Your Chance to Vote for CFC360 Player of the Year!

601433_347459902037146_215662368_nYes, it’s that time of year. The sun is setting on the season that has brought excitement and heartbreak. Throughout the season, despite all the disappointments, there have been some really sensational performances by those in blue and it is time to reflect on those and you get your say for the CFC360 Player of the Year.

This will be a mini series with a few articles coming at you all linked to this over the next couple of weeks. This is the first article in which you will vote for your player of the year for Chelsea. The following article will appear this Sunday which will feature the results from your voting. This will feature the players with the top five amount of votes and with a few words on each. A few days later will be an article featuring the views of the writers here at CFC360 all giving there player of the season and why. Make sure you stay tuned and look out for these articles.

Right, to the voting.

Each player will appear in the poll situated below. The players nominated will be all of the players currently in the Chelsea squad – none of the loanees or players sold during the season.

Enjoy voting!

  1. 705 says

    now thats no brainer if anyone votes for anyone other ‘El Matador’ hasn’t been watching our games

  2. cardozo says

    Mikel all the way.

    1. colin mcintyre says

      heck yeah me to if he gets 82 more hell be winning

      ps how many times can i vote

  3. JC says

    In my opinion, the best player this season has been Mata, with Hazard coming in second.

  4. Dave says

    Hazard is the best so far this season!!

  5. Anonymous says


  6. Anonymous says

    Mine is Cezar:always a fighter!

  7. Adegunju Hammed says

    David Luiz first,mata second and harzard third. Because he provides the assist to tie attacker. And has shown his best 4 chelsea dis yr

  8. Sammy chelsea mwaura says

    Mata has been a player maker..
    We lost almost every game that we play without him, he surely deserve to win

  9. Talib Sayyed says

    Its got to be Juan Mata….without him chelsea have looked a different team altogether…!!

  10. Legunsen Saint-Femmy says

    I will rily love fr Hazard to b Chelsea player of d year,dt will at least mk up fr d Cup he has missed.

  11. Anonymous says

    Mata Chelsea player of the year for me no doubt. He has been more consistant this season.

  12. colin mcintyre says

    whoever voted mikel with me im proud of you

  13. Dwayne legore says

    He earn it

  14. Anonymous says


  15. sheriff says


  16. prem kumar says

    Mata the best

  17. Anonymous says

    Mata magic

  18. Xabier says

    David luiz

  19. Anonymous says

    Hazard what a player frightning the league

  20. Uci Hazard says

    My lovely Eden Hazard is the best !!!

  21. omar fadhil says

    surely juan mata deserves it

  22. omar fadhil says

    mata surely deserves it

  23. Dauspozi says

    Aslann As de corte por favor lengeshte vanom. E mala soi ftenggometh Pazlee de burret!

  24. Osagiede kingsborn says

    Juan Mata or Eden Hazard… A̶̲̥̅♏ really confused ℓ̊ don’t know whom t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ pick.

  25. harrison udunna says

    Mikel our overrated play

  26. Obaino says

    Mikel,Ramires and Lampard has been doing a no man job in the middle of the park, which we hardly recorgnise Esp Mikel Obi.

  27. Anonymous says

    guys, pleasaaaaaaaaaase vote for EDEN HAZARD! in his first season he’s been absolutely fantastic! next season he will be Fifa world player of the year! go eden azardddddddd!

  28. akinola says

    with mata on the picth chelsea is everything u can think of when u think about good football,but hazard has been great too,i will choose mata

  29. moses lanre. says

    petr cech is the man no one else,

  30. King says

    What about David Luiz, the guy has shown that he can play any position you put him on.

  31. Anonymous says

    Chealsea-Mata= Qpr. So my vote goes 2 Juan Mata.

  32. Mumu says

    Well Hazard has been more Magical than Mata in his 1st season. Mata has been the boss in the 2nd Season @ the Bridge.
    Imagine the team next season Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Luiz in CM, Lukaku. I seriously think we don’t need Falcao, Let’s try Lewondoski. Am thinking like this next season;



    Ceaser Cahil Terry Cole

    Luiz/Oscar/Ramires Mikel/Luiz/Romeu

    Moses/Marin Mata/Oscar Hazrad/De Bruyne


    Sub; Coutih (GK), Lampard, Ivanonic, Bertrand, Ake, Torres, Shaw,

    Coach: Jose Mourinho

    For this Year I would say top5 Player of the :

    1. Mata
    2. Hazard
    3. Luiz
    4. Cole
    5. Oscar( UEFA bound)

  33. Ducaale says

    We want demba ba to win it

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