Would Michu fit in at Chelsea?

Would Michu fit in at Chelsea?
Would Michu fit in at Chelsea?

He’s been dubbed as signing of the season. Michu has impressed the football world with his outstanding performances. The spandiard has netted 17 goals this season for Swansea earning him a call-up to Spain’s squad. He has really taken the premier league by storm and considering that Swansea only paid two million pounds for his service he has been one of the best signings in premier league history. He has verified that Michael Laudrup has a brilliant transfer eye and he can definitely find a bargain!

So far this season he’s been playing alone up front with the wingers offering support either side to him. This has been a huge cause of Swansea’s menacing attacks and it’s worked on several occasions against top teams. He’s currently chasing RVP for the golden boot and he’s trying to guide Swansea towards a Capital One Cup success! Without a doubt Swansea were fortunate to keep him in January and undoubtedly the fans were ecstatic when Swansea announced that he signed a contract extension. However I foresee him being under the radar of several clubs in the Summer and I also predict that Swansea will find it hard to hang on to him.

So with Chelsea in need of another striker Michu might be the perfect choice. He would settle in fine with the team and will have a lot of support from his fellow Spaniards. Many fans have praised Chelsea on spending wisely, £7million for Azpilicueta and £9million for Moses have been bargains for Chelsea considering there outstanding performances and many fans want to see Chelsea continuing with this smart regime. I don’t think Michu will cost more than £15million and considering his goal-scoring record it would be a very clever purchase.

Michu has really proved his worth this season and has molded into the Swansea style of play. I think he could fit in well at SW6 and he could build a partnership with Ba or Torres. The reason why I say both is that Michu certainly has the credentials but I’m not sure who will be the prefered striker under our next manager.

Michu certainly has a physical presence and without a doubt he would have brilliant service from our players. Swansea have played with a 4-2-3-1 formation this season, the same as us so if our next manager will use the same formation it will be easy for him to settle in. His shooting ability is outstanding and his vision is very clever.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.Let me now your thoughts! KTBFFH

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  1. Dachung Pam says

    nice but Torres has to go with Benitez, if possible Roman should sell out the team

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