Jose Mourinho Press-conference: 'Torres has a future at Chelsea'

Jose pre-stoke

Jose Mourinho made his press-conference ahead of the game this weekend against Stoke City and we present you here the major talking points or interesting quotes from the Special one. Questions came from different angles about the events that transpired this past week as the Blues suffered two consecutive losses against Crystal Palace and PSG in the Champions league. The poor performance of Torres at Paris Saint-Germain also triggered questions of the Spaniard’s future at Stamford Bridge.

The Portuguese boss had insisted how he is unhappy of his strikers’ performances but, said Fernando Torres might remain at Chelsea beyond this summer.

‘Yes, he has a future. He has a contract, he’s a good professional, he works hard for the team and brings positive things to the team. Obviously we want him to score more goals, obviously he wants to score more goals, it’s not just me that wants it, he wants it.’

‘He’s had moments with important goals, despite having not scored a lot during his time at Chelsea. We have six league matches and one Champions League match that can be transformed into three. I trust that he can have these moments.’

And focus was shifted on the task ahead in the premier league against Stoke in which the Portuguese insisted it is important to start winning our remaining matches to stand a chance of winning the premier league. But, he confirmed that Samuel Eto’o and John Obi Mikel are out for this clash through injury.

‘John Mikel Obi is injured, Eto’o is injured,’ said the Portuguese. ‘Van Ginkel is on his way back but still playing with the Under-21s. Ashley Cole is back with the squad.’

Mourinho was asked about the future of another of our strikers, Romelu Lukaku, with the manager expressing his satisfaction with the manner in which the Belgian’s loan is developing.

‘He’s a Chelsea player but at the same time he’s an Everton player until the end of the season and we want to respect that,’ said the Portuguese.

‘Everton has been a good club for the loan; our player is there, he’s playing and he’s developing. That’s what you expect when you send a player on loan, it doesn’t happen with every club and every player. The loan is working well for the three – Lukaku, Everton and Chelsea.’

And finally speaking of our opposition, Jose Mourinho remembered our struggles at the Britiannia stadium earlier this season and conceded that a repeat might be on the cards unless we deliver a top performance unlike the one we did last week  at Crystal Palace.

‘We lost there because we made a couple of mistakes, it’s one of the few matches where we have made defensive mistakes this season,’ he said. ‘We could have been winning at half-time easily and we arrived at half-time drawing.

‘They are a difficult opponent, we played them in the FA Cup at Stamford Bridge, we won 1-0 but it wasn’t an easy match, it was open until the end, so tomorrow will be difficult. They are fresh, they play one match a week, they have no pressure and they will fight to finish the season in a beautiful position, they want to finish seventh, not 11th.

‘We know how Stoke play, they are not the kind of team who change their approach to matches. They have their identity, they are getting good results, even away from home, so I don’t see a reason for them to have a radical change.’

This were the main points from Jose Mourinho’s press-conference and we sincerely hope for a victory and three points against Stoke.

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  1. jk says

    We are at bad situation. We are losing matches we are supposed to win. Our forwards have a problem despite being talented. They are afraid of fitting themselves inside our opponents goal are. Unless we do play smart touches we won’t score. Most of our goals are not created for sure. Again we lack long distant shooters who have powers to shoot from yards away. Keeping the ball greatly affected by poor passing and our poor aerial forwards. I’m not against the team but we might even struggle to finish top four. We despised our gone coaches but they were able to bring atleast a trophy each season but this time, with Mourinho we are going trophyless. A big shame. We will finish 3rd in Epl thats for sure. Who is better Jose or Rafa?

    1. Anonymous says

      are u serious ?revise your point.

  2. chelsea lover says

    Jk, I do not think you are a true Chelsea fan, If you are all true Chelsea fans reject you. Is it about the coach ? How can you compare Rafa and Jose ? Jose is a min God even if Chelsea boots him today, He already has a job waiting. Jose has done so well in Chelsea, We do not expect any trophy this season, We are in transition, you can complain next season after we get a good striker. What about the players ? If they go what they are asked to do. We wont have any issues here. BTW you can change your mind on time, Join Manchester city or Liverpool the winning team. As a hard core Chelsea fan we are going all the way with Jose. So get that into your thick ugly skull and learn how to comment like a true fan.

  3. Fik says

    Last yr competetion and this yr competion is greately different! Last yr the poor United won z title without others competetion. Last yr we confirmed out of trophy by Dec. It is a disappointing for City not to win z title this yr & Spurs out of 4th. Look the position of United this yr out of top 5th. Our is much better. Z fate of this team if no Jose this yr is below Man united… I don’t expect Blue compete upto this level by winning all z bigs. Z disappointing is what we all lost by weak team makes out… What do u think other coaches in Bridge this yr?

  4. DHEERAJ K says

    One average month from chelsea, critics are quick to point jose despite he keeps on saying that he is building the team and by next season it becomes a complete and end product. So i trust in JOSE and win or lose i support CHELSEA and finally i love FOOTBALL!

    1. Anonymous says

      u the one who just understood

  5. Akinwumi says

    An integrity and honorable man always keep his words no matter the situation!How can Mou condemn Torres and later retract his words by saying that he still has a future at the bridge?Something isn’t right here at all.It’s like this Torres is untouchable!

  6. Gbasha.bitto says

    For me i dont need them a bit even if i am coaching derby county only Eto’o will be good option among them, i thought we bought Moses for a false 9 buy we didnt use him there even Lukaku we didn’t try Him atleast for half a season, na wao for chelsea o

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