So long Luiz

So Luiz’s sojourn with Chelsea has finally come to an end. I can’t say I’m surprised. This season he found it difficult holding a regular berth in the first team both in CB and as a DM.

For a player who held so much promise it’s disappointing to see him leave but the sweetener is the price at which we’ve sold him. It was too good a price to turn down and I believe despite murmurings from few fans deep down inside they know it was good business. No team would turn down that 40million pounds for a 27 year old defender who’s not a regular first team player.

Earlier this season I’d mentioned some few problems with shifting Luiz from his natural position as a CB to a DM. Although his best performances for Chelsea came in the middle of the park, I believe his continued presence in the midfield was and would have been a great hindrance to the likes of Ginkel, Ake, Baker, Ramires, Mikel and these are natural midfielders. In CB he has found it difficult to dislodge the likes of Terry or Cahill. With the emergence of Kalas and the procurement of Zouma it was obvious the CB role was never going to be his. Silly mistakes, loss of concentration which recur are not traits of a CB. I also wrote that he was a long term replacement for JT, but some fans feel Cahill was. We’ll never know now would we?

He might have been an exciting character, a geezer, a dress room model but those are not enough characteristics to keep you in a team. We’ll miss those antics though but life goes on. Goodluck David Luiz Moreira Marinho.

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  1. chidi says

    Luizinho! Y?

    1. patrickallstar says

      the money was too good

  2. Anonymous says

    D most funniest character chelsea eva had@luiz

  3. donvic says

    D most funniest character chelsea eva had@luiz

  4. Adelanwa says

    gud luk David

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