Why should Chelsea FC sign Everton’s Marouane Fellaini and sell Michael Essien

Why should Chelsea FC sign Everton’s Marouane Fellaini and sell Michael Essien

As of now since the transfer window has opened and Chelsea FC already having signed Eden Hazard and Marko Marin for a total of £40 million, there’s no stopping for one man. We all know who he is

Yes..!!! He’s none other than the great millionaire Roman Abramovich.

But this I would Chelsea to re-enforce their deep midfield players. And I feel the need that this is the right time for Chelsea to replace Essien as he is entering in the prime of his career.
Michael Essien:
Michael Essien (born December 3, 1982 in Ghana) is a Ghanaian International footballer. He currently plays for Chelsea in the English Premier League. He is a central midfielder and plays as a deep-lying playmaker for the Black Stars, the Ghana national football team. A solid defensive midfielder from Ghana, who was signed by Chelsea from Lyon in 2005 for £24.4 million.  In the process, he has since made 163 appearances for the Blues, scoring 17 goals in the process and providing 16 assists.

He was outstanding throughout his Chelsea career until he suffered Cruciate Ligament Rupture which hampered his play. He came back into the side and performed well until he again suffered the same injury in the 2011-12 pre-season tour, which kept him out for 7 more months.

 During his comeback he stated that,
“He feels stronger than ever after making his comeback from his latest serious knee injury.”
But due to his recurring injuries, he doesn’t seem to be the player that Chelsea had bought in 2005 and has lost his spark. Since there was a terrible dip in his performance, the manager had to replace him with Mikel/Romeu. Through this Mikel performed exceptionally well under RDM, which made him a first choice considered to Essien. Mikel is a very defensive player and lacks the attacking abilities.

But with all due respect Essien is a club legend, and he once was one of the best midfielders in the world. He can still start for a good team, but he just won’t quite have enough to start for Chelsea.
So, I think it is the right time for him to leave since 29-year-old has been heavily linked to Russian big spenders Anzhi Makhachkala though he still has three more years left on his current £90,000 a-week contract.
All I need to say is Chelsea needs a player who can play deeper and establish a defensive presence in the center of the pitch as well as who likes to go forward creating more attacking options.

And the player that spring to my mind is Marouane Fellaini.

Marouane Fellaini:
There’s not much introduction required for this guys.  He is player that every club would love to have him in their team. He plays for Everton and has been a revelation for them. He was signed from Standard Liege for £15 million though Manchester United was keen on him but he opted to sign for Everton instead. Since then he has gone on and played 117 games for Everton in the process scoring 14 goals and providing 15 assists.

The unmistakable Fellaini excels in this role. He is very tall at 6’4” (not counting his hair) and wins nearly every ball in the air. He is also a physical player who never shies away from a tackle. A player like Fellaini, who focuses on winning the ball back in the midfield, maintaining the shape of the team, is the kind of player I would like Chelsea to sign.

Once Fellaini Father had said that
Chelsea were keeping tabs on his son’s development

The Belgian cente
r midfielder is linked with a move to the London club. Everton is rumored to sell for around £20 million.

He is a good proven defensive midfielder in the Premier League and he also likes going forward. Though there are some weaknesses in him but he’s still 23 years old and has a long future ahead of him and definitely there’s room for improvement.

His versatility as an athlete who is more than just a one-dimensional player is extremely useful, and he has performed admirably in many roles, yet he is often overlooked and not even mentioned in the same breath as top-tier centre midfielders. Fellaini is an extremely accurate passer, and these rang loud and clear after last season, when he completed 1231 of his attempted 1500 passes—well enough for a 79.4 percent passer rating.
Since, he’s both attack minded and defensive player plus is a very dynamic player proven in Premier League; I would love to see him in Chelsea. He can be ours for £20 million which will be a great deal.

It’s the right moment to snap him up as he himself has said that,
He is happy at Everton but will consider a transfer this summer if a move to an, ambitious club is on the cards.

Final Conclusion:

After evaluating and going through the Chelsea squad, I feel that it is the right time for Chelsea to replace Essien. Since Essien has entered into the prime of his career, it’s the right moment for Chelsea to replace him with a proven midfield enforcer in EPL in the form of Fellaini, since his more dynamic and loves going forward.

Roman Abramovich is already a great admirer of Marouane Fellaini, so he’ll be ready to splash the cash on him if needed.

Since, there’s an urge in Chelsea to bolster their midfield with young blood.

Marouane Fellaini would be a perfect replacement for Essien, who will bring stability in the midfield and would be a great fit for Chelsea.



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  1. Anonymous says

    I agree completely that we should try to get Fellaini and make him our 8th Belgian, but not sure about flogging our beast that is Essien. In my opinion he is still good enough to get into almost any midfield in the world, save for Spain and Barcelona. Essien is a powerhouse with an engine that can run for days, rarely gives the ball away. At 29 he isn't exactly over the hill and still has 3 or 4 years left at the highest level. He wouldn't command the highest of transfer fees though as he has struggled for minutes lately.
    The player that I think we should sell is Meireles, at 29 the same age as Essien, but without anything like the same work rate or defensive attributes. He could sell for at least as much as Essien, maybe £11m or £12m.
    But I think we should get 1 more CM due to the extraordinary fixture congestion that means our players won't have a midweek without a match between August 12 and December 19. My 1st choice would be Modric, the best passer in the Premiership, but there are alternatives-Joao Moutinho, Javi Martínez and Axel Witsel are all great in the pivot. Martinez and Moutinho seem unlikely, but Witsel shouldn't be hard to get since Benfica have said he is for sale. If we could exchange Meireles+£5m for Witsel that would be great business. Modric and Fellaini would be ideal but Witsel is a more than adequate replacement.
    However, if we get either Witsel or Fellaini, they should both shave their Afros out of respect for David Luiz.

  2. Anonymous says

    Michael essien should stay

  3. tim andy says

    bringing fellani is a great idea but selling essien…..? Class is permanent while form is temporal.

  4. Anonymous says

    I read something just now that Chelsea might make and offer for Schweinsteiger.

  5. Nevikson says

    Essien is not the same as before as he used to be….. but I respect ur opinion

  6. Nevikson says

    yaa… i've also come across it

    not sure if it true..

    lets wait n watch

  7. Anonymous says

    i completely agree with you.he is a great defensieplace the now ve mid fielder and i believe he can help replace the now-SLUGGISH ESSIEN. other option are witsel, miguel veloso and javi matinez

  8. Anonymous says

    What is he don to you.you are always say bad thing about essien.why.you dont no beta den di matteo pls lat him be.some of as not happe about it pls stop

  9. Anonymous says

    The player that I think we should sell is Meireles…

  10. Anonymous says

    naahh… meireles loves going forward

    He should be with Chelsea as a bit-part player

  11. Anonymous says

    Meireles should be sold.It's not just about going forward but what do you do when you go forward.His tackles are poor and he conceeds too many spot kicks against us(chelsea).
    In my opinion,Meireles should be sold and Essien stay.Class's permanent but form temporal.

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