deal. If he is truly loyal, then he should sign. Do you honestly think Ashley can perform at the highest level after next season? Personally, I think not!!!

  3. Elvis says

    Chelsea owner is making a big mistake

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