In 2003, when Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea, some fans had doubts about selling the club to an individual, as they knew little about him at that moment.  With him paying a high price to get Chelsea, it was believed Chelsea was just one of his investments, and that he knew nothing about the club and football. But over the years, Abramovich has proven beyond doubt that he is the best man for Chelsea. Beginning from the leadership of Jose Mourhino, the Abramovich Era has brought lots of silverware, and took the club to greater heights.

Twinkling Obsession: Champions League!

Roman has proven beyond doubts, that he is more of a fan than just an owner. Compared to other shareholders of different clubs, Abramovich has not gone hiding. His name is always in the press in stories related to Chelsea and he shows his support for the team by attending lots of Chelsea Matches. His passion for the team and football is seen with the emotions and actions he exhibits during the progress of games.  His cordial relationship with the players has been impressive and applauded on many occasions.

This passion Abramovich has for the club has also resulted in some negatives for the club (as some may claim). The rate at which he dismisses and hires a new manager, has been mostly criticized by the press has unprofessional and with the fact that he ends up paying huge sums of money for dismissing the managers, shows he does make decisions from just a Shareholder point of view. The way he also buys players, he feels the club needs, has also been criticized by the press on some of occasion, as interfering in the Managers decisions. From my point of view as a fan, I mostly understand Romans decisions, and I believe he does what most fans wants. It’s like playing a fantasy game, and having all the cash, and doing what’s best for your team.  Most Arsenal Fans, I can assure you, are just fed up with their board still keeping Wenger as their Manager, as it appears the shareholders are only concerned with the profits they make. Reports even suggest, Abramovich has lost more money, since his takeover of the club, but this does not stop him from pumping in more money into the club.

The sight of seeing Abramovich seated in his special VIP section at Stamford Bridge, and showing his emotions to victories and defeats, really speaks lots about his loyalty to the club, and this sometimes brings the best out of the players. With an Owner like Abramovich at the realms of affairs, it  feels we have one of us at the top, and the best decision for the club is always expected to be made.

Like him or hate, Abromovich is one of a kind and has proven beyond doubt that he is more of a fan of the club than just an Investor owning shares in the club, and  I pray he continues with Chelsea for life. Comment on what you think of Roman Abromovich as our Owner.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Roman pls do ur work.I really love u.If I were him I would do same or even more…Am a loyal chelsea fan and hope to succeed Roman sometime when he is away…

  2. Anonymous says

    Roman pls do ur work.I really love u.If I were him I would do same or even more…Am a loyal chelsea fan and hope to succeed Roman sometime when he is away…

  3. dan says

    I want to know. If abromovich have 100% share holder in chelsea football club

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