Ramires: Reverting to old standards?

Signed to Chelsea from Benfica in 2010 for 22 million euros few of us had no idea of what Ramires would bring to the table. When he came we realized he was almost a player like Essien full of boundless energy. In Nigeria it earned him the name in the Hausa dialect “mai ruwa” meaning “water seller”. This was due to the fact that these “water sellers” are energetic and can push wheelbarrows full of close to 20 kegs of water throughout the day without tiring.

His 2010/11 season was indifferent. He had the tendency to push the ball too far in a sprint or misplace passes. All in all his performances improved towards the end of the season and earned him the nickname “Rambo” by the Stamford bridge faithful especially after his display against Man City. His most productive season was in 2011/12 where he won Players’ Player of the Year Award and Goal of the Year award for his chip against Barcelona, his second successive win, while scoring 12 goals, nine assists.

Fast forward to date and it looks like he’s regressing and playing like he when he first arrived. He looks to have lost his goal scoring touch, he misplaces a lot of passes and runs about the pitch with basically no idea of what to do with the ball. A clear perspective of this was against Man City in the EPL where he spurned 3 goal scoring opportunities. And to worsen it his discipline record has gotten a lot worse with 15 yellow cards and 2 red cards in all competitions. There is an impedending four match ban if the FA takes retrospective action after he was caught on camera swinging an arm, and catching Seb Larsson on the face. I almost had a feeling that his suspension against PSG in the second leg was a blessing in disguise and lots of fans shared my sentiments.

Is he becoming a liability or just having an off season? His horror tackle in the Villa match was appalling and we could have also been down to 10 men against Sunderland irrespective of whatever the provocation was. Jose Mourinho needs to curb Ramires’ indiscipline or it might cost us. For the sake of the club we love, we hope Ramires gets his acts right. We face a tough run in of games, so it is high time Ramires gets back to the high standards which he set for himself last season(2012/13) and two seasons ago (2011/12). KTBFFH

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  1. ronnie says

    Really,really true.Ramires has always been an expert in soccer given his skill,but for now,all I witness is more and more indiscipline cases against him.He is costing the club and José ought to have realised that.Sunderland game,no comments….let’s hope they’ll do well in today’s match against Atletico.

    1. patrickallstar says

      I hope if he plays he realizes that this is our one true chance of a trophy

      1. ronnie says


  2. Anonymous says

    He just lost touch and what I honestly feel is he should play from the bench and even seat sometimes and let JM play more of DavidLuiz or Mikel alongside Matic / Lampard.

    1. patrickallstar says

      Yeah I believe so too but with the season ending soon all players are needed. Hopefully he’ll improve again

  3. Zyte says

    Rambo has been my favourit,but he has realy let me down.runs wit the bal aimlesly,makes clueles pases,no longer score goals,plays wit his head turnd inside out.may be he needs rest.let jose use matic/luiz or matic/mikel or matic/lamp.rambo the cfc bmw needs rest.

  4. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    Mourinho does nt knw hw 2 curb players’ indiscipline bcos he himself is nt disciplined

    1. FLENZY says

      foolish tlk. always hating Buh he is winning and earning big which can take care of all ur family.besides are u paying him.

  5. donvic says

    U nid nt mention his family…datz very rude@flenzy…he has a rite to give his opinion

  6. Gbasha.bitto says

    Hw fit train u pass ur papa @victor

  7. wambua says

    this guy should now join kenyans to run a marathon…he might do well there…

    1. patrickallstar says

      Well he’s gotten his deserved 4 match ban. He needs to get it right next season

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