David Luiz – A riddle wrapped in an enigma


Jose Mourinho has started moulding the team into one a little more suited to his style of play, Lets be serious and state the fact that this Chelsea team with its overabundance of small attacking midfielders  was built for Pep Guardiola. Jose has inherited a team thats not %100 to his liking and has to this point in my opinion done a terrific job.

However since January he has shipped out DeBryune and Mata, bringing in Matic and Salah who fit his proven winning formula, now the rumour mill is starting up with the usual Luiz transfer stories, The Daily Mail reports that Pep will indeed look to bring Luiz to Munich and that Jose would be willing to do business for around 35 million.

Luiz is not your typical Mourinho defender that a given, he has lapses of concentration, likes to push just that little bit too forward and loses his man sometimes, however he is also a brilliant ball player who ( when his head is in the game ) can read the game like few defenders before him, makes sublime tackles and make killer passes down field.

Hence the riddle wrapped in an enigma, do the pros outweigh the cons? should we take the 35 million, buy Zouma or another more mourinho-like defender?  what does the Chelsea family think? leave your comments and let us here at Chelsea FC 360 know


  1. donvic says

    Mourinho knows best

  2. seanpaul0916 says

    at least 40million, same goes to mata. 37million is too little for a player of Mata’s calibre. If Bale is worth 80million, I don’t see why mata should be lesser than 40m.

    For luiz, we don’t need the funds urgently, that should play into our hands.

  3. Fik says

    Why Luiz accept z comment and improve to be a perfect CD player? If Luiz accept such minor faults as a CD, he wl be z World’s best as he has more qualily of passing ball and creating best chances unlike other defenders. But his lack of concentration and going forward to attack cost z team. It is better to improve and make him world’s best. It is better play him with Cahil than with Terry as Cahil is fast and able to cover Luiz position. Should not be sold less than £48 millions. It is easy to improve him. I don’t know why Jose does that.

  4. Lightning says

    Ah David Luiz, I’ll never understand why you get further up the field than Torres when the ball is still in our half, or why you always elbowing people or giving away stupid fouls, but he’s a character that we desperately need to inject personality into our club. Between all the kids doing his Geezers thing, women in Asia obsessed with Hazard, and women everywhere else in love with Torres, I think we do pretty good in revenue from jersey sales for FFP.

  5. James says

    I agree with this story.
    I support David Luiz
    I’m an chelsea fan,I love David Luiz
    Thank you for information sharing

  6. Zyte says

    everyday i look at luiz,i see the best center half dat have limited himself.dis guy hav d ability 2 surpas puyol dats why barca is lookn 4 him.jose should help him develop his concentration & composure.i support luizcahil 2 be greater than terrycarlvaho & desialylebouf partnershp.tank u.

  7. Anonymous says

    Well written, really enjoying your articles so far

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