FC Nordsjælland vs Chelsea – Tactical Analysis of the Danish Champions

FC Nordsjælland vs Chelsea – Tactical Analysis of the Danish Champions
Chelsea begin their second match as the defending Champions of Europe and will be hoping that there are no slip-ups like the last-time they played against Juventus. Shakhtar Donetsk defeated the Danish club 2-0 and now top our group and a win is absolutely necessary for the Pensioners in Denmark.

This is their probable lineup in the formation of 4-2-3-1 

Hansen, Mtiliga, Runje, Okore, Parkhurst -Stockholm, Adu – John, Christensen, Lorentzen – Beckmann
Manager : – Kasper Hjulmand

This is how they move about – 

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Take it this way, FC Nordsjaelland are the Barcelona of Denmark. They rely on possession and fluid passes but as Torres very well knows, they are very vulnerable on the break. 

Watching their match against Shakthar Donetsk, the Danes completely dominated the game but went down by 2 goals because of fast paced counter attacks.

They pass around very quickly in their attacking third, for which we will need a very focused Mikel and good reading of the game by Terry, Luiz or Cahill.

Beckmann is their center forward who loves bringing others into the play, thus piling players and more pressure. He is also their set-piece taker and  frequently switches roles with loanee John and Lorentzen

Christensen on the other hand likes to hold his ground and stick to his position. Lorentzen on the other hand scored recently and might still be used by Hjulmand after an impressive show against Shakthar.

Coming over to the center of the pitch, we have Adu and Stockholm. Stockholm is a Mikel like player who comes back when the fullbacks are attacking, forming a three-man defense whereas Adu is a Busquets like player, feeding from the deep and always ready for a quick one two. Together they are one of the best midfield combinations in our group and moreover Stockholm has the captain’s band around his arm.

Patrick Mtiliga and Michael Parkhurst have similar roles to that of Cole and Ivanovic. Lorentzen and John cut inside as Patrick and Mtiliga dart forwards, the same way as Di Matteo solved the problem of width by thus allowing Hazard, Mata and Oscar to crowd the center against Stoke City.

Runje has a problem of wandering off high up the pitch, thus creating problems for his defense. Nordsjaelland’s defense naturally plays a high-line and this can help Fernando Torres or Daniel Sturridge. A quick one-two between Oscar, Hazard or Mata and one through ball can completely split them apart. Moreover they like to press and Chelsea can use this to their advantage.

So after a tiring fixture at the Emirates, how can Chelsea control the Danish Champions?

# 1 – Pace

Pace is needed. Counter-attacks can give Chelsea  a bucket load of goals. The Danish champions are a arrogant lot, and refuse to move away from their philosophy.

#2 – Torres has to press

The moment Chelsea get the ball, the Nordsjaelland players will be on them, pressurizing them to give the ball away. Chelsea do not really put pressure when the opposition has the ball and high up the pitch, Torres has to. The two center backs for the Danes are young, Torres who will most probably start after announcing that he is not tired, should open up space for his team-mates as well.

#3 – The importance of full-backs 

The Shakthar fullbacks did a good job by controlling the dangerous attacking fullbacks. They pushed them backwards and defended well. Ivanovic and Cole have to push forward as well whereas Ramires is a must, as he provides extra defensive cover at the right.

This is how Chelsea can lineup – 

H/M/O stands for Hazard, Mata or Oscar. 

Torres believes he needs no break and just scored a beautiful goal against Arsenal. Roberto Di Matteo will most certainly pick him.

Moses HAS to be on the right. This is a game where we need lots of speed in countering, especially in the flanks. Moses can provide us just that. Plus he gives us an extra cover of defense.

Ramires is another “HAS to start guy”. He has been playing very well alongside Mikel and good at breaking up those intricate passes that Nordsjaelland will most definitely play with.

I prefer Azpilicueta over Ivanovic. Why? Pace.

He gives us more speed and is much more attack minded than Ivanovic. On the left I would like to see Bertrand, just because Ashley Cole must be tired.

The same goes for Hazard, Mata and Oscar. On the left, I would like to see Marko Marin, so as to rest some of our playmakers for the Premier League game against Norwich. 

Terry, Cahill and Luiz can be chosen depending on fitness levels.

Sherry Philips (@bluebloodSherry), Deputy Editor

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