"You only ask about players that aren't playing"- Jose furious at reporters

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A furious Jose Mourinho walked out of a highly charged press conference ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League game at Steaua Bucharest.

In the latest press-conference ahead of tomorrow’s champions league group stage match against Steua Bucharesti, manager Jose Mourinho stormed out of press-conference after a clear frustration on journalists. As it’s been the case in Jose Mourinho’s press conferences a lot often, reporters like to ask him questions that bring uncertainty and a clear tactic to create chaos between the team and the manager.

Journalists questioned about the exclusion of Kevin De Bruyne who really isn’t one of the regular features in the squad against Tottenham last weekend. After replying to that question and giving the reason why, The Portuguese stormed out of the press room and left Vice-captain Frank Lampard to see off the press conference ahead of the Champions League game. Here is the answer to De Bruyne’s exclusion in quotes…

“Kevin is my option. I make mistakes but I try to be honest all the time so the same way I try to be honest with Juan [Mata] and say tomorrow he will play because of what he did in training and because of what he did in the last matches he played, it is the same with Kevin. He is not selected because I did not like the way he played against Swindon and I did not like the way he was training.”

One of the normal questions he was asked was about the last season away first leg loss to the same side in the Europa League before Chelsea over turned the deficit at home in the 2nd leg. We faced tomorrow’s opponents over two legs en route to winning last season’s Europa League, eventually progressing having been beaten 1-0 away in the first leg.  But the Portuguese believes that defeat, overturned at Stamford Bridge, will be an advantage. “It’s good for me,’ he said. “They lost, they know why they lost, they know it’s not easy. Last season maybe was a bit of a surprise and this season they know they are going to play against a good team.”

The Portuguese cut an unhappy figure throughout the press conference and abruptly departed after being questioned on leaving out Kevin de Bruyne for his side’s group stage clash. Having already been criticized for leaving out last season’s star man Juan Mata this term, Mourinho came under question again having previously left the Belgian out the squad to face Tottenham last weekend.

But Mourinho reacted with fury when asked about De Bruyne’s current squad status.

Mourinho said: “It’s amazing because nobody asks me about Mata and now you ask about Kevin de Bruyne. You are not interested in the players who play only those who don’t. ‘Only 11 can play. I try to decide by what they do on the pitch and in training. Frank Lampard beside me knows me for nine years and he knows I make mistakes but I try to be honest. ‘He’s not selected because I didn’t like the game he played at Swindon and the way he has trained.”

CFC training ahead UCL match
Frank Lampard believes our experience of coming up against Steaua Bucharest as recently as last March can only serve as a positive when we renew acquaintances with the Romanian side in the National Arena tomorrow.

“We’re a very experienced squad, and you can never underestimate any side in the Champions League,’ he said. ‘In the first match we didn’t perform well and we lost the game, that’s what happens. Because we’re experienced, if you think about it we’ve now got five games to go, so we aim to put that right.’

‘In terms of tomorrow, we certainly don’t expect an easy game. We’re lucky we played Steaua Bucharest last season because it makes us fully aware of the good team that they are and particularly the atmosphere we’re going to get tomorrow.’

‘Last year, in the first half we were slow and we weren’t ready and we lost the game in the first half. Considering the position we’re in now, and we need a result tomorrow, we have to start the game at a top level.”

Jose Mourinho’s dramatic exit left Lampard to field questions on the prospect of Torres receiving a four-match ban.

‘I’m not sure if he will,’ Lampard said. ‘If he does, then we lose a player in good form, one of our main strikers for four games. People will have to step up.’

Torres will be available to play a Steaua side who have lost only once in eight European home matches against English opposition and are undefeated in the league this season, winning six of their opening seven fixtures, scoring 19 goals in the process.

Thanks for reading and let’s Blues will overcome the Romanian opponents in the national stadium to come home with 3 crucial points from our 2nd group stage game. Follow me on twitter (@FahmiCFC) and KTBFFH!!!

  1. Anabellle says

    Good for you, Mourinho.

    The vicious media is relentless, always asking the dumbest questions and trying to create something out of nothing.

    Btw, Alex Ferguson has walked many press conferences before.

  2. Shiloh says

    I still don’t understand what the Press has against Chelsea FC. Over at Old Trafford Moyes doesn’t play Kagawa but wants a new midfielder, yet no one is questioning that decission. So why all this questions about who’s playing and who’s not? Must he give a reason to the press why someone is not played? This is just too much.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Its the whole Mourinho effect he has on where ever he goes. The press are only like this because Mourinho is back. This was going to happen as soon as he was annouced as our manager again.

  3. anindo says

    just absurd questions. why ask a manager who he decides to play or not? it’s his job. if he fails at the end of the season, judge him then it’s still too early to be questioning his decisions.

  4. Ola says

    I thank god that this happen 2 us when they started it i said that they want chelsea 2 divided but thank god now that they now show there face please my fellow fans let be strong united we stand divided we fall chelsea 4 life mou dont mind them they er enemy of progress

  5. Ishola Benjamin Kunle says

    Hmmmm. Mou is right. But was tact by walking out.

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